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Amy Schumer: Girl You Don’t Need Makeup


Once again Amy Schumer is awesome. This completely captures what women are faced with day in and day out. We are beautiful inside but yet – we feel like we have to perfectify our looks before we are worthy.


And I love that she started a twitter hashtag: 

What Would You Tell Your Younger Self?


what would you tell your younger self

I saw this posted question the other day and it made me pause. It’s an interesting question to ponder.

Now that my daughter is entering her teen years and has started to experience all that goes with it, it has put me in a reflective mood. She has already begun dealing with friend drama, body image worries, and embarrassing parents.  I want to let her experience things without being a helicopter parent, but also benefit from the knowledge that I have. I didn’t have a picture perfect childhood and want to do whatever I can to prevent her from experiencing some of it.  I see traits in her personality that mirror mine and it worries me sometimes.  I know there is only so much I can do as her mom – sigh…

As for me answering that question – I would tell myself to not let fear control my decisions. I was always so scared of being uncomfortable, craved stability and that made me so rigid. I saw things one way and that was it – wasn’t open to trying anything new and was so scared to just take a chance.  How about you?

Oh and I would definitely tell myself to start exercising as an outlet for stress – I often wish I was in shape from the onset!

11 Things I Wish I Could Say To My Younger Self

Be Proud


Developing a Positive Body Image


Four straight days of exercise has left me sore — My quads are so sore it hurts to walk down stairs — so today is a rest day. Rest and recovery is just as important as exercise in your overall health and wellness plan. It’s the times you haven’t taken enough rest time and aren’t on top of your game that you get injured.

Body ImageThis past weekend, the topic of body image was on my mind. I follow some modeling agencies on Instagram -one of the many fashion weeks has just passed and I kept noticing how thin the models look. Not healthy thin either. For a brief moment, I thought maybe my outlook changed because I am around strong women who workout and have muscles.  Annie Thorisdottiand Camille LeBlanc-Bazinet are the type of women I see in the magazines and websites I frequent.  But then I realized that wasn’t it – they really are too thin. Even my 12 year old daughter mentioned how emaciated they looked. It bothered me to see that this sort of look is still favored in the world of fashion. We all need to make sure we are having regular and real conversations with our kids about body image. Just the other day I read a post about a woman making sure her sons see her naked on occasion, so they don’t develop a warped sense of what a women’s body looks like….

Watch This

Watch ESPN’s Hannah Storm Break Down While Talking About Ray Riceand Domestic Violence

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Put on a some Lipgloss


Rest Day

Summer Parenting Challenges


One of the challenges of this summer has been my 12 year old daughter is home during the day. She really wasn’t into attending camp this summer – so other than a few weeks where there were specialized camps, she is home. Which means she has to figure out a way to keep herself occupied and out of my hair.  She seems to be glued to her tablet and/or the TV for most of the day, which annoys me to no end.  I challenged her to read at least one book a week this summer but she doesn’t seem to be really digging that idea.  I ran across this post with some tips to help us parents encourage our kids to READ. Most are basic but I do like the one below and will start doing this for an hour or so a day while she is home.

Have an Electronics Black Out

For just an hour a day, or even just once a week, have an all out electronics blackout. Turn off the TV, the computer, cell phones and any other distracting device (unless it is an eReader) and pick up a book, magazine or newspaper. There is a saying that goes ‘monkey see, monkey do’, and if kids are used to seeing everyone around them read, they too will be encouraged to read more books.

On a related note: Most 10-Year-Olds Are More Afraid Of Getting ‘Fat’ Than Getting Cancer. A lot of the info she shares in the video below is discouraging, but being unhealthy is not OK. However, do people who are overweight and/or obese deserve respect and kindness like every other living soul in the world? ABSOLUTELY. In my mind, it shouldn’t be about condoning unhealthy behavior and habits, but teaching folks to rewire how to approach and treat people – no matter the circumstance. Always choose kindness and understanding…

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Have Courage

Listen Up

I’m really digging this song and its message: Meghan Trainor – All About That Bass



HR Data The HR monitor reset as we were doing sprints outside but I saw it before it reset and my calorie count for this hour workout was: 810. Not too shabby considering I felt pretty worn out. I have to figure out a way to loosen my body for the 6A boxing class. By the time I am finally feeling like I can hit hard, we are on the fourth round!

Stop the Body Shaming


With summer practically here, I’ve been seeing a lot of stories about body image, exercise, and obesity. Nothing like reading about how fat we all are to get us feeling comfortable to get in a bathing suit, right? Yesterday I came across the story of Taylor Townsend -who was told she was too overweight to be a tennis champ. Ignoring those people, she has now broke a record and is the youngest player to advance to the third round of the French Open since 1993.

The U.S. Tennis Association attempted to keep her out of competition at the U.S. Open. It was suggested they would not restore their support until the teen, then the top-ranked junior player in the world, lost weight.”

Different Body TypesObesity is a very serious problem and recent reports show that no nation has lowered its obesity rates in 33 years– which is terribly alarming, but fat shaming and making people feel less than valued because of their weight isn’t going to solve any problems.  As the picture to the right shows – body types are different for women and we carry weight differently. I wonder what Taylor Townsend’s actual blood work and vital stats look like — I bet she is healthier than the average person and has certainly shown what she can do.

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Water the Flowers Quote


  • Monday: Power Boxing
  • Tuesday: Flow Yoga

What Reality Really Looks Like


A Sunrise after a workoutI read this Facebook status this morning and thought it was perfect to share – the past few days, I have been struggling with being engaged in my workouts – I’m really sore and worn out. I am more than thankful that today is a rest day from Highbar CrossFit. I may even take tomorrow off if I am still sore. Gotta listen to your body and mind first and foremost when gauging my workout schedule.

“Actions speak louder than words. How you approach your workouts says a lot about the person you are. Do you give it your best daily or so you just go in just to say you did it? Or are you the one who is the socialized and not doing work? Think about it.. How you approach work, your workouts, relationships carries over to daily life…”

I am continually appreciative of living in truth and appreciated this post: Keeping It Real. We all need to do more of this honesty thing. No one looks airbrushed and perfect. NO ONE. Good lighting, computer enhancements are all part of the norm in the images we are barraged with day in and out. It’s refreshing when someone goes ahead and shares what their reality really looks like because it looks like everyone elses! Hallelujah!

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You are CrossFit


Yesterday, I shared On Being a Real CrossFitter on my facebook page and I was surprised to see how many people related. One of my friends even said that she hasn’t yet even bought a CrossFit shirt because she doesn’t feel like a real CrossFitter. It got me thinking about the amount of pressure we put on ourselves to be a certain way before we acknowledge the effort and the progress we are putting in day after day.

Does putting a label on something make it more valid and real? And what exactly does it mean to be a CrossFitter?

Much of the problem in my opinion is because most of the media about CrossFit showcases the Elite athletes – the ones that were athletic during their childhood, into their teens and now do this for a living. They are definitely a part of CrossFit.


But you know who else can be called a CrossFitter?

80+ year old Jean is a CrossFitter, the ladies pictured below are — you get the point. It’s not about whether you can compete at the Elite level — It’s about you, putting in the work and living healthy and fit. No one needs to label it something to make it so. If you love it, and it is helping you progress and move closer towards your goals -whether you lift 33 pounds or 333 pounds- you are a CrossFitter.

Jean 999143_524216614321068_1553676003_n

Now, go buy that T-shirt, brag to your friends about the WOD for today – don’t let a label define you. Just own it, because if you don’t believe it, how can you expect others to?

Skill Work
Double Under Practice
3×5 Back Squat 170#



Tricks of the Trade


I forgot to set my alarm last night, woke up this AM and was thinking – it’s awfully light outside, looked over and saw it was 7A. Well there went my one opportunity to get a workout in today. My friend Britt is moving to North Carolina and tonight is her going away get together. I can’t miss it, so my workout goes out the window. It’s one of the big reasons why I get it done before the busy-ness of the day takes over. It’s rare that the hour of 6A has me so busy, I can’t workout.  When you decide to commit to a life of fitness, factors like that need to be considered!

Yesterday, i read this: From fat to fit in just ONE HOUR: Tricks used by the fitness industry show just how easy it is to fake a dramatic transformation

All about how those amazing transformation photos are done –and how someone that is in shape can go in pictures from lumpy to WOW in an hour – with the right lighting, posture, and technique.It’s important to read stuff like this to help bust the image many of us have in our head of what we have to look like based on some ideal. Guess what? That Ideal doesn’t exist past fancy photoshop, lighting and our own imaginations. It’s all about Tricks of the Trade!


Inspiring Quote

The Scale Is Not a Definition Of Your Worth


willMy friend Will from CFI came to do a workout with me this morning. It meant so much to me that he took the time to come to hang out with me. I have met the most amazing people through CrossFit. It’s one of the best things about it all — I feel great and get to know amazing, inspiring, fun people. How can that be wrong?

Yesterday, I read a post about body image and the scale. It’s a reoccurring theme in my head and the head of so many others out there. A number on the scale can make or break how we feel about ourselves. It’s sad how much power we give it but yet we can’t help it. I have mentioned before, I have never owned a scale in my adult life. I view them as the enemy and would rather not have something around me that has the ability to make me feel bad about myself. When I go to the doctors, I request they do not tell me my weight. If I happen to see it on the chart, I usually freak out internally. How can I weigh that much?? I must look horrible. And add in any other negative self talk you can imagine.

I think it helps to read about athletes who are similar in their workout approach thinking the same things as ‘normal’ women do —

144lbs: Why Female Athletes Should Toss the Scale and Get a New Perspective

…one of the biggest things about this transformation, for me and the people around me – both clients and friends – is not so much that working out makes you confident or that training changes your body – it’s that people don’t even know what 135lbs looks like anyway. Since I first got heavily involved in martial arts and CrossFit, any time my weight has come up in conversation, which of course it does in competitive sports, no one has ever believed me. People consistently think I weigh about 10lbs less than I actually do.

Reading this stuff doesn’t make the internal dialogue go away but the more I read it, the more I hang out with people who appreciate strong women and the way they look, the more I will start to be comfortable in my own skin and realize that it really is just a number, not a definition of my worth.

200m jog
10 squats
10 push ups
4 Sampson Stretch
4 Instep Lunges
10 Squats

Front Squat 80% of my Back Squat
worked up to 120#

10 DB Power Cleans (20#)
15 DB Push Press (20#)
30 Squats
time: 8:58

Your Mind Will Quit A thousand Times before your Body Will. Feel The Fear and Do It Anyway.

Open Your Mind about The Ideal


oxygen Sunday morning, as I was doing my regular grocery shopping I saw Camille Leblanc-Bazinet on the cover of Oxygen Magazine in the check out line. I was so proud to see her mainstream. As I was paying for my stuff, I noticed a woman picking it up and showing her husband –I overheard her say Oh, that’s that CrossFit we have heard about. I was smiling -and then I saw her point to Camille’s picture and stick out her tongue and say Yuck. My smile disappeared —

What is it with people — muscles and strength don’t look good on a woman? Come on now — Open your mind and understand that women come in all shapes and sizes and what’s important at the end of the day is that they are being the best they can be –an authentic self.

Funny timing – I came across this post again yesterday:

The Fear Of “Bulkiness” and CrossFit

I love this part:

The chase of some worldly physical ideal will slowly slide down the list of why you will show up to CrossFit everyday and basically torture yourself. You will get totally addicted to the feeling you get when you do things that were simply impossible for you a few months ago. The body you get is nothing more than a by-product. It takes discipline in the kitchen to perform (physically, mentally, and spiritually) your best so keep in mind that you should…

I am on day two of my refocus on nutrition and performance and I am feeling great. Not eating like crap allowed me to sleep great last night, wake up feeling great — have more energy and am in a better mood. Can’t not love that!!

I PR’d again this morning on my bench press — by 20#. Nothing to complain about there. I am really feeling at home at HighBar now, which is a great feeling.

200m jog
10 squats
4 sampson stretch
4 instep lunge
10 squats

Test on Bench Press
1×5 115# (although I tried 125# for 1 and 120# for 3) PR


  • Run, 400 m —
  • then — 5 rounds:
  • 5 Box Jumps
  • 10 Kettlebell Sumo
  • Deadlift High-pulls,
  • 1 pood 15 Push-ups —
  • then — Run, 200 m
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