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CrossFit For Hope – National Mall 2013

I had so much fun this weekend at CrossFit for Hope. It was a great cause and was worth having work out in the blazing heat, mid-morning in the middle of the National Mall. I didn’t do like amazing well at the brutal workout, but more »

Back Squat at ya!

Oh it was a backsquat kinda day. I tweaked my shoulder/neck yesterday doing the press so I was very happy to hear that we were not going heavy with the back squats. I actually like this lift — it puts my broad shoulders and strong more »

Back Squats

Headed to Crossfit Impavidus this morning. CFI is closer and the class starts 15 mins later than my old camp so I get to sleep in a bit more and still get home at the same time. That’s a win in my book — Today more »

Friday Group Training with Planks

I am still nursing my self diagnosed pulled muscle in my left bicep, so Mikey and I both agreed to lower the weights when using that arm. It does feel better but when I put direct weight on it, I struggle. I need to make more »