Friday is here! I can’t believe how fast time is flying — it’s December 10!! How can that be?? Remember when we were in grade school and time seemed to stand still — when will winter break get here? when will spring break get here? when will 3p get here while sitting in class? Had I known then what I know now — I would have appreciated the lack of awareness that comes with youth.

Today was group training and it was just 4 of us — which made for a nice, intimate training session —

warmup 2m
double under practice
tuck jumps

figure 8s
40 push ups
general stretching

WOD x2
145lb Roman Dead Lifts
Hamstring Curls 20lb KB
75lb hang cleans
45lb KB Swings
Handstands (Climbing up the wall)

PT Station
ground press 75lbs
20lb Figure 8s
box jumps

Last week I finished the PT station in 5:50m. This week it was like 5:09m! With some practice, I am finally getting the box jumps down and jumping in quick succession. Before, I jumped – landed. Jump – land and then something that Michael said to me during the summer clicked. I was focusing on the landing and not the jump! So I changed my focus and now with some practice, I can jump, reset, jump, reset. So I am not doing a full landing and have to reset, I am resetting while I land so that I just jump again. Like a bunny hop over and over again.  It really gets your HR fired up and it’s more efficient than just doing it the other way!

I found this Crossfit video – and the jump I am talking about is referenced as a Jump up and down —