So — what do I want to talk about today. I did of course get up and go workout but I have to say that I almost talked myself out of going. This is still something that I fight some mornings! My eyes opened at 455A and since I still have 5m to ‘hang’ out — the ‘sleep monster’ started talking about how nice it would be to stay in bed.  I did get up and get going despite that voice but it was tougher than usual this AM.

Flurries greeted me driving to Plumbline as well- All ingredients this AM for not going, but there is no NOT going. You Go – plain and simple.  I’m glad I did go and if you think about it, after you are done — most people are Glad they went and feel better so it’s really getting over that initial challenge and it’s all downhill from there!

After the workout was over — my pal Kim ‘EIO’ was laying on the floor and I said now we have to go to work but everything is icing after this workout! It’s true — our workouts are tough and it not only helps us physically. If we handle the workouts that early in the AM — we really can handle most everything else that comes at us during the day. Notice how I did say MOST everything!! I am realistic after all.

In our group today, we worked on box jumps with the goal of doing your Max box jump. I can do the 24′ one as my normal — but that 30′ one scares the crap out of me. Jumping 30′ in the air and landing solid on a plyo box — see what I mean?? I mentioned before how I seem to have a mental block from jumping on it.  I keep thinking about that Biggest Loser episode when one of the women couldn’t jump onto a small platform. In our group, we call that the baby box. Well I have a block like that but regarding the 30in box.

I am only 5’3 — so jumping on a 30in box is a feat & I know I can do it — I jump that high when I do tuck jumps.  I am a thinker/processor when it comes down to learning things, so when I think about doing it — I think about the risks -Falling, hitting my knees on the box, hurting myself in general. So — Mikey offered to hold my hand today while I attempted it. I knew he wasn’t going to let me out of it – so after a few false starts, I finally did it 2x but I believe it was bc he helped pull me up with his hand.   He said that I can only do it if I want to do it — I do want to do it, REALLY I DO but the thought of hurting myself just seems to aid in blocking me from just putting caution to the wind. I gotta work on it …

It’s so odd because I don’t remember other things in my life where I have a block like this — there is a force that just prevents me from being confident enough to push through the fear of the unknown of jumping on that darn thing — So Frustrating! Anyone else out there experienced a block like this? And if so, how have you worked through it?

A series of Plyo Jumps: