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A Product Of Your Parents

Happy Birthday Dad Today is my Dad’s birthday. I really feel blessed that both my parents are still around and in my life. So many of my friends — as we enter into middle age have or are starting to lose their parents and the more »

Happy Birthday Mommy

Today is my Mom’s birthday and I am so thankful to have her in my life and so active in the lives of my kiddos.  She’s crazy, and always working and busy so the effort that she puts in to be active in our lives more »

Get It Done!

Love this: I have often heard discussed, that when it is time to go, you don’t remember your life in months or years, but instead you remember only moment’s, evens magical seconds, the snap shots and stills that have set the scenes of your life. So lovely more »

Go Shorty – It’s your Birthday!!

I have a great life, filled with great family and friends. Look at the love surrounding me last night to celebrate my birthday. There is nothing greater than good health and good people around you! Last year – my post was all about turning 40. more »

Feb 4: World Cancer Day

It’s Friday and it’s my birthday weekend. Hard to believe it’s February already and my birthday is here again.  And tomorrow it’s World Cancer Day — What a great way to kick off the weekend. World Cancer Day is this Saturday, 4 February 2012. It is the more »

Happy Birthday Scotty!

My silver fox’s birthday is today — Here’s to another year of health and happiness.

Thrusters here we come —

Happy 7th Birthday to my crazy, funny, quirky son Nate Dogg!  He has kept things in our lives super interesting and his personality has shown from day 1.   This week has been a series of very hard, challenging but great WODs at CrossFit Impavidus. more »

Happy Birthday to my Beautiful Daughter!

Today is my beautiful Hannah Bea’s 9th birthday. It is hard to believe that it has been 9 years since I took that trip to Reston Hospital that forever changed my life. I became a Mom. What a wonderful journey it is — This morning’s more »

Hit the Nail on the Head

So I seriously had the best birthday yesterday. I woke up, worked out, headed to a baby shower lunch with some friends, came home, napped, and then headed out for a party thrown by some good friends. There is nothing like just living in the more »

Lordy, Lordy I am 40

Yes its true. Today is my birthday — my fortieth birthday to be exact. When I was a kid 40 seemed so old — now that I am that age, doesn’t really add up. I don’t feel old and I have been told I don’t more »