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When Life is Stressful: EXERCISE

I headed to CrossFit last night to coach the CF Kids classes we offer. We have classes for the younger set of kids and the tween/teens. I love working with kids of all ages,but I really love working with the teens.  They are really into more »

Stringing It Along

I had a good workout today and had a breakthrough that has me all pumped up. I actually strung 3-4 Double Unders together without doing a jump together and boy let me tell you – it makes the workout round so much faster! I am more »

CrossFit: I Think I Can

Waking up this morning to realize that today’s workout looks a lot like the one Kim and I created yesterday — and from the pic taken, we were destroyed by. Coach Conan asked what we were thinking when the pic was taken — Kim was more »

Double Unders & Sit Ups – Yeah, that’s the WOD

By 1p yesterday, I was wiped out. The Fran workout yesterday may be a quick one – but it takes you down. There have been a few WODs recently that totally wiped me out and by mid day, all i wanted to do was crawl more »

Double Unders — Making some progress!

I love those days when you just aren’t feeling your best and contemplated not going to your workout but you do and you have end up having a breakthrough!  They come when you least expect it! Warmup lap around both bldgs 2x 21 push ups more »

Double Unders seem so easy!

Thought I would share a video about Double Unders, which is another step up from just jumping rope, that one of the trainers, Nate at Crossfit Impavidus shared with us:

Double Unders and Plyo Box Jumps

I headed to a special essentials class at Plumbline Training today to help improve and/or learn how to do Double Unders and Plyo box jumps. I recently improved greatly with the plyo box jumps — you jump on and off the plyo box in quick more »