It was one of those days when you look at the workout and say –oh that’s not so bad – but afterwards, all you want to do is lie flat on your back and never get up again.  Seems like a reoccurring theme with CrossFit. I often hear from people about how short some of the workouts are — or how ‘simple’ they look. All I can offer to combat that idea is to say Try it. The thing is –if you are pushing to your limits, then those shorter workouts are sometimes even more difficult than the longer ones. I know that from experience —  So the point is don’t be fooled by what is up on the board. Do the WOD and then let me know if you think you don’t work as hard with CrossFit as other programs.

Today, one of my favorite people coached the class – Laurie Bikart of Amaiza Fitness a company that specializes in triathlon training and coaching. Laurie is a business owner, trainer, mom, inspiration and friend of mine. She is one of the great people I have met through CrossFit and she continually inspires me. She may even be the one that gets me on a bike again.  Don’t get me wrong, I can ride a bike. I am just not comfortable at all on one — I prefer to have a bike with the back pedal brake that my kids have. I have asked her to help me find a bike that fits me, is not like 1000 gazillion dollars, but also not a Schwinn pink bike with a basket either. A good, sturdy hybrid road/trail bike that will help me get comfortable riding along with my kids. Can she do it is the question? Hmm…..

Oh — and today is her Birthday!

Happy Birthday Laurie!

Dynamic Stretching

Running Drills (CrossFit Endurance)

400m Run
50 Wall Ball Shots
200m Run
35 Wall Ball Shots
100m Run
20 Wall Ball Shots

time: 11:21

Wall balls and running = asthmatics rule! These are tough for me simply for the breathing aspect. I have come to the realization that if the WOD includes some sort of heavy cardio aspect, I will have an extra challenge added.  It gets frustrating to me because technically I can do it, but breathing is kinda important so I end up stopping to catch up with my breathing. One day I will learn to attack it head on — just you watch!