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Christmas Abbott: BadAss Body Diet


This past month has been pretty stressful for me – and I’m not going to sugar coat it. My eating has gone to shit. The little excuses I have made have added up and now are full blown standard operating procedure and it’s not good.  It’s being triggered by stress and emotional stuff going on but sliding back into old habits is not the path I want to revisit so it’s time to refocus. I am heading out on vacation next week. My long road trip will give me time to think about what’s going on and some much needed time away from what is triggering all of these feelings.  Not to go into detail – it’s related to professional career issues and I know it’s only a matter of time before I need to make some hard choices.

But, let’s talk about refocusing on health and wellness…

the BADASS Body Diet - Christmas Abbott I have mentioned before that I am a big fan and a long-distance friend of Christmas Abbott.  She has always been kind to me and has embarked on an amazing path of helping others in a big way. She recently sent me a copy of her book: The BADASS Body Diet. I haven’t gotten all the way through it but when I am back from vacation, I plan to start the diet and workout plan recommended.

I already am appreciating that she doesn’t write for a one size fits all body type. She identifies three types of dieters -—Modifiers, Gainers, and Maintainers—and the suggested approaches can be tailored depending on which one you resemble.  From the reviews I have read, many mention the suggested approach is simple and you aren’t left feeling super hungry.  Although I have heard that many times from many other fitness and wellness advocates, I trust Christmas. She comes from the same world I am used to – women who lift and aren’t afraid to be strong.

Some of the book is fluff and entertainment but, that’s all part of selling the approach to those who still believe thin is better than strong. Those that live and die by the number on the scale.  Just like any diet or approach recommended, one size does not fit all. My advice is to read the book –  ‘meet’ Christmas, learn her story and understand how she approaches diet and fitness. From there, you can tailor it or not – to meet your own health and wellness goals.

I’ll share my experience from time to time as I start to incorporate her advice in my own fitness and wellness approach…


Christmas Abbott - Badass Body DietBuy the BadAss Body Diet by Christmas Abbott directly from Amazon and let me know what you think!

 Christmas Abbott: The Badass Body Book (Amazon Affiliate Link) 


Happy Birthday CrossFit Chick: Christmas Abbott


There are quite a few things on my mind today –

Stephanie Hoaglund - CrossFit Yesterday, I posted this pic of me and my friend Kath who has joined our 6a group at Highbar CrossFit. My sister and I were talking and she asked me how long I have been at Highbar CrossFit.  She said you were at that other CrossFit gym for a few years and never had the definition in your arms like you have now. Six months of smart programming and great coaching has made a HUGE difference in my progress. You can hear me say that until I am blue in the face, but the proof shows.  Those arms are created by strength training and hard work. Now I need to get my eating under control once again and I will be hard to beat.

Happy Birthday to one of my all time favorite CrossFit Chicks ever: Christmas Abbott. If you haven’t checked out her website – – head over there. She is one of the nicest people you will ever meet — and a badass a the same time.

christmas abbott Christmas AbbotChristmas Abbott  - CrossFit

Kindness MattersBe Kind - Kindness Matters

Now, let’s talk about this stupid Duck Dynasty shit for a minute – I have never watched this show personally and have no idea who Phil Robertson is.  My friend Lisbeth Darsh posted this Facebook status yesterday,

So much anger in the FB stream, mostly centered on a backwoods fella who spoke ignorantly. Some folks attack, some folks defend.

I’d rather everybody turn their attention and energy to doing something good, to building something. Love. Family. Fitness. Community. We only have so much time here. 

And tell that old fella with the beard he can come to my house. We’d welcome him, just like he was Santa Claus. Hate? Ain’t nobody got time for that. Deadlifts? Yeah, we got time for that. Overhead squats too. 

Adding on to that thought – I think people are losing their internal filter and ability to relax and let stupid shit roll off our shoulders. Someone says something ignorant or stupid — it’s not the first time, nor the last. Don’t buy their shit, don’t watch their shows, don’t waste your valuable energy on that shit. Put your focus and energy towards positive things and above all else, be kind and understanding – some people really just don’t know any better.

For a Laugh

Chuck Norris wants to wish you a happy Christmas, Jean-Claude Van Damme style


Twelve Days of Christmas (sing the song to figure out the sequence of movements)

CrossFit: Twelve Days of Christmas

Christmas Abbott: Her Ink


christmas abbottI’ve been a big supporter of Christmas Abbott since we met a few years ago. She’s just this bundle of awesomeness wrapped in a strong but tiny package. She resonates kindness. I love watching her grow and make her mark in the world without losing her sparkle.

Not only did she set a new trail by becoming the first woman of a Nascar pit crew, she is now getting press for just being her. Yesterday, she was featured on AOL originals sharing her story and talking about her tattoos. She has 13 at last count. In the video, you get a sense of who she is and how she sparkles. She deserves all the success she is in for… and I will be cheering her on!

Christmas Abbott Nascar

CrossFit For Hope – National Mall 2013


pull upsI had so much fun this weekend at CrossFit for Hope. It was a great cause and was worth having work out in the blazing heat, mid-morning in the middle of the National Mall. I didn’t do like amazing well at the brutal workout, but that wasn’t what it was about for me. I just loved being in the mix of the CrossFit community, seeing old friends, doing something all together for a great cause and having fun the only way CrossFitters know how – through fitness!

There were some of the more well-know CrossFit athletes there including Christmas Abbott, Christy Phillips, Elisabeth Akinwale, and Greg Glassman -the founder of CrossFit himself!

Such a great event and I was happy to be there –but in all honesty I felt sluggish and chunky the entire time. Then I saw the pictures and OMG — I look a bit thicker around the middle that I would like and started getting really down. Yeah, Yeah – I look strong and have muscles but I am also all about honesty – and I need to re-focus my eating and start getting leaner again — not to mention I need to rid myself of some of the physical effects I am feeling as of late. Today is the day —

Want to see some more pics from the event? Visit my Facebook photo album: CrossFit for Hope 2013

And I can’t forget my friend Christmas Abbot giving me a headlock hug — She really is one of the nicest people you could ever meet – gorgeous, funny, nice, strong.


The workout was brutal
CrossFit for Hope
3 Rounds AMRAP

  • 1 minute Burpees
  • 1 minute Snatch
  • 1 minute Thrusters
  • 1 minute Box Jumps
  • 1 minute Chest to Bar/Pull ups
  • 1 minute Rest

Imagine its 90 degrees, out on the National Mall doing that workout. Yeah – it was brutal. When we were done, I walked around a bit, said my hellos/goodbyes, went out for lunch. Drove home – showered and I crashed for a few hours. I was wiped out but happy I was there for another year.

Sunday was a rest day –and today, was the start of testing week at HighBar CrossFit!

200m jog
4 sampson stretch
10 push ups
4 instep lunges
10 squats

strength – testing my progress
back squat
175 1×5
185 1×5

10 min AMRAP
5 DB Hang Squats
5 DB Lunges
25 Double Unders
5+ rounds

Greg Glassman



You all know now how much I love my friend Christmas Abbott who is now the first female to be a part of the Nascar Pitt Crew. CrossFit just created this feature video introducing her to the community again. It’s worth your time to watch it and get to know this amazing athlete and inspiration…

Christmas Abbott is the owner of CrossFit Invoke in North Carolina, a Level 1 Seminar Staff member and a NASCAR pit-crew member in training.

“My family’s always taught me to listen to my heart and listen to my intuition,” says Abbott, who grew up in Lynchburg, Va. “I really have lived a very unusual life.”

During college, she spent a summer in Iraq upon her mother’s suggestion. 

“I was never shying away from trying new things. With that, CrossFit’s really helped me develop that inner being and self-worth, ultimately, that allows me to try new things,” Abbott explains. “And not just try it, but … if it scares me, then I absolutely have to try it.”

Today she is training to become a NASCAR pit-crew member.

“I love changing tires. The adrenaline of running in front of a car and then having the car zip by you, 50 to 60 miles an hour behind you … ,” Abbott starts. And when she so much as hears the sound of the air gun, “It makes me want to go fast,” she says. “It’s like hearing ‘3, 2, 1 … go.’”

I’m still sore – from Diane on Friday and the 12 Days of Christmas yesterday. I am going to do some stretching today to loosen my muscles. I can’t believe Hanukkah and Christmas are mere weeks away. I gotta get moving on getting stuff ready – can i just forgot Christmas and fast forward to January? Please…

Christmas Abbott, CrossFit Athlete, Coach and NASCAR Trailblazer


Christmas Abbott goes after her dream

I make no secret that Iove Christmas Abbott – CrossFit athlete, coach, amazing person and now the first female Nascar pit crew member!  CrossFit helps women achieve great things – helping inspire women to embrace strength and mental grit is one of the best thing about CrossFit for me. Showing women and men to some extent that Yes they Can – redefine who they have always believed they were.

Christmas says Conquering the fears that scare you most is the most rewarding, once conquered — and I feel that way about getting PRs, learning new skills and I get to do that often and with hard work at my own hand. No one hands it to me or her or others who focus and commit to making meaningful changes in their life.

And as I have said before — Christmas stays true to herself. She has been successful at CrossFit and when I heard she was doing something with Nascar, I dropped her a note asking her what’s going on? She told me she was going after a dream of hers — and look where that journey has led her. Don’t let fear stand in your way.

Here are two other stories of people doing what they love –and getting recognized for it:

It’s meeting people like Christmas and reading stories about inspiring people and their feats that keeps me inspired, motivated and committed.  Look what redefining who I was four+ years ago has opened up for me —  I am blessed (and sappy).

It was a strength day for me — and I am learning to allow myself to let go of the fear of lifting heavy.

100 single jump ropes
10 Pass Thrus
5 push ups
10 whirly birds
5 push ups
10 Hand Stands

Front Squats


  • 10min of Double Under practice
  • 7×3 Front Squats with a 2 second hold at the bottom


That extra hold at the bottom of the squat really changes the lift and helps you become more aware of your form! It’s awesome, yet sucky at the same time!!

Christmas Abbott: My Girl Crush


Christmas Abbott

Christmas Abbott: Smoking Hot!

One of the coolest CF Athletes I have met so far has been Christmas Abbott. I met her first a few years ago at the Mid Atlantic Regionals and have kept up with her from time to time.  I Just like everything about her –shes super sweet, happy to help you out (and I have called on her more than once) and of course is Smokin’ Hot.

Look at these pics of her from Inked Magazine- Nov 2012. They totally bust the myth of CF Girls getting bulky. She is amazing, strong, and conditioned and — NOT BULKY! Rest my case –enjoy the pics.  I can honestly say that Christmas is my girl crush! I just like everything about her!

Yes, I did Meet Bob Harper


Its been such a great weekend – CrossFit for Hope was amazing. Our heat was at 2p along with the elite athletes – Christy Phillips, Ben Smith, Gretchen K. and my fave lady – Christmas Abbott. I love everything about her – her energy, spirit, and she kicks ass!!

Oh and did I mention that Bob Harper from Biggest Loser was there? I love that he has discovered CrossFit for himself. He was very kind and took the time to talk to anyone that came up to him. Oh and during my heat, I apparently did my pull ups right next to him and did not know. I was focused on getting my stuff done.

the workout was

Three rounds of: 
75 pound Power snatch 
Box jump, 24″ box 
75 pound Thruster 
Chest to bar Pull-ups

“Hope” has the same format as Fight Gone Bad. In this workout you move from each of five stations after a minute. This is a five-minute round from which a one-minute break is allowed before repeating. The clock does not reset or stop between exercises. On call of “rotate,” the athlete/s must move to next station immediately for good score. One point is given for each rep.

I managed to squeak out 137 reps. I am happy with that even if it wasn’t near a ‘good’ score. It was 90′, sun beating down and I did all but the pull ups RX’d. I did my best, asthma and all — You have to respect that. Elite athletes did upwards of 300 reps to give you an idea of the scale of scores. Christy Phillips coach Justin Ingram was kind enough to count my reps for me – and he was very kind. Pushed me enough but not overdone. Asthma is always lingering especially with my favorite burpee!

We hit up the happy hour afterwards but didn’t stay long – Bob Harper, Greg Glassman and his crew all showed up as well. The famous Nicole Carroll from CrossFit was also there — all the CF dudes just lose it with she’s around.  One of these days I will introduce myself to her. She did the WOD during the same heat as well.

It was such a great event and great to be around people who get it like you get it. I am sure the rest of the people around us thought we were nuts – someday they will get it too!

Today, I coached a full class of CrossFit Impavidus athletes and then came home, did the usual errand, mommy, family stuff — laundry, Costco, cleaning — and then we all went to the pool. What else do you do when its 90+’ outside?





















I am still recovering from my night of debauchery — but I started to feel better around 8p last night. The thing with going out when you are my age is the recovery — it takes you way too long to recover. I lost an entire day and there was no way that I could even attempt to resume ‘life’ the way i felt. I was nauseous and dizzy. Oh the joys of getting older. People ask why I don’t drink very often — that’s why. I hate feeling like that.

So instead of yesterday – I headed to CrossFit today for my very own self-inflicted workout and my pal Jason joined me. It was called the 12 days of Christmas and I will forever call it 12 days of Hell.

General Stretching

WOD: “12 Days of Christmas” for time.
1.100 m run
2. Thrusters
3. Inchworm pushups
4. Jumping squats
5. K2E
6. Box jumps
7. Burpees
8. Box dips
9. Lunges w/weight OH (25lbs)
10. Situps
11. Elbows to hand plank
12. Narrow pushup

time: 35.36

This workout is done like the song – so on the 1st day of Xmas you run, on the 2nd day you do thruster, then run, 3rd inchworm push up, thruster, run and so on….it’s living hell.

2011 CrossFit Games: Here’s to Some Amazing, Strong CrossFit Chicks I know!


A few of my friends will be at the CrossFit Games competing and I am so excited for them —

First up is my friend Lidia Beer. If you ever want to meet an inspiration — Meet this Kick ass woman. She gives meaning to being in shape. She’s definitely a great athlete, competitor, but an even better supporter and cheerleader of other woman giving it their all. I am so proud of her and she will do whatever it takes to complete her WOD. She’s been doing actual CrossFit since she moved to North Carolina at CrossFit Coastal.

Lidia is one of the amazing women I have met since I started my fitness journey. She is probably one of the most memorable as well. Super fun, super strong, super bossy — I love this lady. Finish Strong Lidia — 3,2,1…Go!


Next up is a  new friend — Christmas Abbot. I met her at the CrossFit Games Regionals and was struck by her strength and how nice she was. These people are world class athletes

 and for them to be so open and down to earth was a great surprise. And then she was at my CrossFit Certification course and I liked her even more. She just is a really bad ass woman –strong, in tip top shape, has tattoos and I think she would be fun to hang out with. She lives in North Carolina which is also where Lidia lives — Is there a secret club I don’t know about in NC?

Christmas is part of CrossFit Raleigh and they are competing in the team games. Their first workout is —

For time:
Move 15 sandbags (1,700 lbs.) 200 yards
There will be a 6-log obstacle at the 50-yard line and a 4-foot wall at the end. The sandbags must be moved from the start line, over the logs, and over the wall. Once all the sandbags are over the wall, they must be returned to their original position, passing over the wall and logs again.


Best of luck to all the athletes and teams but especially these 2 amazing, strong CrossFit Chicks!

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