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Get It Done!


Love this: I have often heard discussed, that when it is time to go, you don’t remember your life in months or years, but instead you remember only moment’s, evens magical seconds, the snap shots and stills that have set the scenes of your life. So lovely people, who ride along side, make sure you are creating a movie worth watching, or a book that is not to be put down, with knee trembling highs, heart breaking lows and multiple stories that have you live as full and deep and wide as possible, in the time you are given…….the naked truth

Yesterday I of course did the Saturday CrossFit workout — it was hot and hard – just like most WODs.  But glad i got it done! Then we headed over the neighbors for a BBQ and ended with an evening movie with the kiddos. We saw BRAVE — a good movie with a great message and I loved her flow-y red hair. It was awesome!

Today, a bunch of athletes headed over to Reston Town Center for a special WOD to raise money to help Vets. No better reason to get together and workout! It’s also great to meet people I am friends with in the social media space and get the community together. It was really fun and I will of course have pics to share as soon as Scotty finishes prepping them.  The Workout was:

“We’ve Got Your Six”

One Round For Max Reps
90seconds work/30seconds Transition

  • 20m Farmers Carry Shuttle Runs, 150#/70#
  • Full Extension SlamBalls, 20#/15#
  • Hand-Release Burpees
  • Plate Ground-to-Overhead, 45#/25#
  • Row (calories)

“It’s only 9 minutes?”

It’s also my dear friend Conan’s Birthday! This guy is one of the nicest, kind hearted, just deep down great guys I have ever met!

Happy Birthday Conan B.!!

Kissin the Ground Workout


I am loving the WODs at CrossFit the past week or so — high intensity, fast paced, total all out effort.

10 Pass thrus
Sampson stretch
10 Whirly Birds
10 Bendy Whirly Birds
10 Push ups
20 Double Unders
10 OHS

Double Unders
toes to Bar

4 rounds for time of:
15 Toes-to-Bars
20 Double Unders (or 60 single unders)
100 m Run
time: 9:23

Coach Conan reviewed double unders with us but spent a bit of time going over proper technique for single unders. If you don’t have the foundation for that, then double unders will be that much tougher to get. For DUs, I am still doing the bend knee method (my own term there) which not only wears me out — but prevents me from stringing a bunch of them together. I was kinda relieved to go back to basics and work on my form with regular single jumping rope.

He was going around during the WOD reminding us to jump higher/kiss the ground with your heels when we were jumping rope. It’s very similar to the way you should approach running using the POSE method. See how it all ties together? It’s very sneaky that way!

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