There are quite a few things on my mind today –

Stephanie Hoaglund - CrossFit Yesterday, I posted this pic of me and my friend Kath who has joined our 6a group at Highbar CrossFit. My sister and I were talking and she asked me how long I have been at Highbar CrossFit.  She said you were at that other CrossFit gym for a few years and never had the definition in your arms like you have now. Six months of smart programming and great coaching has made a HUGE difference in my progress. You can hear me say that until I am blue in the face, but the proof shows.  Those arms are created by strength training and hard work. Now I need to get my eating under control once again and I will be hard to beat.

Happy Birthday to one of my all time favorite CrossFit Chicks ever: Christmas Abbott. If you haven’t checked out her website – – head over there. She is one of the nicest people you will ever meet — and a badass a the same time.

christmas abbott Christmas AbbotChristmas Abbott  - CrossFit

Kindness MattersBe Kind - Kindness Matters

Now, let’s talk about this stupid Duck Dynasty shit for a minute – I have never watched this show personally and have no idea who Phil Robertson is.  My friend Lisbeth Darsh posted this Facebook status yesterday,

So much anger in the FB stream, mostly centered on a backwoods fella who spoke ignorantly. Some folks attack, some folks defend.

I’d rather everybody turn their attention and energy to doing something good, to building something. Love. Family. Fitness. Community. We only have so much time here. 

And tell that old fella with the beard he can come to my house. We’d welcome him, just like he was Santa Claus. Hate? Ain’t nobody got time for that. Deadlifts? Yeah, we got time for that. Overhead squats too. 

Adding on to that thought – I think people are losing their internal filter and ability to relax and let stupid shit roll off our shoulders. Someone says something ignorant or stupid — it’s not the first time, nor the last. Don’t buy their shit, don’t watch their shows, don’t waste your valuable energy on that shit. Put your focus and energy towards positive things and above all else, be kind and understanding – some people really just don’t know any better.

For a Laugh

Chuck Norris wants to wish you a happy Christmas, Jean-Claude Van Damme style


Twelve Days of Christmas (sing the song to figure out the sequence of movements)

CrossFit: Twelve Days of Christmas