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Try Mindful Eating!

It’s a rest day thank goodness. Been a long week at home and I am wiped out. Here’s an interesting article about mindful eating –something most of us need practice with. Try it sometime! Mindful Eating as Food for Thought For many people, eating fast more »

What you eat is as important as how much you eat

The Billionaire Who Is Planning His 125th Birthday There is much to learn from this man. What you eat is as important as how much you eat — and can help ward off disease and illness. One morning in early January, David Murdock awoke to more »

Paleo Diet: ‘New Evolution Diet’

Paleo Diet: ‘New Evolution Diet’ Author De Vany on Food and Exercise – TIME. I am a believer in moderation but for me – switching to a mostly Paleo eating approach has really changed the way my body feels and looks. My skin is better, more »

Women’s Set Points

Women’s Set Points | Hunt.Gather.Love.. So interesting — I am conscience of body fat percentages and often wonder how women feel when they have sub 20% body fat. All I have read is about the danger of visceral fat, around your mid-section is the area more »

Even the score workout

I headed to another workout for the day — partly it’s to keep me busy during my week off and partly it’s because I have been totally out of control eating wise the past 3 days. Not that I am eating a ton but I more »

Restaurant trends for 2011

Eating out in 2011 will be about health! Although skeptical, this is great to read because it shows that it’s on the minds of those in the food business.  Of course the fact that they are mentioning improving kids’ nutrition makes me even happier! Let’s more »

How the food industry should act on the 2010 Dietary Guidelines

How the food industry should act on the 2010 Dietary Guidelines. Reduce sodium intake, eat real portion sizes are some of the take-aways from this article. Sodium reduction, providing smaller portion sizes, and better portion labeling are key areas for food industry action in light more »

Seeing the difference with Better Nutrition

It’s been 24 days since I eliminated wheat and refined sugar from my diet and I asked Scott to snap some pictures of me this AM to see if a difference can be seen. For me, I have to see it to have it sink more »

Eating Out

Last night Scott and I went out on our date night — we went to Charcoal Kabob in Herndon. You really do you have to be very conscience of what you are eating when going out to restaurants. I had chicken kabob hold the bread more »

Workout & Paleo Update

Outside workout on a cold morning — you know it’s not as bad as it seems. It really does feel pretty good within a few minutes of starting the workout and by the time you are done, you have those chills that you get when more »