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A Balanced Life is the Key To Happiness


Yesterday’s Yoga theme was BALANCE and the idea that the universe needs it and will do what is necessary to gain it.  I’m sure we all have seen examples in our lives of the chaos that ensues when things are out of balance. We eat too much, drink too much, clutter up our spaces, overindulge in things that we shouldn’t.  They are signs of things being out of whack in our lives.

Balance Is the Key to Happiness

A great example of someone trying to regain balance in their lives is Max Schireson, the chief executive of a software company, who made headlines because he decided to step down to spend more time with his family.  Countless women make this choice regularly but it’s rare for a man to do it and then talk about it.

When I start to feel overwhelmed and unable to get a handle on things happening in my life – my house gets messier, I become annoyed and irritated,  I eat more, and I have a tendency to sleep a lot more than I normally do (I love to sleep in general).  

Learning how to balance life’s ever changing hills and valleys is a life long process but here are some good tips I have found:

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Pretend you are the best!


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Balance is Part of the Obesity Problem


It’s MONDAY! Woot! Woot!  This time of year in the DC area is as close to perfect as you can get — the leaves are starting to change, the weather is crisp and cool. This seasonal change makes me want to declutter, and get ready for the long winter’s nap. Oh wait, we don’t get to nap all winter! Well you know what I mean — just get things in order, evaluate things in life, reflect on and appreciate where I am now. Remind myself to Be Here Now. 

I found this great post that really highlights the reality of obesity and its effects on all of us. It’s obviously a pro-paleo site but the stats and information do speak for themselves when it comes to what we eat and how we feel. Take some time today to look at all the interesting statistics it offers!

Yesterday, I came across a facebook post yesterday between my friend and super great athlete Jeremy Kinnick and one of his athletes who was sharing some thoughts about the challenge and eating clean. Another friend of the athletes piped in and said something to the effect of you all are crazy with this stuff and moderation is the key. Eating a little bit of everything is fine as long as it is in moderation.

This is probably an approach that we all take in most facets of our life.   Balance. I think this idea of balance belongs in some things in our life — but not for everything. Jeremy is completely right when he says:

Jeremy Kinnick And this “balance” is part of the problem with Americans and their health… In no way can eating that garbage ever do anything positive for you and anyone else.

Is he saying that you should NEVER ever eat it. Well in a perfect world, the answer is no, you should never eat crap food.  But we don’t live an in ideal world, so sometimes you will have cake, or eat at Del Taco. The is that you can’t ignore the real fact that crap food is crap food.  And when you make the choice to eat it – and we all do from time to time, don’t pee on your own leg and convince yourself it’s raining.   You are in control of your choices, and this includes the choices you make when it comes to the food you use to fuel your body.  Eating Del Taco, or a McDonald’s Big Mac will never, ever be the optimal, healthy food option you need to obtain peak performance from your body – period. And if you eat it as the norm, you are doing a lot more damage than you probably realize.  So, when you talk about balance what are you really saying?

Many of us CrossFitters/Paleo followers follow the 80/20 rule in general. Are we saying that the 20% of the less than ideal food is what we should be eating?  No. But we are making a conscious choice to allow certain foods. Some athletes out there do not at all. They embrace all that eating the way you should has to offer — Jeremy Kinnick is one of them and he is 100% right on.  It’s his life, his life’s mission and he is proof that it works in more ways than just physical.

I choose a more relaxed view and do, probably more than I care to admit, choose foods that I probably should leave well enough alone.  But its a CHOICE I make and I do know the repercussions and quite frankly, can see and feel them every day.   I think the issue is many people when they say moderation and they reason with themselves and others about why they eat the way they do — are blatantly ignoring the truth and that’s the issue.  Get informed about the food you eat, and then own the decisions you make about what you are putting in your body — honesty is the best policy!

Today’s workout was hard but I loved it. And I am getting really good at Knees to Elbows. So good that Coach Jerry- our gymnastics guru- asked me where they came from! Now that’s progress people!!

As many rounds as possible in 15 mins of:

600m jog

  • High Knees
  • Toe Touches
  • Side Shuffle
  • Lunges

10 Handstand Holds 3s

  • Med ball cleans
  • KTE


  • 8 Power Cleans 75
  • 8 Wall Balls 10
  • 8 Knees-to-elbows

8 Rounds


Notable News


Really? – The Claim – Lack of Sleep Increases Weight – Question –

I found this article interesting to me because I am living proof that this is really the case. When Nate was born – that little bugger did not sleep. He hated to be alone and Scott and I literally had 4 full nights of sleep in the first 8 months of his life. We both became different people – we snapped at one another, had no patience, walked around in an unmotivated fog and gained weight.  Sleep is important and never underestimate that –I appreciate every Zzzz I can get.

Scientists have known for years that skimping on sleep is associated with weight gain. A good example was a study published in 2005, which looked at 8,000 adults over several years as part of the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey. Sleeping fewer than seven hours a night corresponded with a greater risk of weight gain and obesity, and the risk increased for every hour of lost sleep.

Flexibility is key to achieving optimal performance so make sure to stretch out your Hip Flexors!

The hip flexors (also known as the iliopsoas or inner hip muscles) are a collection of three muscles: Psoas major, Psoas minor, and Iliacus). When flexed, these muscles work together to pull the femur upward.

I’m not doing that, It Makes Me Feel Silly «

We did BOSU balancing a few camps back and boy was it an eye opener. You wouldn’t think it would be that hard but it is. I  practice balancing as much as I can. You don’t even need equipment. My friend Shannon over at AZ Physix suggested simply balancing on one leg as practice.

When someone mentions core strengthening, most people think, “abs.” But, working your core is not simply about making your abs burn with crunches or even doing planks (for what feels like hours). Core training is about total conditioning for all the muscles that attach to you pelvi

Personal Health – ‘Chemo Brain,’ the Fog After Chemotherapy, Gets More Attention –

The reason this article/blog got my attention even though it’s not super recent is that I clearly remember Scotty saying he felt like he was in a fog. Not remembering things, feeling just “foggy”. Interesting that they can’t pinpoint who and when chemo patients will experience it. At least it helps to know it’s common.

As more people with cancer survive and try to return to their former lives, a side effect of chemotherapy is getting more and more attention. Its name is apt, if unappealing: chemo brain.

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