I got the kids ready for school – drove them in the pouring rain came back and got ready to go to a 930A CrossFit class. It’s fun to mix it up but normally I’m at work so I can’t make a 930A class.

Last night, I took Hannah and Nate to CrossFit Kids — I just loved watching Hannah so focused and determined. She won the plank hold competition 2x. You could tell just by looking at her that she was not going to break plank until the last athlete did. Gotta love her. Nate loves to go on the mat and do all sorts of breakdancing/hip hop moves. I will never forget the time I put on a hoodie for him and he tells me he has to have the hood up because it’s hip hop! Well duh of course! My kids are so darn urban.

Walking Lunges
Bear Crawls
Skip Jumps

Squats! Squats! Squats!

For Time: 800 m Run Tabata Bottom To Bottom Air Squat 800 m Run
total: 12:52

It was pouring rain & that just added to the fun of running. Gotta Love CrossFit.