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You Are Not Alone


“We read to know we’re not alone.” ― William Nicholson, Shadowlands


This quote, by William Nicholson, in the movie Shadowlands, is one of my all time favorites and I turn to it for perspective often.  Shadowlands, a 1993 movie based on the life and love of C.S. Lewis’s life, is a film I have watched dozens of times throughout the years and each time, it hits me deep. When the young man in the film tells  CS Lewis why he reads so much –we read to know we’re not alone, it said volumes.

cs-lewisIt’s a simple but true thought for just about everyone. The need to know we aren’t alone. There is no discounting the importance and power in knowing that there is someone else out there, in this vast world, who thinks, feels, or has experienced what we are going through.  It has the power to offer comfort, give us strength, calm our anxiety, and motivate and inspire us to change. Sometimes, it’s the one thing that pulls us through a rough time.

Sharing our mistakes, flaws, wounds is hard no matter who you are. The bravery required to open up, be honest,  and show your vulnerabilities is one of the hardest things for any of us to. Imagine then putting pen to paper and sharing these experiences beyond your closest trusted circle.  It’s not a small thing…

The ability to let down our defenses and share what really happens behind the social media filters is important. No one lives a trouble free life.  We all have hardships and successes. We all have flaws and things we love about ourselves. Life is about learning to live your best life in the peaks AND in the valleys and inviting people who make you smile, lift you up, and push you to be better along for the ride.

I am sharing these two stories below as examples of not being alone in our struggle. I know they have helped a few people already. Thank you Naomi and VP Joe Biden for being brave enough to share.

The Real Face of Depression

“The Real Face of Depression” to bring awareness to the world that depressed people aren’t just those in the corner crying and pulling their hair out like you see in most depictions, although sometimes we may feel that way. Depressed people are everyday people – they are your co-worker, they are your friend, your neighbor, and in my case, a fitness coach. We look happy on the outside, we have big smiles in our pictures that come up on Facebook, we are the new moms smiling and playing with precious little babies, we are top CrossFit athletes at The Games…”

Family losses frame Vice President Biden’s career

“The most successful and happiest people I’ve known understand that a good life, at its core, is about being personal. It’s about being engaged. It’s about being there for a friend or a colleague when they’re injured or in an accident,”  Biden told the Yale crowd, adding: “It all seems to get down to being personal. That’s the stuff that fosters relationships. It’s the only way to breed trust.” 

Depression: Who Are You To Judge?


As I spent time yesterday reading about Robin Williams, it became clear how judgmental some people insist on being.  Who are we to judge someone else’s actions? We were not in his shoes at that moment or the ones that led up to it. All I can imagine is the immense pain he must have felt to actually want to die. One blogger wrote about how selfish he was by taking his own life. Another wrote about how it was a choice he decided to make. I am not a doctor nor super educated in depression – I have felt very low during periods of my life and can attest to the fact that you aren’t necessarily capable of making rational, clear decisions. The decisions you make are filtered by what you are feeling and thinking every second of every day, so if you are depressed or happy – it influences your actions.

Judgmental People


The actions you take while you are in the throws of Mr D. seem rational at the time. They seem like the only logical choice to make that will help you feel better and stop the pain.  Regardless, we have no room to judge what Robin Williams decided to do. Is it something you would do?  I hope not. Do I wish he had not done it? Absolutely. I feel sad but realize that I can not comment on someone else’s journey and no one else should feel as if they are entitled to either.  We really need to take a look at our society as a whole and find ways to be kinder and act with more compassion. We are all here for a short time…

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Depression: An Inner Struggle


I still have Robin Williams on my mind. Reports say that he had been getting treatment for his depression but that it was too far gone to do any good. I’m not sure I am willing to believe that help at any point is not helpful. The entire situation is tragic and hurts. We hurt because he was a part of our lives. His movies mean something to us. He touched many of us deeply and many of us can relate to his mental health struggle. Russell Brand wrote a very poignant piece about Robin Williams and his struggle.

When someone gets to 63 I imagined, hoped, I suppose, that maturity would grant an immunity to adolescent notions of suicide but today I read that suicide isn’t exclusively a young man’s game.

Robin Williams was not a young kid – dealing with the struggles that sometimes hurt so badly that teens don’t know how to deal – he was what we would call a success! He had kids, a wife, money, career success. The stories about how kind and thoughtful he was continue to pour in… It really is true that no one knows what inner struggles another person faces day in and out. If we all remember that and approach our daily lives with kindness and patience – we all benefit.

Stats about Depression

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Western diet associated with depression


Western diet associated with depression : Winston Chung : City Brights.

My brother sent me this yesterday from San Fran — and although the paper only suggests that a ‘western diet’ may contribute to some people’s bout with depression — I am going to to say that I definitely think it does. So much has been studied about the effects of wheat and modern agriculture on us humans  that it’s hard to deny. You also feel like crap when you eat it — and if that’s the main staple of what you eat — how can you not be depressed. Mind/Body connection is something no one can deny —

A 2010 paper suggested that a ‘western diet’, composed mostly of meats, pizza, chips, hamburgers, white bread, sugar, flavored milk drinks and beer, was correlated with higher odds of depressive disorders in women. Conversely, a ‘traditional diet’, which was mainly fruit, vegetables, fish, meat and whole grains, was associated with lower odds of depression or anxiety disorders.Just as donuts and burgers are American, walnuts and fish aren’t a common stateside staple. The latter are where you might find omega-3 fatty acids, and supplementation with these ‘good’, polyunsaturated fats proved superior to placebo in reducing depressive symptoms in a randomized, controlled trial of over 400 subjects. A study published last month found an association between omega-3 deficiency and depressive and anxious behaviors in mice.

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