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It’s All About Perspective


Let’s talk about perspective today. I had to stop myself this morning from some negative thoughts that were seeping into my head during my lifting and remind myself that I need to give myself a break and credit instead of giving myself a hard time. If you change the way you look at something, it can allow you to see it in a whole new positive light. Seems like common sense right?

Deadlifts were on the agenda this AM and I love them as most of you know. I love the feeling of picking up heavy shit and when you are done, you are out of breath. I just feel bad ass and strong. So I was doing 235# and struggling at the 4th series of 5 rep rounds.  I was getting upset at myself and thinking WTF — come on, lift this shit.  Frustrated that I was having a hard time. I stopped myself mid thought give me a break. Most people out there can’t lift 235# and that’s not even my PR.  How about giving a pat on the back and acknowledging the fact that I am strong and can lift a ton of weight.

That doesn’t mean I don’t want to get better, strive to get stronger but it;s important to at least acknowledge the achievements for what they are as well. It’s a personality trait – I want to do better, do the best I can do at anything.

I love that I have something like CrossFit in my life that allows me to challenge myself each and every time I walk into the door. Many of us lack that in our lives and it is really what ingnites and inspires us to be better than the day before.

CrossFit Workout Of the Day


400m run




  • 3-3-3 warmup reps
  • 5-5-5-5-5


Marriage: Growing Together


Marriage is Hard Work

This week my husband shared a story about a couple we know that are no longer together. It was quite a shock to hear the news that they are divorcing – they seemed very well suited for each other, had a couple of kids – just like me and many of you -they seemed on the surface to be just like any other normal suburbia couple, so what changed?

I read this story the other day before hearing the news of this couple: Did Single Friends Kill My Marriage? — and while the details of this couple’s story are a bit different it has the same feel — and reminded me of them and many other couples that I know that have split.

Wife starts to come into her own, starts working out, getting fit – taking more pride in her appearance and how she feels. Is successful in her career and starts to be around a younger set of people. Mid twenties – thirty year olds who have no kids, no spouse and like to go out on the scene. Wife has never really had that kind of experience before and now that she is getting more attention from guys because of her improving appearance – she starts to enjoy that scene.  And then for whatever reason she prefers it to her home life and starts to put her energy into that and away from her suburbia life –her husband and kids.

She feels that her husband isn’t the person she wants to be with anymore –and the stuff she liked about him in the first place is exactly the stuff that is wrong with him now.  Then she for whatever crazy reason in her head -decides to throw all shit to the wall and stops coming home, starts to lie to her husband, does not give her kids the attention she once did — decides to abandon her life and start fresh.   Leaves her family, starts shacking up with a co-worker that she apparently was shacking up with the entire time, gets fired from her job and now what?

WTF is that about?  We all make choices in our lives and people change. We are not the same people we were when we get married in our twenties. Lord knows I’m not at all like my younger self and I thank God about that every day.  I think it’s the reason that I have been hearing about quite a few couples splitting up around this age — they grow apart.  But there is no reason why you can’t grow together and still maintain a separate passion or hobby for something…

Reading that article – I can see how easily that can happen especially when one spouse discovers a passion or hobby for something that the other doesn’t necessarily share. We all know that marriage takes work and sometimes its super hard work. I don’t know one couple out there that would disagree with that — It’s constantly tested by huge life events and mundane ones, and add in kids, money, health — man – it’s probably one of the toughest relationships out there but – when it’s right, it’s right and there are huge benefits and amazing joys that come from it.

And as the article points out – your marriage should be your first priority and your spouse should come first. I like to use this saying, which I say as a joke but it’s underlined in truth: Life is too short and family too precious- and your husband could have cancer. The grass is not greener on the other side, trust me.

So today – was a strength day and my favorite lift: Dead Lift!

jump rope


Tabata Situp
total reps: 100

Get Informed and Involved to Help Stop Bullying


Do you use Pinterest? I have a Pinterest board full of good stuff –its a great way to bookmark things around the web you like or want to go back to. I love this idea of a virtual bulletin board — very creative and handy.

October is National Bullying Prevention Month

sponsored since 2006 by the National Bullying Prevention Center

This month is Bully Prevention Awareness month and as someone who was bullied when I was younger – I realize how important it is for parents to be the ones to put a stop to it. Here’s an interesting infographic about bullying. 1 in 4 kids are bullied each and every month in the US. How can kids learn and feel safe in school when they are feeling threatened and scared? Not to mention the hit their esteem takes after suffering through it. Things are very different now a days –in good and bad ways.  Social Media wasn’t around when I was growing up so the bullying had less forms to take but no matter the tactic, it hits hard and leaves scars for years if not forever.

I remember clearly how the parents of the kids that were bothering me wouldn’t own up to their kids’ behavior and wanted to just play the blame game. No one is perfect and looking back, I think each parent needed to focus on their own kids and their behavior. As a parent now, the minute I find out about one of my kids misbehaving, it gets addressed.  We talk about right and wrong — and how feelings come into play and what we as their parents think is acceptable and what we don’t. It is never ok to hurt someone intentionally — never, ever and I do not accept that behavior from my kids. You have to lead by example and be clear about expectations. My kids will never be those kids — visit the sites below to get informed and involved.

Today’s workout was a strength bias. And Dead Lifts were on the menu. I love Deadlifts! 


  • 300 single jump ropes
  • 50 DUs
  • 10 Handstand holds
  • DROM




  • 5,5,5,5,5 Dead Lift


  • 2m max push ups 42



Folks, my hips are still sore from all those adjustments Sven made — It’s good because i know it has helped open my hips. And take a look at this warmup — hard to believe this was the warmup only!!

2 rounds
10x box jumps
10x OHS 45# bar
10x Good AMs #45
10x Pass thrus
10x Hand Release Push Ups


15 Deadlifts 95#/135# for guys
15 Push Ups
total: 9

I love strength WODs like this even though it kicks my ass on a regular basis. I tell people it’s what my body was designed for — I have broad shoulders and butterfly wings aka Lats –and that’s what they are for — Deadliftin’ and Push ups.

Go Heavy, or go Home


wearing my strong=sexy shirt from Life as Rx'd

I feel better – finally and just have small remnants of my cold. It’s hard to believe summer is here already. Time goes by so fast. Seeing my niece this weekend really brought that home. Scotty’s illness really brought home to me how important family is. There are no other people in the world who get you as much as your family — it’s a combo of environment and genetics. I didn’t grow up with all 5 of my brothers and sisters — we were split between our mom and dad due to many complicated reasons, so I didn’t really get to know my older brothers and sisters. When we get together it’s really cool to me to see how we share some of the same mannerisms and personality traits. No one else in the world will be closer to you than your siblings. That’s one of the things I tell both my kids when they say they don’t like each other — no one else in the entire world share what they do. I am probably over sensitive about it because of how I was brought up.

This pic on the left is of my mom, my daughter, Hannah, and my niece Amelia this past weekend in New Jersey.  I just love that my Mom was able to spend time with both of her granddaughters this weekend. Next time, I will bring the boy too — make it a grand kid extravaganza! What could be better than that??!!

Ok, enough about that mushy stuff – now it’s on to the strong chick stuff — So, today was yet another heavy lift day. You know how I said I like these days and I know how important they are? I realize I need to clarify that after today’s workout. I do like lifting days, but I don’t like the super heavy lifting days. There is some element of it where it becomes really not fun when it is just super heavy. I felt the mood difference immediately. I am sure it’s because I can’t use my strong upper body and have to rely on technique and coordination — 2 things that challenge me daily.

20 DUs
10 Pass Thrus
10 Sit ups
10 Good Mornings
10 OHS
10 Mountain climbers
10 Hand stands (Yay! Thanks Jerry)


Deadlift – GO HEAVY!
110 lbs, 165 lbs, 205 lbs, 205 lbs, and 215 lbs | Rx’d
Oh and that was a PR for me. I had done 205lb previously – but once Coach Jerry got a hold of me and switched up my form — I could not lift that thing if my life depended on it. So, while I did lift it and that counts — I do have to work on form because you could seriously mess up your back.



Oh deadlifts! It’s a love/hate relationship with them. They are Tough but you feel so satisfied afterward! Or at least I do —

I also kept doing straight leg DLs instead of a straight up DL — so Coach Jerry would stop me and help me reconfigure — it’s amazing how hard it is to retrain for form.  I am such a thinker when it comes to doing certain exercises that really focus on technique, so I stop – think, readjust, resume — and that could go on for a while until it ‘feels’ right.

sampson stretch
10 Pass Thrus
10 OH Squats
10 sit ups
10 Pull ups
10 Ring Dips
10 Good Mornings


total weight: 814lbs

To do this WOD, you have 2 bars & one has a whole lotta weight on it — do one rep. Then you drop down to a certain % to do a set of 10, then you go back to the whole lotta weight which you can even add more if it wasn’t enough, do 1 — then go back and do 20 reps, so on —and add up total weight at the end.

Dead Liftin’ workout


EIO, Michael and 'The Judge'

So as tired as I was from going out last night – and as hard as my little internal monster voice tried to talk me out of going to group training this morning – I went. My ‘other’ voice said “it’s only one hour – you don’t have to work today – you can take a nap and boot camp is off all next week — so get your butt up, dress warmly and head out the door”. I know by now that once I am in that car and then warmed up – I will get thru the workout and feel so much better overall.  Although now that I am home – I am pretty sore so the feel better overall can be debated…

We did some shoulder work this morning including doing some max rep work. My shoulders have said Enough already! And part of the ending workout included yet again running outside — it’s sub 30′ outside. No workout should include that during the winter in Northern Virginia. It’s just not right.  And I am not complaining but a girl with asthma should not be running outside so much in the winter — my lungs and throat are on fire from yesterday’s half mile run with that cold wind so today’s run was not a welcome sight.

Michael, my trainer did something amazing today. He dead lifted 405lbs! We were talking about dead lifts and how my back was hurting from Thursday’s workout which had us doing 135lb DLs. He said you haven’t done a DLuntil you do over 200lbs – which some of the amazing ladies have done! So at the end of training today, he set it up and did 405lbs! Pretty frickin amazing — Great Job Mikey!

So I am back from group training, sore as all heck – wishing I could crawl back into bed – which I may do later today — Here’s to a great Christmas Eve — and an even better Christmas to all those that celebrate!

Deadlifts in today’s workout


Last week I mentioned how I was buckling down and really re-focus on what I am eating. I lost 2lbs this past week — which was welcome news. I have been having a 150 calorie ice cream treat every night and I decided to cut that out 5x a week to see if it could move the needle — and I think that combined with me taking that 4 day break so that my body could recovery and is not as fatigued has really helped. Mikey – the trainer- said “Steph is Back!” and I actually agree with him. I am feeling excited again to get up and go even though its 5a. I’m crazy I know , but crazy likes company — or is that misery.. oh well either way!

Today marks the start of the 3 days of deadlifts – today was the Sandbag dead lifts, tomorrow – Roman Dead lifts, and Thurs — just Deadlifts. The most important thing to remember when doing deadlifts is to not curve your back – keep your lumbar curve. Your back will thank you and you will avoid possible injuries.  Here is a good demo of how to do a barbell dead lift – If you are going to try this, make sure to learn proper technique!

side shuffles
jump skips

core x2
Partner dynamax ball 16lb ball twists
Side toss
25 high five push-ups to partner on each side (alternating)

800,400,200,100m run
SDHP 65lb
25lb db split jerks (each side)
woodchucks (20)
Sandbag dead lifts (45lb) x2

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