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Stringing It Along


I had a good workout today and had a breakthrough that has me all pumped up. I actually strung 3-4 Double Unders together without doing a jump together and boy let me tell you – it makes the workout round so much faster! I am so excited to practice more to see if I can really get this under control. It has been way too long working on double unders for me NOT to have them.

10 Pass Thrus
5 Squats
10 OHS

10m double under practice

20 Double Unders
10 box jumps

total: 10+11 with DUs strung together!!

Double Unders — Making some progress!


I'm so lucky to get to see this every morning...brings me so much joy.

I love those days when you just aren’t feeling your best and contemplated not going to your workout but you do and you have end up having a breakthrough! ¬†They come when you least expect it!

lap around both bldgs
21 push ups
15 pull ups

Handstand forward roll

50 Double Unders
75 Squats
18:26 R’xd

I am determined to not scale when DU’s show up on the board. I mentally just have to forget that I will come in DFL and realize that it’s because I am getting better. So the breakthrough? I was able to string 6+ DUs together! That is the most I have gotten EVER and boy I was winded. But the feeling of satisfaction I got from knowing that I was indeed improving was just the success I needed today.

I started regularly with CrossFit Impavidus at the beginning of February and the progress I have made in the almost 4 months since then is really amazing. DUs, Kipping Pull Ups, Hand Stands, CartWheels, Knees to Elbows, Deadlilfts… Goes to show you that sometimes we all need to shake things up, make some changes even when you have fears and doubts about it.

A few observations — I was really tired after Round 1 and that’s when the DU’s started to string together. I think because I was so tired – I let go, relaxed a bit — and there you go. It’s something about not being able to be in control. I am going to try this theory out with pull ups too. I get so tired that I even thinking about what to do is challenging and that’s when they technique takes over — muscle memory kicks in.

Yesterday, at work – our HR department hosted a catered breakfast for us all. I took the fruit, eggs, bacon — all paleo. They did have home made biscuits so I made an exception and had one– I love this restaurant’s biscuits. I didn’t get sick or anything but what I noticed was that last night, I was restless and woke up a few times and then during the warmup this morning — I didn’t have as much energy to push through the pull ups like I normally do. I have no proof that it’s because of the wheat/gluten I had yesterday, but it had me wondering — what do you think?

Double Unders are no longer Elusive


Great workout at Crossfit Impavidus this morning.¬† Saturday mornings at 10a the team offers free WODs so people can come and check it out. They had another great turnout and it was a really fun WOD. We were broken in teams of 4 and worked as a group and counted reps. We named our teams and the team with the highest # of reps at the end — was the winner.

General Stretching
10 dive bombing
10 Speed Skaters
10 PVC pipe Thrusters
10 PVC pipe SDHP


45lb SDHP
10 burpees
35lb Thrusters
Butterfly crunches w/ Ab Mat

Afterwards, I stayed to practice my DUs (double unders). A great guy named Jerimiah was doing them too and took the time to work with me and in about 5 mins — I was doing them too! Not super fast, but consistently which is what matters. He had watched me and we realized that something that may help me is to do it to a rhythm. So when I hear the rope him the ground, it’s time to make the DU move. I also found out my rope was too short — so — I did them quite a few times over and over again. I was so happy! Success!!! This has been one of those moves that has eluded me for so long, so to finally get it — the feeling was nothing short of JOY!

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