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I am sore — Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS)


I’m taking a few extra rest days this week — I seem to be more sore than usual and it’s causing me to start regretting getting up every morning. My head is not in the game.  I am forcing myself to let my body heal by resting and doing some extra mobility work. I have been reading about DOMS and how to handle it — In the CrossFit journal:

Muscle Damage and Soreness: An Overview
You probably don’t need me to explain that the major reason why DOMS is a recurring theme in CrossFit is the emphasis on constantly varied movement patterns. A specialized athlete will typically use similar muscle groups day in and day out. Thus, the specific muscles concerned will adapt and become quite resistant to muscle damage and DOMS. The CrossFit athlete is using a far greater diversity of muscle groups with constantly differing movement patterns. The result is that we will regularly be hitting muscles with unaccustomed exercises. Voila! DOMS is inevitable in this scenario. 
Should you train if your muscles are sore? There are many fitness experts who would tell you a flat “no.” Well, the real answer is: it depends. You are the owner of your body and you need to make that call for yourself. Mild to moderate DOMS is unlikely to be a problem. However, if you have severe soreness in a particular muscle group I would suggest that you provide that body part with some relative rest. An example: if you have severe soreness in your legs from squatting during Cindy, then you would be prudent to avoid attacking a workout with heavy back squats the next day (a very similar movement pattern). I see less of a problem if you run on those sore legs, as the movement is quite different from what caused the damage. Just be aware that your run performance will probably suffer in comparison to running on fresh legs.
Note that chronic muscle soreness that seems to linger for longer than usual may be a sign of over-training, or der-recovery, whichever way you choose to look at it. If you are feeling unusually unenthusiastic about your training, and you are noticing chronic muscle soreness, you would be well advised to listen to your body and take appropriate rest until your body and mind are back in the game.


Fitting in Exercise


Sometimes  I think when I let myself actually rest -things catch up with me. Since Scott is away and I can’t go to boot camp — I have been sleeping in and hanging with the kids since I am on vacation. But it seems like I am more tired and man this soreness is worse than usual. I must have really pushed myself hard on Monday because I seriously am in pain! It hurts when I bend down to pick something up, when I go to lift something and just when I move my legs. I did some serious squats and power clean presses I guess! Who knew??!! I think that so often I operate at full speed handling my life that when I finally slow down — it all catches up with me so makes me wonder if it’s worth slowing down at all.
I want to get out today and do something in the realm of exercise so Nate and I are headed to the school where we will run on the track there. He wants to race me because he says he’s way faster than I am. He told me we both need a practice round so we can evaluate how fast we are — The running will hopefully loosen up my sore muscles.  Just because my routine is changed, doesn’t mean it’s a free pass to goof off when it comes to being active and fit! You just need to get creative with what you can do!

Monday – I took a later boot camp, hired the babysitter for 1.5 hours and had my workout

Tuesday – I went to my basement and did the elliptical although not for as long as I would have liked because I was so sore

Wednesday – heading to the local school to run around the track with the kids

All of what I posted above are things we all can do to fit in exercise – when our routine changes! While not boot camp intensity, it still gets the job done!

Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness


I’m like a broken record — I am S O R E from yesterday’s workout. So sore that today, I cut short my bargain basement elliptical workout this morning bc I was just too fatigued and sore. It’s great that I have been doing this boot camp program for over 2 years and can still get super sore — that’s what I love about it. Your muscles never get used to just doing one thing and you end up being sore on a regular basis. That’s good right??

So what I am feeling now is called Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness or DOMS for short. Sounds serious doesn’t it? To me it tells me that I worked hard and am building muscle! A lot of people stop working out when they feel it — and although I may not go full on at 100% while my muscles recover/heal but I don’t just stop — sometimes it actually makes me feel better to exercise while sore.. but that’s just me.

DOMS is a familiar experience for athletes at every level and can be described as muscles soreness that occurs 24 – 48 hours following intense exercise. The sensation can range from mild discomfort to debilitating pain.

Delayed onset muscle soreness differs from the acute muscle soreness that can be felt during or immediately following a heavy exercise bout. This is usually attributable to an increase in hydrogen ions associated with lactic acid accumulation or edema that build up of fluid in the tissues often referred to by bodybuilders as being pumped-up.

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