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Where are you wellness?


I’ve been sick — started when I got back from CrossFit yesterday and progressively got worse. I have been sleeping it off most of yesterday and today. You know I am sick when I didn’t even get up to go to CrossFit this morning.

I have a big trip planned to San Diego to meet up with other bloggers at Blogher11 this week. My company is sending me to help kick start our blogger outreach efforts. Bloggers are powerful people now a days and I should know. I am a blogger and work for a company that understands how influential they can be in bringing their education options to families nation-wide.

I am hoping for wellness starting right now —-

One Year of Live Fit and Sore!


I forgot to mark a momentous occasion that passed recently — one year of Live Fit and Sore!

Here is the link to the post I created Nov 18th about why I started this blog:

Nov 2009

And today, here are my thoughts – I started this particular blog Nov 18 2009 with the intent of inspiring others to make a change in their lives. People everywhere come up with excuses as to why they can’t get started on living fit and healthy. Just this past Friday, I saw some people I don’t see very often and the topic of my healthy life came up.  This old friend of mine said that she had no time to do it because she has teenagers and is always busy getting them from here to there or helping them out. I call B.S. on that — as you know if you read this blog — there are women at the boot camp that are Moms of teens and they make a choice to get up early and fit in exercise because it’s important to them. As I have quoted before – –when you are ready to make a change, you will. And if 80% of losing weight is diet alone — that has NOTHING to do with time. That has to do with making the right choices.  You can always order a salad at a restaurant, some grilled chix etc.  But, enough lecturing —

My goal is to set an example to my kids and the people in my life that you can do it. Despite life’s adversities – it’s important to carve out time to exercise for health and stress relief. You can do it. I can do it.  And as you can see — it’s totally worth it.

Dec 2010

So with that being said – I hope you find inspiration and support here — I feel great and am so inspired that I want to help others feel that way too.

It’s time for an Education Revolution


I am the Community Program Manager for the country’s leading online education provider, K12, Inc. They provide online education options for grades K-12 in many states and internationally via public and private schools.  Everyday I get to interact and meet the community of parents who choose this option for their families. It’s one of the most satisfying aspects of my job — getting to hear and see the opportunity and benefit that this provides to many families. I knew next to nothing about online education when I began working here almost 4 years ago. Our company has had tremendous growth — and is really an idea whose time has come!  And like many people I know, I had a pre-conceived notion of the type of families that would choose online education. But now, I know that any thoughts I had about the community of families were completely wrong. The truth is — there is no one type of family –there are a ton of reasons why someone would choose this option. I have met them all — and it has opened my mind to what online education has to offer everyone.

With this push for an Education Revolution by Oprah, Bill Gates and other innovative thought leaders – I believe online education’s time has come! It’s an exciting time for all of us — time to change the way we all have thought about education and learning and there is room for everyone that wants to join it.

As a part of my role, I also get to represent the company using social media tools. I am on a team of corporate bloggers that get to share our thoughts and musings directly with those we are helping.  How lucky am I?  I am a parent with school aged kids. I get to meet other parents and share experiences and also share my personal experience on a national level. Every day I realize how fortunate I am  — So here is my latest blog post at the thinktanK

No Such Thing as a Typical Online Education Family

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