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Clean Jerks


Tomorrow – I am doing my 2nd 5k of the spring at the Brambleton Ribbon Run 5K with Team Ashburn CrossFit Impavidus! It’s a great way to get out there, give back for a good cause, and feel like you are a part of something bigger. Try one — you will see what I mean!  Heck, come and join me tomorrow morning bright and early at 730A!

50 SU/20 DU (I got a few in!)
10 Pass Thrus
10 OHS
10 Push Ups
10 Ring Rows

Clean & Jerk

65lb squat clean
65lb jerk
(rx’d for ladies was 115lb — I didn’t do that obviously)
total = 21

Why didn’t I do RX’d? Well — that’s a lot of weight and I have issues with the form of a squat clean. I bend my arms way too early. I want to work on that before diving into heavier weights. And to be real, 65lbs squat clean jerks is still tough although 21 rounds in 5 mins tells me that maybe I should have gone up a bit higher. When my form is off for squat cleans, I tend to muscle it up instead of using the momentum of proper form to get it into the location for a jerk.

Every time I use the word Jerk – there is a little voice inside me that feels like a kid using a bad word. Do you have that same feeling?



Oh deadlifts! It’s a love/hate relationship with them. They are Tough but you feel so satisfied afterward! Or at least I do —

I also kept doing straight leg DLs instead of a straight up DL — so Coach Jerry would stop me and help me reconfigure — it’s amazing how hard it is to retrain for form.  I am such a thinker when it comes to doing certain exercises that really focus on technique, so I stop – think, readjust, resume — and that could go on for a while until it ‘feels’ right.

sampson stretch
10 Pass Thrus
10 OH Squats
10 sit ups
10 Pull ups
10 Ring Dips
10 Good Mornings


total weight: 814lbs

To do this WOD, you have 2 bars & one has a whole lotta weight on it — do one rep. Then you drop down to a certain % to do a set of 10, then you go back to the whole lotta weight which you can even add more if it wasn’t enough, do 1 — then go back and do 20 reps, so on —and add up total weight at the end.

Saturday at CrossFit Impavidus


Saturdays are Free at CrossFit Impavidus. I like that new people come and check out CrossFit. It gives a new atmosphere every week —

Warmup x2
1m Stations
Box Jumps
Pull Ups
Air Squats

10m runs

This WOD was different for me but totally fun. You run 10m and each round it doubles but you still only get 1m and 1m rest — so first round 10m, 2nd 20m, 3rd 30m — until the last person is standing. If you don’t make the round, you are out — I made it to almost 15rounds but came up short with 20m to go! Now talk about a agility workout –Yowsa!

CrossFit Impavidus Shuns No Aspect of the Body


CrossFit Impavidus was written up in the local Ashburn Patch this past week:

CrossFit Impavidus Shuns No Aspect of the Body
Ashburn gym trains athletes with focus on 10 areas of fitness.

Because of all the progress I have made since switching up my workouts and moving permanently to CrossFit Impavidus – I have not looked back. I do miss the group of ladies and hanging out with them every morning but as far as my overall training and workouts –nope, don’t miss the old way at all. And I am meeting some great new people as well — the thing about hanging out with fit minded people, they are all great!

Even today I was reminded how different this place is: the idea during a workout is to KEEP MOVING, even if that means you have to scale. At the old place, I would always bitch about how we were not allowed to scale – no way no how — because I would have to stop a lot because the weights were too heavy or I needed to catch my breath.

At CrossFit, you scale to help you keep moving so i have to completely reprogram how I think while working out– because it means giving in but I gotta tell you — I do feel better and I burn more calories. Today, during the 5 round workout, one of the stations was 30 box jumps – and by round 3 — I was spent so I would jump for 10, step up for 10, jump for 10 to get through it. Coach Nick kept saying chip away at the rounds — it’s a totally new approach for me and I like it better!

If you are thinking about trying CrossFit — there are affiliates all over the country. It’s not just about getting fit either, it’s about creating a community of fit minded people who support each other living a healthy life. Isn’t that what we all want – built in motivators?

Crossfit WOD


Last nite I headed over to a crossfit gym that is opening in Ashburn for a test WOD. I am really excited to see that Crossfit Impavidus* has finally come to Loudoun County. For those of you that don’t know what crossfit is here is a good video that gives you an idea:

One of the great things about Xfit besides the workouts is that the people who run the gyms and the entire culture has a sense of humor — you work hard, you play hard, you live hard — and you have a great time doing it! The owners and coaches of Crossfit Impavidus are a great group — day jobs, varied backgrounds — all certified in Crossfit training. Their future plans include Crossfit Kids which is Awesome! Teaching kids functional training and conditioning is so important and there will be something else out there for those kids not necessarily into team sports but still athletic as well as those kids that want extra training to improve their performance for their team sport.

It was a group of 8 of us. We started out with a Warmup that included jumping jacks and suicide relays –2 groups of 4  the  team that came in last had to do 10 burpees — the winning team 5. We came in DFL (dead last) – so 10 burpees or us! Whee!

To prepare us for the WOD (workout of the day), we spent some time reviewing the push press exercise. Conan – the coach, first reviewed each step of the movement with us step by step. Then with PVC pipes, we practiced it a few times. He made sure to tell us to go down in weight if at any time our form is compromised. It’s not about getting hurt – it’s about doing it right.  And all levels of experience and fitness are accomodated – the workout can be as easy or tough as you want. So if the weight is too heavy, you can even do it without a weight. Whatever works for you —

So then we were ready to do the WOD –

partner up
10 mins AMRAP (rotate at 1m)
45lb Push Press
butterfly sit ups (rest active)

So each partner did 5 rounds and you add up your reps for the push press only. My team came in 2nd! Whoo Hoo!!

They are doing a soft opening in Jan to introduce Crossfit to the community — so those of you looking to start on your journey of health and fitness, this may be just the ticket you are looking for!

*i have been contracted by Crossfit Impavidus to help with social marketing to get the word out about Crossfit!

Ashburn Village Sports Pavilion – Kids Triathlon


Ashburn Village Sports Pavilion – Kids Triathlon SEPTEMBER 18, 2010

As someone who is really trying to inspire parents to not only set a good example by being active and fit themselves, but impact their own family’s perspective on health and fitness — I Love that my Community is doing this type of event! What a great way to start your kids off with a sense of community and fitness accomplishment. It’s open to anyone in the area — so why not encourage your own kids to sign up.

SEPTEMBER 18, 2010

8:00AM / Ashburn Village Sports Pavilion

Ages 6 – 15

Swim, bike and run in the Ashburn Village Kids Triathlon. Swim laps in the AVSP Indoor Pool, bike around the lake and run on a marked course starting and ending at the pavilion.

Kids ages 6 – 15 of all levels are encouraged to compete. All racers will receive a participation medal and prizes will be awarded for winners in the following age groups: 6 – 8 years, 9 – 11 years, and 12 – 15 years old.

* AGES 6 – 8 Years Old: SWIM – 50 Meters / RUN – 1 Mile / BIKE* – 1 Mile

* AGES 9 – 11 Years Old: SWIM – 100 Meters / RUN – 2 Miles / BIKE* – 2 Mile

* AGES 12-15 Years Old: SWIM – 150 Meters / RUN – 2 Miles / BIKE* – 3 Mile

* Bike Helmet is required for the bike portion of this event.

July 2010 Villager – The Dirty Dozen


As a way to give back – every month I write an article for my local homeowner’s association magazine – the Villager. Here is July’s article:

The Dirty Dozen – Organic Food Information

Live Fit and Sore – July 2010– Page 14

Live Fit and Sore – In print!


Giving back to others is part of Living a fit and healthy life.   I wanted to focus on something that I felt passionately about and decided to share the experience of my own transformation.   Once a month, I write an article that is published in the monthly HOA newsletter that is sent to all the homes in my community.  I focus on those things that we all can do to live healthier lives. From getting information on the Internet to finding ways to incorporate fitness in our daily lives. I try to offer ideas and support for people just like me. Hey, if I can do it, anyone can!
Here are my  first 2 articles within the pages of my community newsletter – The Villager. I hope you find them supportive and inspiring.

Live Fit and Sore – March 2010 – Page 12

Live Fit and Sore – May 2010– Page 14

BW-PT Strength Training


My back is feeling better after 2 full days of rest – no running, no lifting, no core work. Good ole fashion rest. So I knew I was going to do something active today. I tried a kettlebell training class and then went for a 3 mi run.

One of the things that I am interested in lately is looking into different types of workout methods and training philosophies. Part of really investing in your passion is making sure you arm yourself with all the information to find out if you are doing the right approach for you and your goals. So, I have been looking at  opportunities to try different workout programs.

Today I worked with Brian Wright – Personal Training (BW-PT). Brian invited me to try a free 8a Kettlebell training class in his new studio in Ashburn. One of the most important things when you are using kettlebells is form and Brian took the time to really watch and adjust my form during the workout. During this session, it was very functional movements and he talked about how if you think back to Greeks – they didn’t have any fancy equipment. It was real life movements and they were in shape. First he had me remove my sneakers – he suggested that when lifting, to wear a more flat shoe or go barefoot – chuck taylors etc. So I did this all with no shoes on bc I had worn my running shoes.

So we worked on kettle bell movements – swings, power cleans – and then I did some back lunges with one foot in the rings. One of the things I liked a lot was doing planks. He helped me set up my form properly and then went from all angles and tried to push me to make me aware of whether my core was engaged. He also incorporated some yoga moves to help stretch and a foam roller to work out some of the upper layer of your muscles.  We didn’t just do kettlebells either although it was incorporated in many movements that one would traditionally do with dumb or barbells.

The thing I noticed from this session was that it was quite a good workout, with as many calories burned as some of my boot camp sessions,  but yet didn’t seem nearly as hard.

Brian is really passionate and knowledgeable about fitness and it shows. He took the time to discuss what he was doing and what it was going to help with. Also, he made some modifications based on his observations of some of my weaker spots. It was really a great training session. He is adding more kettlebell training sessions at different times so check his website if you are interested in taking one.

He also mentioned he is starting up a fitness summer camp class for Middle School students. I am sure he will have information on his website.

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