I was recently contacted by Roxanne McAnn at Nursingschools.net about a recent article on their own blog about bloggers who have opened their lives and experiences to help others going thru the same. They have included my blog! I am so honored and this is truly what it’s all about for me — giving back and helping others that have experienced a life changing event that forced them to re-look at their lives and start making better choices for themselves and their families. If I can do that for others — then I have done my job.

50 Terrific Blogs for Cancer Support

Cancer is a despicable, overwhelming disease that’s still frustrating doctors and nurses, as well as their patients. But through all the tests, hospital stays, surgeries, chemotherapy and side effects of cancer, a powerful and uplifting network of bloggers has also flourished. These bloggers have opened up to their families and the public to share their fear and shock during diagnosis, physical burdens during treatment, and struggles to get back to a more normal life once they’ve kicked cancer out, hopefully for good.