Sometimes you are going through life, all is good — you are living your life, building it from the point where you found out cancer had invited itself into your life and you hear some news that just brings it all back. It hits you like a sucker punch to your abdomen.

I just heard about Bob a co-worker of Scotty’s – he passed away from Colon Cancer. He found out he had it not too long after we started Scott’s treatment.  It’s hard for me to remember when. It all seems like a blur during that time to be honest. He had more of an emergency discovery of colon cancer than we did and unfortunately it was a more advanced case. Colon cancer is treatable if caught early enough — caught late, it is much more difficult to treat.  I believe they found his at a Stage 4, spread outside of his colon, although I don’t know the specifics of his diagnosis. He was in high spirits whenever I saw him and I although I didn’t know him very well – it was like we all were members of a club – nodding acknowledgment of what our families are going through.

Cancer is so horrible and it doesn’t stop affecting you or your loved ones after your treatment – I am sitting here numb, on the verge of tears thinking about him, his family and their loss. I know it is also because my own family came way too close to going through the same. It could have easily been Scott.   There are no words to describe the fear, the sadness, the anger, the blame that goes through your head and that’s from my perspective – the caretaker of the cancer fighter! Cancer has taken yet another person way too soon and it pisses me off……….