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Training Barefoot Form


The 100 Up Exercise: Method for Training Barefoot Running Form

The recent New York Times article [1] by Christopher McDougall, author of the best selling book on runningBorn to Run, is currently making its way around the Internet. Entitled “The Once and Future Way to Run“, McDougall takes a roundabout path of catching everybody up on the last few years of barefoot running news until finally unveiling a newly rediscovered running technique that he thinks will revolutionize running.

He is certainly right to suggest that despite the prevalence of minimalist footwear, many barefoot or minimalist running enthusiasts are still running with terrible form. By terrible, I mean landing hard on theirheels. This isn’t the faint heel touch you see with some elites, where its hard to tell if it’s actually a midfoot landing. We’re talking about the kind of bone jarring heel plodding that makes you cringe.

For Some in New York Marathon, Barefoot Is Way to Go


For Some in New York Marathon, Barefoot Is Way to Go –

If running 26.2 miles in a couple of hours seems daunting, imagine doing it barefoot.

Barefoot runners are still a tiny number of the more than 43,000 expected to race in the New York City Marathon on Sunday, but organizers say they have seen an increase in runners who are interested in the trend.

“I feel like I get asked at least weekly, if not more,” said Mary Wittenberg, chief executive of the New York Road Runners, which organizes the marathon and other races throughout the year.

Barefoot runners are not new to marathon courses — Abebe Bikila of Ethiopia won the marathon in bare feet at the 1960 Rome Olympics — but their ranks have grown in recent years, prompted in part by a bestselling book that promotes the practice and the arrival on the market of several lightweight, thin-soled shoes designed to mimic the feel of running barefoot. The Barefoot Runners Society, a national club for unshod runners, claims 1,345 members, nearly double the 680 members it had in November 2009, when it was founded.

Barefoot Runners Knock the Socks Off Jogging World


(May 14) — Barefoot Ken Bob Saxton might not be the fastest runner on the road, but he never has to stop to tie his shoes.

The California jogger is one of the leaders of the barefoot running movement, a small but growing niche of runners who say they feel better — and healthier — without their sneakers.

“Shoes are deceptively comfortable,” said Barefoot Ken Bob, who after completing 77 marathons — one with shoes and 76 without — is considered the grandfather of the shoeless running community.

via Barefoot Runners Knock the Socks Off Jogging World – AOL News.

Notable News


Boston Marathon Great for Winners; What About the Rest of Us? – Health Blog – WSJ.

The debate over whether running marathons is a fine form of exercise or dangerous to your health, however, isn’t likely to stop any time soon; arguing the pros and cons of long-distance running is practically a sport in itself. The Boston Globe takes a look at the “calamities small or large” that can afflict runners during the 26.2-mile event. The story mostly focuses on the less serious problems – muscle cramps, tendinitis, blisters, banged-up toenails – that are a pain, but aren’t going to kill you.

Harvard Docs to Insurance Companies: Drop the Big Macs – Health Blog – WSJ.

Should life and health insurers be investing in the stocks of fast-food companies?

Researchers at the Cambridge Health Alliance, which is associated with Harvard Medical School, say no, citing the downside of fast food — associations with obesity and other health problems, heavy marketing to kids and the the chains’ environmental impact. Insurers, however, do have a responsibility to share- or policyholders to maximize returns, and that may include investments in companies that don’t share their health-promoting mission, they say.

You, your doctor and the Internet –

Should a caregiver ever Google a patient? Would you ask your physician to be a Facebook ‘friend’? Ethical questions abound, and the doctor-patient relationship is at stake.

Kettle bells for every workout –

The growing popularity of kettle bells, the primitive-looking bowling-balls-with-handles that deliver a great all-body workout, has given rise to similar products with more flexibility. Available now are weight-changeable kettle bells that can be customized to new fitness levels, for different family members or even during a workout — so you don't have to own more than one. Below, find four innovative ways to throw your weight around. — Roy M. Wallack

I discovered this great website one day See Adam Train at while searching Twitter and it really has offered up some great info and resources –  Including this site about running barefoot. Current popular thinking suggests that perhaps running barefoot is a lot better for us than we ever even considered.  I keep hearing about this approach from many different people, it is worth looking into.

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