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Women’s Set Points


Women’s Set Points | Hunt.Gather.Love..

So interesting — I am conscience of body fat percentages and often wonder how women feel when they have sub 20% body fat. All I have read is about the danger of visceral fat, around your mid-section is the area you should worry about. Since I am not a super curvy person (read: I have no hips), that is exactly where i gain it if I am not watching what I eat —

I said I’d go to bed, but then I read something interesting. Lately there has been some discussion in the comments here about what level of body fat is healthy for women. Is it healthy for women to be as lean as men should be (below 18% body fat)? Some authors say yes. After all, don’t women in third world refugee camps have babies all the time?

Turns out it’s more complex than that. Ancient Bodies, Modern Lives is my go-to reference on this sort of thing and lo and behold it had some answers on this matter.

Living Fit and Sore Workout


With the special Plumbline session I did yesterday, I was sore -My lower back from the dead lifts and my arms/calloused hands from the pull up session. Living fit and SORE right? HA! I get to Plumbline today and sure enough — we have pull ups on the menu — the joy!!

Cheryl 'Florida'

This week is the final week in the 4 week camp so we weighed in and did body fat check. I have held steady the past 2 weeks weight wise, so although that’s great, I was hoping for another 1lb or 2 in all honestly. The real treat though was my body fat — 30 days of eating this way — I am down 2.5% body fat. That’s where it really tells the story.  I have struggled for almost a year trying to get the last 10lbs off and get my body fat to a level where I think it should be, based on the work I have put into it. Struggle is the right word too. I am so thankful that my friend Cheryl L was there to inspire me. Seeing her transform her body based on eating this way was the difference I needed to get off my butt and try it. As I have said before — I knew it wasn’t my workout or my will power — because it was clear to everyone and me that I was putting in the work. I was just not seeing the results that I wanted. Tweaking what I was eating is really what did it.  Enough Said – put up or shut up, seeing is believing, proof is in the pudding and any other metaphor you can think of….

I’m off today but still got up at my usual 5A time and headed to workout with my buds –

Rockette kicks
walking lunges
back pedal

bicycles (up and down w your torso)
back extensions
25 bottom up push-ups
general stretching

3 rounds 60 secs each station – with rest active stations
assisted pull ups
power clean squat press 65lbs
single leg lifts 20lb db
woodchucks/dynamax burpees
200m run/push ups

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