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The Switch


Why Did I switch CrossFit Gyms?


There are a few reasons —

— The owners and I had a disagreement that got blown out of proportion and we just couldn’t get past it. I am sure they didn’t think it got blown out of proportion but I certainly did. They knew it and I knew it and there was no other option but to part ways. I’m very sad about it. I have been there since Day One and helped them build the community and business. It’s a good lesson to anyone out there — unless you are being paid well, don’t put all your talents into some else’s dream. You never know what will happen in the end.

–coaching. I have not had any real coaching since the gym got big. As someone who coaches, it’s been hard finding time and a coach there to help me. The timing of when I can come to the gym didn’t accommodate me meeting up with the coaches that are experienced enough to help me.  Early AM is the only time I have and the coach assigned has been coaching less than a year and does not have enough experience to coach anyone beyond a beginner athlete. I have become more and more frustrated with the lack of improvement in my own athletic progress.

At the end of the day, you need to do what’s best for you no matter how hard it is. The universe has ways of telling you it’s time to move on -some are rougher than others. I’m sad about the outcome and disappointed that we had to part over a disagreement. But life goes on…

So there you have it. I wish them the best of luck.

I have really enjoyed the coaching at HighBar CrossFit for the past two weeks. The owners are on sight, which makes a huge difference in how the gym is run and they definitely have coaching backgrounds – which means I am learning a ton of new stuff. I crave knowledge all the time. It’s probably why I have gone to all the training classes and am never satisfied with the the status-quo. It’s at the heart of why I tend to get frustrated and unhappy after a period of time. I am never OK with the status quo or having things good enough. And have no patience for people who continually live in a state of eh, it’s OK. If you don’t strive for the best, then why bother?

I read this article yesterday: Stop making excuses for people that resonated with me. I am continually confronted with rude people who don’t tell the truth. When did it become Ok to lie or make excuses for people’s bad behavior. Wrong is wrong. Read it and see what you think. Do you think it’s a generational issue?

I took a rest day this AM but am thinking if I have time, I may hit up an evening class at HighBar. Who knows…


Hitting my stride


Today was one of those days when you just get the rhythm of a particular exercise and you kick ass doing it. Normally I’m not a super efficient runner nor a fast one — but I felt my stride when we did our 800m warm up this morning and it carried through the WOD as well. I love that feeling of just having a good workout – even though I’m tired and sore as hell from yesterday’s WOD. And I love Tues and Thurs training days because Coach Jerry is there to add in the gymnastics element. I’m like a little kid in a candy store learning all this stuff that I didn’t grasp when I was younger.

We also had a really big crowd this morning show up for the 6a. Usually we average about 6 athletes and today we had around 11 — all different levels of experience and fitness — but all of them there to give it their best shot. When you are working out with people that are there to push themselves too — it really adds to your own effort. I love it!

800m run
10 Pass Thrus
10 OHS
10 Trunk Rotations
10 Cherry Pickers

Handstands on the parralettes

4 Rounds for time of:
15 SDHP 65#
10 Box Jumps
Run 400m
Time: 16:15

I had a great stride going for the 400 m run each time, so that is where I made up a lot of time. However, I didn’t feel so hot at the end of this WOD. Maybe because I didn’t hydrate beforehand or it was because it was super humid outside – so my asthma was letting itself be known. One of the athletes Anna said — man, you don’t look so good when I was done, so I hung outside to get some air for a bit and drank, drank and drank some more water.

CrossFit WOD: Cindy


I went a little blonde crazy yesterday. I have been too busy (aka lazy) to get my hair done lately but finally bit the bullet and took care of it yesterday evening.  While I was there, my stylist was telling me her brother in law is a war veteran and loves CrossFit. One thing she said struck me as funny — she said that from what she can tell — Those who get into CrossFit, well it seems to take over their life. I wonder what folks out there think about that statement. Is that bad thing?  Working on your fitness in a healthy way, hanging out with like minded people, having fun, getting healthy and learning about healthy eating? Doesn’t sound like such a bad thing to have take over your life to me…

I can’t even imagine not being fit anymore. I think my body would go into ultra shock. I can vividly remember the feeling of my back always being tight and just an overall feeling of uncomfort in my own body. The only un-comfort I have now is when I am sore and wiped out from a hard day’s work. Now that’s the way it should be — if you currently at a point where your body is failing you because of your own doing, get up and do something. It really is about taking that first step. The rest will fall into place if you really want it to.

Another meeting of one of the CrossFit ladies today — Fran on Monday, Cindy on Weds. Makes you wonder which ‘lady’ we will meet on Friday???

800m run
10 Pass Thrus
10 OHS
10 Ring Rows
10 35lb KB Swings


Kip Swing
Kip Pull Up

5 Pull-ups
10 Push-ups
15 Squats
total: 16 Rounds

I did the first 2 rounds of Pull Ups with no band, but since I can’t yet grasp the Kip Pull Up – I moved to use the Blue Band to help. In our box, the blue band is the least help you can get with a band. Once I did that — pull ups are a breeze. I am frustrated that learning this kipping pull up is taking a lot longer than it should. It’s not strength, its timing for me. I am trying to do some visualization of it at night in addition to just practicing when I can. I know its just a matter of time before I get it but it really isn’t something that can be taught. Another challenge for me is my hands are killing me — the calluses are uncomfortable. I know it’s a sign of working hard, but can’t we come up with another way to show signs of that? HA!

Fran WOD


It was a super busy weekend — Half the family went to the Joint Services Air Show and Hannah and I went to the Reston Arts Fair — and then we had laser tag parties, CrossFit, CrossFit Kids — laundry, cleaning, errands — no down time at all this weekend.

I’m going to share some of the air show pics from the Joint Services Air Show over the next few days — perfect weather for it!

For some reason I slept horribly last night – the combo of the rain storm and knowing what tomorrow’s workout was –well who knows why but it made for a rough wake up. But up I did — headed downstairs, added some new tunes to my playlist and off I went. I was a bit worried when I got there and it was only me and Coach Nick. I don’t mind getting some 1:1 coaching but there are certain WODs that I just don’t want to do solo with a coach focusing in on me.  Right at 6 on the dot – Anna and Monica showed up! Yay for them.

Monica actually told me last night that she was coming so if she hadn’t shown up — I would have gotten after her! And Anna – I’m proud of her. She just had a baby maybe 7 weeks ago, has not worked out in over a year and came on Saturday and again today -even though she was super sore.  Showing up is harder than most workouts, so no matter the fitness level, those that walk through the door are heck of a way farther along than 90% of the population out there.

She told me how sore she was from her first workout back on Saturday. I remember when I first started and in fact, I can look back because of blogging to those first few weeks during the Summer of 2008. I don’t think I could describe the pain adequately to anyone that asked. So when she was telling me about it – I suggested to her to try to remember that feeling — because it may help to ensure she never goes back. I can not even imagine feeling like that again, nor do I want to.

30 Double Unders
20 Squats
20 Ab mat sit ups
20 push ups
bear crawl

Pull ups

65# Thrusters
Pull ups (blue band)
time: 8:06

This is actually 1m+ more time to complete this Fran WOD than last time I did it in February — however, I used the green band to help with my pull ups the first time and the blue band this time. The Blue band means improvement and gives you less help to do pull ups. I’m ok with that — improvement and growth is what I am after. I also started to do some massive shaking after round 1 — like my body was finally waking up and saying Holy Cow Lady – what are you doing to me?

Double Unders


I realized on my way to a Girl Scout bridging ceremony how freakin tired I was yesterday. Little miss ‘Kelly’ took all the energy I had so by the end of the day, all i wanted to do is go to bed. But as fellow parents know – when you work full time during the day at your ‘professional’ job, coming home is really starting your other job. Granted, its rewarding, loving, etc — but you can’t ignore that it’s another job – and in many ways, even harder. With that in mind, there are days when all I want to do after work is get under some covers and go to sleep.  But family time is next, then dinner, activities – baths, prepping for tomorrow. Sleep comes many many hours later.  I am positive I am not alone in this — and on most days, I’m cool with it. It’s my life and totally worth it. Last night was just an ‘off’ night —

Well that off night also caused an off morning and for a brief moment I thought to myself — stay in bed. But I am glad I didn’t listen to the sleep monster and I got up and headed out. Coach Jerry has been one of my biggest supporters and I love his training mixed with gymnastics, so if I am wanting to take a rest day — not on one of his coaching days.

25 Jumping Jacks
5 Head Rotations
5 Trunk Rotations
5 Cherry Pickers
5 Hip Rotations
5 Shoulder Rotations

Ring Work

10 Push Ups
10 Ring Dips
25 Double Unders

Guess what? I did Rx’d and finished in 18:26. My DU’s weren’t perfect but they are getting better!!

CrossFit Girl: Kelly


Those girls of CrossFit are Nasty.  The last time I met Kelly was in February — and for some reason today’s meeting did not go as well as our last – by 40seconds. That’s not acceptable! But holy hotdog – this WOD was tough. 5 rounds – keep moving – don’t stop – go go go. If I had not mentioned this before – the longer workouts give you a mental workout as well as a hard body beating.  At the end, we were all drenched in sweat, lying on the floor. My arms were screaming during the last round of wall ball shots — you know what? It was GREAT!

10 Pass Thrus
10 Push Ups
10 Sit ups
10 OH Squats
5 Pull Ups

Goblet Squat (Kettlebell held like a goblet, squat)


Five rounds for time of:
Run 400 meters
30 Box jump – 20 inch box
30 Wall ball shots 10lb
Time: 32:23

Thrusters make the heart grow fonder


Scott & I had an unexpected date night last night when our neighbor babysitter said Hey I can sit tonite if you want — so we went out to a steakhouse. I had grilled chicken and a sweet potato and —   I also had some of their fresh baked bread. Not sure what the heck is up with me. Seems every time I take a step forward – I take a step back. I know it’s only bread — but I know that it is going to make me feel like crap. Why do  something if you know it will make you feel crappy? Who knows how the mind works — it seemed worth it at the time.  And sure enough – I didn’t sleep well at all, I had some odd dreams and my stomach was a bit upset when I woke up this morning.  Let’s see how the rest of the day goes —

My hands still hurt — from Saturday’s pull up practice. In a way I am proud of them- it’s a sign of hard work. I will conquer these kipping pull ups. The swing is down pat – now it’s timing. And Timing is something that has had the upper hand on me for a very long time — so practice makes better!

50 single jump rope
10 Pass Thrus
10 Good Mornings
10 Head Rotations
10 Hip Rotations
10 Cherry Pickers

Front Squat
Push Press

7 65lb Thrusters
15 L Sit Pull ups

total: 7+ (i was halfway into the pull ups)

Notice the warm up — lots of hip and shoulder/head stretching. Those all are to prep for the WOD. There was only 1 guy today who could do the L Sit Pull up. It’s basically a dead hang p/up but you pike your lower half. Let’s make a dead hang even harder. I used a blue assistance band and was able to do them with the chin up grip. This was a super long WOD today — halfway through I was like man, we still have 10 mins!!!

As Coach Conan said to me one day – I know you love it when I hear you complain! I love that he ‘gets’ me!

Burpee Love WOD


I knew it was time to get organized when my garage would make a perfect scene for the next episode of Hoarders! So I spent the better part of 3 hours yesterday going through the crap – organizing, sweeping, cleaning, throwing things out — it looks really good. Do you ever notice after you clean like that – you start to feel a sense of calm? I do.

I was hoping we wouldn’t do pull ups today because Saturday after the WOD, I practiced them a ton with some of the CFI athletes and they hurt – the calluses are multiplying. Coach Marc said that give it a week of pain – it won’t be so painful anymore. I usually use gloves but I took them off on Saturday to see if it made a difference. Well, the only difference is my hands are freakin killing me.

But – Guess what?? No Pull ups during the WOD!! Only during the warmup — wishes do come true!

Run 800m
Sampson Stretch
10 Good Mornings
10 Pull Ups
10 OHS
10 Push Ups


5 Deadlifts (ladies:185lb Rx’d – I did 135lb)
10 Burpees
time: 5:56

So I loaded up 185# and tried it once — I lifted it. I decided to lower the weight because looking at the workout – burpees kill me and 5 rounds — I would rather be able to continue through the workout than have to stop continually. I probably could have gone up a bit more. Even though the workout was only 6m total – it was a killer and I definitely was spent at the end.

Community WOD


Here is a pic of me taken this morning with my new Life as Rx’d tank on my way to CrossFit. You know what I noticed after looking at this picture? I look leaner than I have ever looked–the only change I made was going to CrossFit full time. I was not the only one to notice today either — a few people mentioned that to me this morning too. I feel great. I believe it’s also the addition of gymnastics to my training — it really helps you lengthen and lean out. That’s my opinion…

Indian Run

burpee pull up

100m Run 25lb plate OH
10 burpee pull ups
15 sit ups
rest 20s
total: 4 rounds + 100m run.

Afterwards I worked on some mobility band work, my kipping pull ups, did some handstands and then one of the athletes, Sven, helped a few of us with the Pose method of running — it was super fun.

Wall Ball Shots WOD


It was one of those days when you look at the workout and say –oh that’s not so bad – but afterwards, all you want to do is lie flat on your back and never get up again.  Seems like a reoccurring theme with CrossFit. I often hear from people about how short some of the workouts are — or how ‘simple’ they look. All I can offer to combat that idea is to say Try it. The thing is –if you are pushing to your limits, then those shorter workouts are sometimes even more difficult than the longer ones. I know that from experience —  So the point is don’t be fooled by what is up on the board. Do the WOD and then let me know if you think you don’t work as hard with CrossFit as other programs.

Today, one of my favorite people coached the class – Laurie Bikart of Amaiza Fitness a company that specializes in triathlon training and coaching. Laurie is a business owner, trainer, mom, inspiration and friend of mine. She is one of the great people I have met through CrossFit and she continually inspires me. She may even be the one that gets me on a bike again.  Don’t get me wrong, I can ride a bike. I am just not comfortable at all on one — I prefer to have a bike with the back pedal brake that my kids have. I have asked her to help me find a bike that fits me, is not like 1000 gazillion dollars, but also not a Schwinn pink bike with a basket either. A good, sturdy hybrid road/trail bike that will help me get comfortable riding along with my kids. Can she do it is the question? Hmm…..

Oh — and today is her Birthday!

Happy Birthday Laurie!

Dynamic Stretching

Running Drills (CrossFit Endurance)

400m Run
50 Wall Ball Shots
200m Run
35 Wall Ball Shots
100m Run
20 Wall Ball Shots

time: 11:21

Wall balls and running = asthmatics rule! These are tough for me simply for the breathing aspect. I have come to the realization that if the WOD includes some sort of heavy cardio aspect, I will have an extra challenge added.  It gets frustrating to me because technically I can do it, but breathing is kinda important so I end up stopping to catch up with my breathing. One day I will learn to attack it head on — just you watch!

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