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Woke up this AM to a nice thick layer of ice on the cars. My car is in the garage but my brother is in town for business, so his rental was behind mine and poor Scotty –he and I scraped the ice off the rental so that i could back out. As I have said before — my fitness commitment is a family commitment!

It really does make a HUGE difference getting an extra 15m of sleep in the morning — I leave later & get home the same time and today’s workout was challenging but short and once again I burned as many calories in the short time as I used to the entire workout with my other trainer.

General Stretching

Double Unders

5 Rounds for time – Rx
135lb Deadlift
10 burpees
5:16m time

At first glance you are like wow, that’s it? a 5m workout? But you go as hard and intense as you can and by the end of it — you are wiped. 5m is the Rx time, so next time I do this one — I need to shave off :16.

Form is very important especially when you are doing heavy dead lifts and the coaches at Crossfit Impavidus spend time ensuring we are using proper form so we protect our backs!

Wake up to a Hang Snatch


Woke up at 5a as usual this AM and we had about 9in on the ground. I had shoveled a bit last night so it was possible that I was going to be able to leave for boot camp this AM. Scotty told me that I shouldn’t consider it — the roads looked icy but crazy me decided to delay the workout and go to the 645A class.  Much to Scott’s chagrin, he got his snow crap on and both of us headed out to shovel the driveway. We had a snow dam at the end of the drive from the plow and that was what proved to be the toughest part. I don’t mind shoveling – it’s hard manual labor that makes for a good workout.

While we were shoveling, one of the neighbors was walking by (it’s 545a) and I said ‘What are you doing?‘. She told me she had to get to work and didn’t have time to shovel out the drive. So I said grab a shovel – let’s get this done and I will drive you to work. We finished in about 15m flat – we got in the car and she made it to work on time.  It’s about Teamwork!

When I got to boot camp -Kimmy was the only person who had showed up for the 545A class and it looked like i was going to be the lone camper for the 645A but 5m into the workout — Greg showed up and both of us did the camp together!

Today’s workout included hang snatches! Hang snatches are tough! Here’s a Crossfit Video showing you what they are:

Working on my 30′ Plyo Box Jump


So — what do I want to talk about today. I did of course get up and go workout but I have to say that I almost talked myself out of going. This is still something that I fight some mornings! My eyes opened at 455A and since I still have 5m to ‘hang’ out — the ‘sleep monster’ started talking about how nice it would be to stay in bed.  I did get up and get going despite that voice but it was tougher than usual this AM.

Flurries greeted me driving to Plumbline as well- All ingredients this AM for not going, but there is no NOT going. You Go – plain and simple.  I’m glad I did go and if you think about it, after you are done — most people are Glad they went and feel better so it’s really getting over that initial challenge and it’s all downhill from there!

After the workout was over — my pal Kim ‘EIO’ was laying on the floor and I said now we have to go to work but everything is icing after this workout! It’s true — our workouts are tough and it not only helps us physically. If we handle the workouts that early in the AM — we really can handle most everything else that comes at us during the day. Notice how I did say MOST everything!! I am realistic after all.

In our group today, we worked on box jumps with the goal of doing your Max box jump. I can do the 24′ one as my normal — but that 30′ one scares the crap out of me. Jumping 30′ in the air and landing solid on a plyo box — see what I mean?? I mentioned before how I seem to have a mental block from jumping on it.  I keep thinking about that Biggest Loser episode when one of the women couldn’t jump onto a small platform. In our group, we call that the baby box. Well I have a block like that but regarding the 30in box.

I am only 5’3 — so jumping on a 30in box is a feat & I know I can do it — I jump that high when I do tuck jumps.  I am a thinker/processor when it comes down to learning things, so when I think about doing it — I think about the risks -Falling, hitting my knees on the box, hurting myself in general. So — Mikey offered to hold my hand today while I attempted it. I knew he wasn’t going to let me out of it – so after a few false starts, I finally did it 2x but I believe it was bc he helped pull me up with his hand.   He said that I can only do it if I want to do it — I do want to do it, REALLY I DO but the thought of hurting myself just seems to aid in blocking me from just putting caution to the wind. I gotta work on it …

It’s so odd because I don’t remember other things in my life where I have a block like this — there is a force that just prevents me from being confident enough to push through the fear of the unknown of jumping on that darn thing — So Frustrating! Anyone else out there experienced a block like this? And if so, how have you worked through it?

A series of Plyo Jumps:

Checkpoint Push ups


I wasnt feeling so hot this morning because I didn’t sleep so well. Kept waking up and tossing and turning. Not sure what thats all about — normally I sleep like a baby. I wonder if it’s part of my gluten detox.

Today at boot camp, Mikey lowered the weights on the hang snatch squat from 65lb to 45lb standard and what a difference that made.  I often feel at camp that the weights are too heavy for me. When they are too heavy, I tend to stop and restart over and over again instead of constantly moving.  I always wear a HR monitor and I noticed the higher the weights I use for certain movements, the less calories I burn. I am torn by this because on one hand I know I am building muscle, but on the other hand I want to burn calories and the lower the weight, the more reps I can do, the more cals I burn. I am not talking about a light weight either. Just lighter than what he tends to give me.  A 45lb hang snatch squat is not easy but its a hella lot easier than 65lb one!

Click on the link to see step by step instructions on how to do a hang snatch squat.

Checkpoint Push Up

One exercise we did today that you can try easily at the local gym or even at home is a Checkpoint push up. I used 25lb dbs but you could even forgo the dumbbells if you are just starting out.

1 Jump down into a push up position

2 Spread your legs

3 Bring them together again

4 Do a push up while holding onto the dbs if you use them,

5 On the way up — grab them and stand up

and do it again, and again and again….

Using the BOSU


I have been fighting a bug the last few days and it has not been fun. Extreme fatigue, no appetite, bad stomach — I start to feel better, resume ‘life’ and it comes back. With that being said – I did head to workout this AM but it was not my best performance — I was telling a friend this morning that getting up and out of the house that early, you don’t even have time to evaluate whether you are feeling better or not. You are still sleepy and for some, they are probably sleepwalking — It’s only after you are done with the workout, driving home do you realize that perhaps you should have taken an extra rest day.

Part of the workout today involved using the BOSU. Using the BOSU can really enhance your workout and get your HR up. Try jumping on and off of it, crossing over with one leg always on it, & turn it over and do push ups with some instability – do each of those for 1m 2 rounds — you got yourself a good warm up.

I have also been working on hang clean/snatch squats. Yesterday we had to do a bunch with a 65lb barbell — today, we used 45lb. It’s a tough exercise for anyone -partly bc of the weight but also because its about timing and form.   But you know  — how cool is it that a bunch of chicks are learning Olympic style lifting techniques?

Checkpoint Push-ups


It was a doozy workout this morning — hard hard hard workout that didn’t quit. Lots of shoulder and arm work. I have not been feeling so hot the past day or so but I felt better so I headed to boot camp as usual.  Boot camp is structured into levels — purple, silver and gold. Purple is for those at the beginner to mid level – the weights and reps are usually lower depending on exercise. Those not in purple – go to silver which is where I am and there are days when I believe it’s just too tough — either too many reps or the weight is just way too much. Today felt like one of those days.

We had to do ring push -ups and each round we had to do 20. I was struggling towards the end of it- arms were burning. 5 Rounds of 20 ring pushups and another 20 reps of something else — in a 15 min limit and then another series of exercises for 5 rounds for another 15 mins. Wowsa!

One exercise we did that you could easily do at home — checkpoint push-ups. We did it with a 20lb db — so you go down into a push up position, hand son the dbs, spread your legs, bring them together , do a push up and then grab those dbs and stand up – repeat. Try it!

Squat Thrusts


It was tougher to get up this morning than yesterday. Getting back into the swing of things is tougher day 2 because your body had no idea what was coming on day 1. Add in about 100 pull ups, some lunges from yesterday’s workout and you have the recipe for staying in bed.  That’s when training and commitment come in and you get up — the trick is to not talk to yourself when that alarm goes off.  I call that voice inside your head that talks you out of your early morning plans the ‘sleep monster’ and it will win 8 out of 10x.  That monster will talk you out of your workout plans and convince you that staying in your warm bed is the right thing to do.  So get everything ready the night before –workout clothes and all the extras – including your keys, water bottle, gloves, hat so you don’t have any delay — get up, get ready, and head out the door. It’s a routine and you can do it with your eyes closed which is where you can catch some extra ZZzzz’s.

Included in today’s workout- squat thrusts – 5 rounds of 20 reps!  Now the great thing about these is you need no equipment and it is a great exercise to get your HR up. Try a few at a fast pace and you will quickly understand what I am saying —

(this video shows squat thrusts first, then a burpee)

Pull Up Party Workout


Plumbline boot camp is back in session — it was a full house today and it was great to see everyone. A week off means missing some of my pals. I maintained my weight this week which is good but also surprising if you think about how much I was working out. I really don’t think I went hog wild with my eating either — I did not stick to paleo but I sure as heck didn’t shovel food in my mouth constantly either. Goes to show you, losing weight is tough for anyone!

Do you remember back in school when you had to do the presidential fitness tests in gym class? Well it felt a little bit like that this morning at boot camp — one of the exercises was the pull up. To me, pull-ups are a sign of how in shape a person is. You are pulling your own body weight up, over a bar against gravity. How much harder can it get – really?

We had to do 5 rounds of exercises which included 25 pull ups each time. I use a stretchy band around my knee to assist my pull ups until I can get the kip down. I have been working on them at the gym on my off camp days — because I want to conquer the pull up and do it without any assistance which means I have to work on the Kip —

It’s all mental workout!


So I headed to boot camp at 545a this morning, even though I worked out last night. It’s part of my routine – I can’t help it! But I definitely felt the impact on my energy and strength. Next week boot camp is off – so I will probably head to Gold’s to get some training in.

I have not been sticking to an all Paleo eating approach – although I haven’t gone completely off the wagon. Wheat/gluten as a staple is no longer status quo for me. I did have some chocolate yesterday and a few treats at our team pot luck on Tuesday. But I am so crazy about it — I felt such guilt. It’s frustrating that I can’t be ‘ok‘ with having a treat now and then without thinking ‘OMG – It’s going to ruin all I have done‘. In the upcoming year – I am going to work on being kinder to myself and focus on retraining my internal voice when it comes to body image and my relationship with eating/food.

Today’s workout included a 1/2 m run outside and let me tell you — when you first go outside, you say ‘oh this isn’t too bad‘. Ha – turn the corner and this super cold blast of wind greets you and you eat your words! It felt like we were running with a weighted vest on! Couple that with asthma – my lunges kept seizing up whenever I took a breath and as you can imagine, I took a lot of breaths — it was tough but I got through it.

The thing to keep in mind is that right after that run, I have to come in and continue on — that’s when mental grit comes into play. That only comes with training and practice! You do the best you can and the next time you do it – you improve! Over and over again!

And now – it’s not even 9a. I have already worked out – and can continue on with my day!

Split Jerks


My Amazing Husband - Scotty

My trainer has asked me not to post the workouts I do with him anymore. He puts a lot of time and thought into creating them to maximize the workout and make it efficient. They are his creation so he prefers that people that who are interested in working out with him – try a class out. So – moving forward – I won’t be posting the WOD I do for Plumbline. My goal for this website is not to offer workouts anyway — it’s to inspire and support those that want to live live healthy and fit. I posted the WODs more for my own record keeping —

Tomorrow is my rest day from boot camp and my body needs the rest.  My muscles are fatigued and a few solid days of rest will be great. Next week boot camp is off – so I will get in some running and light strength and conditioning work but nothing like what I do on a day to day basis.

As for my eating – I have been going off the plan here and there — because of the holidays and it’s more accessible but also because I am curious how my body will respond when introducing certain foods — you can’t live in a bubble after all.  I can tell you that I don’t feel so hot the day after I ‘partake’ —

During the workout today – we did split jerks with 65lbs. Man – those don’t get any easier.

Here’s a video that goes over split jerks —

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