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Exercise Induced Asthma and Being Athletic

Happy Monday folks! It seems like everyone in my house has been battling a bug the past few days – coughing, achy and cranky. And today’s Highbar workout had running in it — and yes, it did cause a coughing fit.  It frustrates me to no end more »

Cold Weather Brings on Exercise Induced Asthma

Happy Monday! With colder weather beginning, many athletes find that they begin to suffer from exercise induced asthma. If you find yourself suffering from coughing, wheezing and feel a tightness in your chest and are very short of breath while you are exercising – then you more »

Don’t Let the Alarm Win!

This morning was tough. I was prepared to not go – I’m going to switch up my workouts a bit and add in some yoga and running. My body is sore and hasn’t had time to really recover properly. So, im am considering dropping to more »

CrossFit Games 12.1 Workout – Complete!

I’m pretty much wiped out from my workout today. I did the CrossFit Games Workout 12.1 – 7minutes of Burpees. Total reps is your score. I do not like burpees — I was all excited/nervous gearing up for this workout. Not sure why — it’s more »

Wall Ball Shots WOD

It was one of those days when you look at the workout and say –oh that’s not so bad – but afterwards, all you want to do is lie flat on your back and never get up again.  Seems like a reoccurring theme with CrossFit. more »

Weekend Running

It’s a gorgeous day in Northern VA. I woke up — got dressed for a run — had some water and headed out.  I sometimes use Mapmyrun.com to figure out the distance I go and today I mapped it at 5.16 miles. I am telling more »

Workout in the Heat and Humidity

Hot, humid = Sweaty!  It looked like we all just took a shower to give you an idea of how sweaty we were at the end of the workout. For me, it felt like I was getting back to my old self — I found more »

Breathing is important

Group training today, inside with the smaller group. warmup: 2 min jump ropes core x2 general stretching squat thrusts 6 inches V Ups workout 2x: oblique tugs 50lbs ring rows 30lb db step ups 20lb wall ball squats (have to get the ball over the more »

Get out there and work on your fitness!

Another great workout. We switched up partners which always adds a new element to the workout. Kristen was my partner and her and I are about the same height and level and we kicked ass.  We finished the workout – pull ups and all. And more »