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Dr. Joseph Mercola: America’s Deadliest Sweetener Betrays Millions, Then Hoodwinks You With Name Change


Dr. Joseph Mercola: America’s Deadliest Sweetener Betrays Millions, Then Hoodwinks You With Name Change.

Aspartame is the most controversial food additive in history, and its approval for use in food was the most contested in FDA history. In the end, the artificial sweetener was approved, not on scientific grounds, but rather because of strong political and financial pressure. After all, aspartame was previously listed by the Pentagon as a biochemical warfare agent!

It’s hard to believe such a chemical would be allowed into the food supply, but it was, and it has been wreaking silent havoc with people’s health for the past 30 years.

Hello! My name is Steffy and I used to be a Diet Cokaholic


Early Consumption Of Soda Indicator Of Unhealthy Diet.

I drank soda. I more than drank soda – I lived and breathed soda all throughout my teens and twenties. It was only a year or so ago that i gave it up for good.  I also didn’t drink milk very much. My family was never a milk family – we just don’t have a taste for it. My kids now don’t have a taste for it either. They eat a lot of other things though that give them what they need. Not being a milk family would have generally been ok when I was growing up if  we ate other things to compensate for the calcium deficit. We didn’t. I ate a ton of crap. I was a chubby kid who had low self esteem and I ate crap and drank diet coke. There was a time in my late teens/early twenties, that I would go through a full 6 pack of diet coke a day. Hello I am a diet cokaholic and my name is Stephanie.

Now that I am “on the wagon”, I do think about what all that Diet Coke has really done to my general health long term. What exactly does phenylalanine do to your system when you consume mass quantities of it?  I don’t have a taste for it anymore but it sure will be “interesting” to see what the long term effects are going to be….

The ten-year study showed that girls who drank soda at age five had diets that were less likely to meet nutritional standards for the duration of the study, which ended at age 15. Girls who did not drink soda at age five did not meet certain nutritional requirements, but their diets were healthier.

The difference between the two groups in nutrient intake is “not just because of what they are consuming, but because of what they are not consuming,” said Laura Fiorito, postdoctoral fellow in Penn State's Center for Child Obesity Research.

Milk intake differed greatly between the two groups — soda drinkers drank far less milk than non-soda drinkers — and milk has all of the nutrients that differed between the groups except fiber. At age five, non-soda drinkers consumed 10 to 11 ounces of milk daily, while soda drinkers had less than seven ounces.

“Adequate nutrient intake is important for optimal health and growth,” the researchers reported in a recent issue of the Journal of the American Dietetic Association.

Soda is bad for you.


Nutrition Lab: Milk, soft drinks and bone strength –

It does seem to be true that soda drinkers have worse diets overall. In a study published this month in the Journal of the American Dietetic Assn., for example, among 170 girls followed from age 5 to 15, those who drank soda at age 5 were less likely to drink milk throughout childhood than 5-year-olds who did not drink soda. And they were more likely to consume diets lacking in calcium, fiber, vitamin D, protein, magnesium, phosphorus and potassium.

I gave up soda well over a year ago. It started when I realized that I had not gone even one day without a Diet Coke since I was in my teens. I thought to myself – what the heck is that doing to my insides and wouldn’t it be amazing to challenge myself and see if I could go for a week without any Diet Coke. A week ran into another week, then another, then it was a month and so on — I realized I had some soda in a mixed drink for my birthday and for a moment, I felt bad about it. It wasn’t diet coke, it was 7up. My perfect record had been broken. Eh, it happens.

I don’t miss it. I also think it was the start of me losing the majority of my weight. I could never figure out why I was holding on to weight in my mid section when I was eating pretty darn well.  A few months after I gave up soda, I started seeing changes. Coincidence? I think not.

Try it – even for a day or so and see how long you can go without it!

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