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Dr. Oz says Gluten creates a Civil War in your Body


A Civil War in your Body —-

Love that Dr. Oz is talking about Celiacs and Gluten Intolerance

Dr. Oz recently went of Fox News to discuss the gluten free diet.  This is a major step toward a wider recognition of gluten sensitivity, celiac disease, hypothyroidism, and other gluten related conditions.  His viewership is in the millions.  Most doctors ignore the relationship between diet and disease.  Fortunately, Dr. Oz has a large sphere of influence.  Hopefully his and other prominent doctors recognition of this widespread problem will alert many physicians and get them to start looking more into gluten intolerance.  

Dr. Oz: You Could Have Gluten Intolerance or Celiac Disease:

Gary Taubes on Dr Oz or shall I Say in Oz?


via The Dose of Intervention and the Land of Dr. Oz | Gary Taubes | Gary Taubes.

Gary wrote Why We Get Fat and Good Calories, Bad Calories and makes a whole lotta sense! Going on Dr Oz’s show is big for this type of thinking and approach to nutrition so although it may have been more parts entertainment — it will stir a few people out there to seek out more information on eating the healthy way..

Today marks my appearance on the Dr. Oz Show, which was, let’s just say, an interesting experience and leave it at that. It was the show, though, that (finally) prompted me to address an issue I’ve wanted to address for quite some time.

The Dr. Oz Show is one part health advice and discussion and quite a few parts entertainment, as Oz’s producers kept telling me in the days before we taped the episode. To make for what they consider good television they played me up as the second coming of Atkins – a persona that my wife likes to refer to as “meat boy” — while Oz got to play the role of the harvest king, extolling the healing virtues of fruits, vegetables and whole grains. This made it more difficult than I would have liked to get across the important messages from my books, but television is television and I certainly knew what they had in store for me.

My message and the message of Why We Get Fat was not that we should all be eating nothing but animal products – and certainly not the unappetizing meat and eggs that Oz’s crew prepared as props — but that carbohydrate-rich foods are inherently fattening, some more so than others, and that those of us predisposed to put on fat do so because of the carbs in the diet. That’s why I called the book Why We Get Fat rather than some variation on The Miracle 24-Hour (or 14-Day or Three Week or Three month) Diet Cure, which is more the norm for lay books in the nutrition genre.


Dessert for lunch?!!


Dr. Oz’s 16 Tips for Summer Weight Loss

there is a ton of good info in this article but I liked this part. I may move my nightly dessert to a mid day snack.

Eat dessert in the afternoon.
“The one thing I’m adamant about is not having dessert after dinner,” said Dr. Oz. “You can have sweets, like chocolate, but I don’t want people having dessert after dinner.” Why the hard line? Because following a big meal with a sugary-dessert, he explains, produces a surge of insulin which in turn socks away all the calories you ate at dinner as fat. “Dessert is metabolic suicide,” he said. That said, Dr. Oz recommends — indeed urges you — to eat chocolate every day! “Of all the sweet snacks, chocolate is the healthiest because it’s not loaded with trans fats,” he said. In fact, a recent study just reported that chocolate-eaters have nearly half the risk of heart disease as non-chocolate eaters. Here’s how to make chocolate work for you: Choose dark, rather than milk chocolate or white chocolate. The dark chocolate has many of those indirectly-helpful-for-slimming antioxidants we mentioned earlier. Eat a small amount (say, a quarter of a regular-size candy bar) as your afternoon snack. “Since you’re not eating other food with it,” said Dr. Oz, “you won’t deposit those calories as fat.”

Developing a healthy relationship with food


One of the things I have been thinking about since watching this video from Dr Oz with Carnie Wilson is how Dr Oz gave the advice that you need to be more in touch with the food you eat –  meaning you should make most of the food you consume.  Knowing what is in the food you eat, and how it is made can help you develop a healthy relationship with it. I never really thought about it like that and it really does make sense.

I have read a ton of info about how nutritional guides provided by restaurants aren’t necessarily the most accurate and pre-made meals at grocery stores – well I find those labels hard to understand.  I know when I cook at home, I try to add more vegetables in for my family and buy better quality products and ingredients. I add baby spinach and fresh mushrooms to spaghetti sauce, fresh broccoli to pasta dishes, you name it.  My kids hardly notice – if I chop it up fine enough that is!

I am going to really make a point to cook more at home not only because eating out often is financially rough on my monthly bottom line, but also because of all the many ways it can help me live a more healthy and fit life.  So, on that note,  it was kinda funny timing that I was invited to a Pampered Chef party in January which led me to host one at my house.

Last night, I held a Pampered Chef party for a few of my friends.  They have some really good updated stuff and if you have the right consultant, they can really show you some time saving techniques in preparing meals. I asked my consultant, Stephanie, to prepare a lighter fare dinner and within 30 mins she had prepared a really delicious meal that can be adapted to be super healthy.  She made a Grilled Chicken Penne Pasta Al Fresco which had fresh basil and a Spinach Salad with Candied Pepper Bacon.  It was seriously delicious and easy to make.  Having this party also got me excited about creating meals again!  If you want to order something or look at a virtual catalog,  email me: and I am happy to pass along the info.

One of my dear friends, Connie (or Miss Connie as I call her) came last night and as a present to me she made the most amazing cake. My daughter Hannah always says to me “Mommy, you are rich in purses and shoes” and I would love a Louis Vuitton purse,  but I just can not bring myself to spend that much money on one, so in keeping with that theme – Miss Connie made me my very own Louis Vuitton purse… in CHOCOLATE!! Yes folks, that purse you see is edible and the cake was ridiculously delicious. People asked if they could take home slices, that’s how good it was. How great is Miss Connie?!! It’s my own version of luxury.

Connie can do all sorts of custom cakes and she does it as a hobby. She is a corporate professional by day.  I created a flickr set to showcase a sample of the cakes she has done – Miss Connie’s Cakes.  She’s one of many amazing women I have met through my boot camp.

If you are ever in the market for a custom cake, let me know and I can send you her info.

Denial on display


Watch Part 1, 2 and 3 of Carnie Wilson on the Dr Oz show. She really is the “queen of all excuses”. She knows it and it’s is so evident when she is talking. She wants you to believe that She’s so busy. She has no help. She doesn’t like the tone of the person trying to help her. Weight loss and changing your life ain’t easy and no one is going to treat you with kid gloves anymore, Carnie. Grow up. You have the best doctor’s in the world trying to help you and you are fighting every step of the way. We are all busy, we all have other things to do. She is pre diabetic and is still finding excuses. Go out for a damn walk – no one is asking you to move mountains…

I appreciate that Dr Oz is calling her on it. It’s not a game and he knows it. She is after all “killing” herself slowly.

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