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I Had Cancer Community


Great new community I Had Cancer in the news. Having been a caregiver, I can tell you finding a community easily that gets what you are going through is really important. You have all these questions and no one place to find the answers in most cases. It’s nice to talk to others who have been there and can relate —

New social network deals with cancer through digital connections

By all accounts, dealing with cancer can be one of life’s most isolating experiences. Despite the fact that the American Cancer Society estimates that one-half of American men and one-third of American women will have cancer at some point in their lives, many find that the topic is still difficult to talk about.

So Mailet Lopez, a breast cancer survivor, decided that the time had come for the world’s first social networking site to connect those affected by cancer —

CrossFit and Community


We met Kelly again today at CrossFit. She is one of those mean ladies that are considered benchmarks. I woke up with a sore throat and tired and should have listened to my body more but I love the challenge of doing these benchmarks — so I went. It was tougher than I expected. I usually am absolutely fine pushing through to finish — but after round 2, my internal voice was like quit, leave, stop.  But I didn’t. It totally confirmed to me that tomorrow is a rest day.  Even I need to be reminded to not burn out.

Tonight my box, CrossFit Impavidus is hosting a Happy Hour at Jimmy’s in Herndon to benefit the Wounded Warrior.  I have said this before but this is really one of the things I love about CrossFit. Community is a very important part of it all — getting together, having fun and also helping others.  Doing stuff like that helps with your workouts at the box — the support and connections you make. I never got that with my Gold’s membership.

800m run
10 squats
10 Pass thrus
10 Whirly Birds
10 Handstands (try to touch your shoulder with one arm, shifting your weight)

Muscle Ups AGAIN!

5 rounds for time of:
Run 400 meters
30 box jump
30 Wall ball shots
time: 32:22

Community WOD


Here is a pic of me taken this morning with my new Life as Rx’d tank on my way to CrossFit. You know what I noticed after looking at this picture? I look leaner than I have ever looked–the only change I made was going to CrossFit full time. I was not the only one to notice today either — a few people mentioned that to me this morning too. I feel great. I believe it’s also the addition of gymnastics to my training — it really helps you lengthen and lean out. That’s my opinion…

Indian Run

burpee pull up

100m Run 25lb plate OH
10 burpee pull ups
15 sit ups
rest 20s
total: 4 rounds + 100m run.

Afterwards I worked on some mobility band work, my kipping pull ups, did some handstands and then one of the athletes, Sven, helped a few of us with the Pose method of running — it was super fun.

Components of A Successful Fitness Program


For best exercise, don’t be lonely or late

Activities done in groups and early in the day seems to show the best success rates.

This article is completely in line with my own experience. I work out early in the day with the same group of people — it creates a routine and a community – 2 important components of finding a successful fitness program.

Thinking about starting an exercise program to help lose weight? If you find some activity that allows you to regularly work out early in the day with the same group of people — and it’s something you like — then you’re well on your way.

Conversely, if you plan to exercise at the end of the day at home, alone, on some machine you bought from an infomercial, prepare to continue being fat.

Social context, self-control and positive reinforcement play critical roles in exercise adherence, and the data provide interesting insight that can be used to increase your likelihood of following through.

Live Webcast: Drive Customer Retention with Social Marketing


This is great exposure for me and the company I work for – K12, Inc and the out of the box thinking we did to create a successful community for our online school families using their software. Register and Attend if you can – Thursday, December 9, 2010!

Drive Customer Retention with Social Marketing.

Learn real-life online community strategies for proactively engaging customers, to boost satisfaction and loyalty.

Increase customer retention with social business:

The choice between business as usual, and social business, was clear for K12 Inc. K12, a leading online curriculum provider with thousands of teachers and tens of thousands of students, chose social business to proactively engage with customers to resolve issues, increase satisfaction, and drive loyalty through a connected, educated community. Rather than trying to rely solely on consumer social tools like Facebook, the company built a community to foster an engaged, loyal customer base and drive sustainable competitive advantage.

When you attend, you’ll hear the insights and best practices that K12 learned when implementing their social business strategy, such as:

  • Leveraging social marketing tools to drive customer retention
  • Engaging proactively with customers to boost satisfaction and gather feedback
  • Driving viral adoption, not just among students, but also a less socially-savvy demographic — their parents
  • Thursday, December 9, 2010
  • 10:00 AM Pacific / 1:00 PM Eastern
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