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Woke up this AM to a nice thick layer of ice on the cars. My car is in the garage but my brother is in town for business, so his rental was behind mine and poor Scotty –he and I scraped the ice off the more »

Wake up to a Hang Snatch

Woke up at 5a as usual this AM and we had about 9in on the ground. I had shoveled a bit last night so it was possible that I was going to be able to leave for boot camp this AM. Scotty told me that more »

Working on my 30′ Plyo Box Jump

So — what do I want to talk about today. I did of course get up and go workout but I have to say that I almost talked myself out of going. This is still something that I fight some mornings! My eyes opened at more »

Checkpoint Push ups

I wasnt feeling so hot this morning because I didn’t sleep so well. Kept waking up and tossing and turning. Not sure what thats all about — normally I sleep like a baby. I wonder if it’s part of my gluten detox. Today at boot more »

Using the BOSU

I have been fighting a bug the last few days and it has not been fun. Extreme fatigue, no appetite, bad stomach — I start to feel better, resume ‘life’ and it comes back. With that being said – I did head to workout this more »

Checkpoint Push-ups

It was a doozy workout this morning — hard hard hard workout that didn’t quit. Lots of shoulder and arm work. I have not been feeling so hot the past day or so but I felt better so I headed to boot camp as usual.  more »

Squat Thrusts

It was tougher to get up this morning than yesterday. Getting back into the swing of things is tougher day 2 because your body had no idea what was coming on day 1. Add in about 100 pull ups, some lunges from yesterday’s workout and more »

Pull Up Party Workout

Plumbline boot camp is back in session — it was a full house today and it was great to see everyone. A week off means missing some of my pals. I maintained my weight this week which is good but also surprising if you think more »

It’s all mental workout!

So I headed to boot camp at 545a this morning, even though I worked out last night. It’s part of my routine – I can’t help it! But I definitely felt the impact on my energy and strength. Next week boot camp is off – more »

Split Jerks

My trainer has asked me not to post the workouts I do with him anymore. He puts a lot of time and thought into creating them to maximize the workout and make it efficient. They are his creation so he prefers that people that who more »