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A San Francisco Run


As promised – I went for a run/workout in San Francisco on my trip. I felt like I was eating my way through the trip so it was only fair on my body to do a bit of exercise. My brother and I headed out together on Sunday — and I am so happy I did. The scenery was absolutely gorgeous and I didn’t bring a camera but had my brother take this shot right before we started in front of his apartment to document that I actually got my fitness in!

We ran up a few hills (imagine that in San Fran!) and ran down some stairs, through the marina and a park — then stopped at a workout station area where they had pull up bars, slanted boards to do sit ups, push ups — then we did some burpees, lunges, push ups. We also showed each other some new moves to add to our workout on occasion and then headed back to the apartment which included running some serious stairs! My asthma was no where to be found and the scenery made the entire workout so worth it. How can you not want to get out there and run with the beautiful bay surrounding you? The best thing to see — the Golden Gate Bridge in the distance.   My goal is whenever and wherever I travel – I will run the area. Carmel was beautiful, San Fran, super beautiful — I wonder what trip is next?

Brother/Sister bonding


This is my brother Jon. We took this pic right before we went on our run this morning. How great is it that when my brothers come to visit me – we bond over exercise?

We went on the trail and ran for a bit over an hour. This heat is rough on West coast people. It’s hot and humid and when you aren’t used to running in humidity like this, it takes its toll.

Here is a pic of us right before a race we did together last year. How different do we look?

Have a great Saturday. Get out there and be active!

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