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Right Around The Corner

I had such a good morning of training with the guys at Highbar. It’s a new week as I mentioned, so we are working on different skills and today was the clean. And guess what? I actually identified something that is going to help me more »

Squat Cleans

The Little Things Today was a tough workout day for me.  First off, it was colder than a freezer this morning. Someone mentioned it was coldest morning of record the past two years. So I was very happy to hear that Coach Chris was not more »

Hang Cleans and a Run — A Great Start to Monday

It was tough getting back into the swing of things including getting up this morning. I really do believe not eating paleo has affected my sleeping. I have been waking up around 3a and tossing and turning for a bit before I fall back asleep. more »

Innov8s have arrived

My innov8’s came in on Weds but I skipped my workout on Thurs so I couldn’t try them out until today. I have a cold that started in my throat area, then went to my head and now is rattling in my chest as I more »

Michael Pollan’s “Food Rules”

7 Words & 7 Rules for Eating “Eat food, not too much, mostly plants.” Pollan says everything he’s learned about food and health can be summed up in seven words: “Eat food, not too much, mostly plants.” Probably the first two words are most important. more »