I am still recovering from my night of debauchery — but I started to feel better around 8p last night. The thing with going out when you are my age is the recovery — it takes you way too long to recover. I lost an entire day and there was no way that I could even attempt to resume ‘life’ the way i felt. I was nauseous and dizzy. Oh the joys of getting older. People ask why I don’t drink very often — that’s why. I hate feeling like that.

So instead of yesterday – I headed to CrossFit today for my very own self-inflicted workout and my pal Jason joined me. It was called the 12 days of Christmas and I will forever call it 12 days of Hell.

General Stretching

WOD: “12 Days of Christmas” for time.
1.100 m run
2. Thrusters
3. Inchworm pushups
4. Jumping squats
5. K2E
6. Box jumps
7. Burpees
8. Box dips
9. Lunges w/weight OH (25lbs)
10. Situps
11. Elbows to hand plank
12. Narrow pushup

time: 35.36

This workout is done like the song – so on the 1st day of Xmas you run, on the 2nd day you do thruster, then run, 3rd inchworm push up, thruster, run and so on….it’s living hell.