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Try Mindful Eating!


It’s a rest day thank goodness. Been a long week at home and I am wiped out. Here’s an interesting article about mindful eating –something most of us need practice with. Try it sometime!

Mindful Eating as Food for Thought

For many people, eating fast means eating more. Mindful eating is meant to nudge us beyond what we’re craving so that we wake up to why we’re craving it and what factors might be stoking the habit of belly-stuffing.

“As we practice this regularly, we become aware that we don’t need to eat as much,” said Phap Khoi, 43, a robed monk who has been stationed at Blue Cliff since it opened in 2007. “Whereas when people just gulp down food, they can eat a lot and not feel full.”

It’s this byproduct of mindful eating — its potential as a psychological barrier to overeating — that has generated excitement among nutritionists like Dr. Cheung.

What you eat is as important as how much you eat


The Billionaire Who Is Planning His 125th Birthday

There is much to learn from this man. What you eat is as important as how much you eat — and can help ward off disease and illness.

One morning in early January, David Murdock awoke to an unsettling sensation. At first he didn’t recognize it and then he couldn’t believe it, because for years — decades, really — he maintained what was, in his immodest estimation, perfect health. But now there was this undeniable imperfection, a scratchiness and swollenness familiar only from the distant past. Incredibly, infuriatingly, he had a sore throat.

“I never have anything go wrong,” he said later. “Never have a backache. Never have a headache. Never have anything else.” This would make him a lucky man no matter his age. Because he is 87, it makes him an unusually robust specimen, which is what he must be if he is to defy the odds (and maybe even the gods) and live as long as he intends to. He wants to reach 125, and sees no reason he can’t, provided that he continues eating the way he has for the last quarter century: with a methodical, messianic correctness that he believes can, and will, ward off major disease and minor ailment alike.


Paleo Diet: ‘New Evolution Diet’


Paleo Diet: ‘New Evolution Diet’ Author De Vany on Food and Exercise – TIME.

I am a believer in moderation but for me – switching to a mostly Paleo eating approach has really changed the way my body feels and looks. My skin is better, my energy is better. I am leaner and lost lbs that I had been trying to lose for a very long time.  I also have been doing HIIT via Crossfit and have gotten way more results than going to the gym for years, running on the treadmill and doing a few weight machines.  That never challenged my mind either. Crossfit not only teaches your body to respond, you also get a mental workout. You learn to push yourself beyond where you thought you could go. You learn to support and lean on others. For me – it works. For others- they may have to find what works in their own lives.

…if we really want to get fit, we should follow the lead of our ancient ancestors, Paleolithic humans who lived as nomadic hunter-gatherers some 40,000 years ago.

For more than 25 years, De Vany has been an advocate of what he calls “evolutionary fitness”: a regimen of low-carb eating and interval- or cross-training workouts (with periodic fasting) aimed at controlling insulin. But he has also become the grandfather of the growing Paleo movement, a health philosophy built around the belief that modern life — dating from the advent of agriculture 10,000 years ago — is simply alien to our genes. Believers say that only by returning to a diet of wild game and fresh produce, eliminating grains and dairy, and exercising in short, intense bursts, can we thrive in a world of escalators and cheese fries.

Women’s Set Points


Women’s Set Points | Hunt.Gather.Love..

So interesting — I am conscience of body fat percentages and often wonder how women feel when they have sub 20% body fat. All I have read is about the danger of visceral fat, around your mid-section is the area you should worry about. Since I am not a super curvy person (read: I have no hips), that is exactly where i gain it if I am not watching what I eat —

I said I’d go to bed, but then I read something interesting. Lately there has been some discussion in the comments here about what level of body fat is healthy for women. Is it healthy for women to be as lean as men should be (below 18% body fat)? Some authors say yes. After all, don’t women in third world refugee camps have babies all the time?

Turns out it’s more complex than that. Ancient Bodies, Modern Lives is my go-to reference on this sort of thing and lo and behold it had some answers on this matter.

Even the score workout


I headed to another workout for the day — partly it’s to keep me busy during my week off and partly it’s because I have been totally out of control eating wise the past 3 days. Not that I am eating a ton but I have been having bread/wheat and I totally feel horrible. I can feel what that crap does to me after I eat it. I know I feel better eating paleo — but knowing and doing are 2 different things. Holiday time is a time of temptation and while I can usually stay strong under my normal routine, it seems to be a much bigger challenge for me when I am home hanging out with friends and family. I am so paranoid about it all that the work outs are my way of evening out the eating —

And Crossfit Impavidus is still holding friends and family WODs to test out the space — so I cant pass up a free WOD

2m jump rope
bear crawl x2
crab walk x2


10 pull up
10 135# deadlifts
20 double unders

Restaurant trends for 2011


Eating out in 2011 will be about health! Although skeptical, this is great to read because it shows that it’s on the minds of those in the food business.  Of course the fact that they are mentioning improving kids’ nutrition makes me even happier! Let’s keep our eye on this one —

Happy eating in 2011!!

Ahead of the new Dietary Guidelines for Americans and impending regulatory standards for calorie postings in restaurants, smart chefs and restaurateurs are aligning their plans with the changing nutritional tide. Thus, eating out in 2011 will be all about health and flavor. Here are some of the predictions: Locally sourced ingredients. After a few tough years with outbreaks of food-borne illness and frequent food recalls, consumers want to know where their food is coming from. The closer, the better. Roof top and back yard gardens are supplying restaurants with the freshest herbs and produce available. Smaller portions. Whether it’s supersize fatigue or a sluggish economy, restaurant patrons are opting for smaller portions or sharing entrees. Fixed price meals and other cost-saving deals will continue to be on the menu. Big flavor. The portions might be smaller, but the flavor is bigger. Ethnic and artisan foods turn a meal into a taste experience. For your consideration: coconut-infused flavor, ancient grains, flavorful cheeses, and local, artisanal beers and liquors. New twist on kid friendly. From the White House to the school lunch room, childhood nutrition is getting a much needed overhaul. Instead of the traditional fried strips of chicken and potatoes, look for more nutritious meal offerings to include fruit, veggies, and milk. Dessert anyone? Yogurt, gourmet popsicles, and pie are topped with or filled with fruit and flavor combinations to delight. Allergy awareness. For those with food allergies, dining away from home is a gamble. Smart restaurants know that clean kitchens and food handling practices that prevent cross contamination could open the doors to new patrons.

via Restaurant trends for 2011 –

How the food industry should act on the 2010 Dietary Guidelines


How the food industry should act on the 2010 Dietary Guidelines.

Reduce sodium intake, eat real portion sizes are some of the take-aways from this article.

Sodium reduction, providing smaller portion sizes, and better portion labeling are key areas for food industry action in light of the upcoming Dietary Guidelines for Americans, according to the advisory committee chair.

At the American Dietetic Association’s Food and Nutrition Conference and Expo in Boston last week, chair of the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee (DGAC) Linda Van Horn, and chair of its Carbohydrates and Protein Subcommittee Joanne Slavin outlined some of the main findings of the DGAC and how research has shifted nutrition evidence since the 2005 guidelines were issued. spoke with Van Horn about which aspects of the guidelines were likely to have the most impact on the food industry.

“First of all, sodium,” she said. “The food industry has been running rampant on sodium for a long time, but now is the time for them to reduce sodium – and not sacrifice taste. I believe American ingenuity can do it.”

Seeing the difference with Better Nutrition


It’s been 24 days since I eliminated wheat and refined sugar from my diet and I asked Scott to snap some pictures of me this AM to see if a difference can be seen. For me, I have to see it to have it sink in so I have him take pics of me every month to help me continue on —

October 2010 (3 days before starting)

October 2010

And here is a pic from this morning — 21 days of clean eating Paleo Style:

November 2010 - 21 days into 'Paleo' eating

Eating Out


Last night Scott and I went out on our date night — we went to Charcoal Kabob in Herndon. You really do you have to be very conscience of what you are eating when going out to restaurants. I had chicken kabob hold the bread and rice and hummus. They grilled up some veggies for me to replace the carbs. It was good but when we were done, I still wasn’t satisfied. So I have 2 blocks of 82% cocoa Extra Dark Chocolate. A few people I met that have said that dark chocolate is ok but make sure its at least 70% cocoa. It definitely helped take the edge off —

I feel great though! More energy, less cravings, sleep is better. There is something to this clean eatin -I tell ya.

Workout & Paleo Update


Outside workout on a cold morning — you know it’s not as bad as it seems. It really does feel pretty good within a few minutes of starting the workout and by the time you are done, you have those chills that you get when you are all sweaty but it’s freezing outside. Oh the Joy!

Day 19 Paleo Update: I am down another 1.5# so that makes 6.5lbs since I started.  Yes, I am taking that .5lb along for the ride — I earned it! As I have said — not having done Paleo before, I have no idea if this is considered ‘good’, ‘on track’ or ‘not quite up to standard’ for weight loss expectations. I know that I am now at the lowest weight and the healthiest I have been since starting this healthy journey so to me – that’s a win!

Rockette kicks
walking lunges
back pedal

bicycles (up and down w your torso)
back extensions
25 bottom up push-ups
general stretching

hang clean squats 65lbs
weighted jump ropes x5
lunge jumps 15lb db
snatch 20lb kb

The pic above is my pal Stac! – Today is her Birthday –As I have said before — she inspires me, makes me laugh, and just generally makes the whole Plumbline team better…


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