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Paleo Update Day 16

Last night was tough for me — I craved something sweet. What I wanted was ice cream — what I had was an Apple Pie Larabar and some cashews. Not quite the same but I figured my body was trying to tell me about something more »

Working and Day 15 Paleo Update

The downpour rain meant we were inside for today’s workout. Today marks Day 15 of Paleo eating and I am still raring to go. I haven’t felt deprived or hungry — that’s because I am eating a lot of food – its just a complete more »

Priorities for Eating Paleo on a Budget

Priorities for Eating Paleo on a Budget Some good ideas and info on eating Paleo from a San Fran nutritionist who advises that real food for real people is the way to go. These are my tips to help you to navigate which foods are more »

Tips on reducing your sodium intake

Tips on reducing your sodium intake Even if you can’t change how much salt food manufacturers and restaurant chains put in their food, you can take steps to lower salt in your own diet. Here are some tips from American Dietetic Assn. spokeswoman Jeannie Gazzaniga-Moloo: more »

Saturdays in Suburbia

Some of you may remember that I was scheduled for the Bluemont Vineyard 5k today. Well – Scott had to go to NYC yesterday for business and will not be home until this afternoon – so I had to bow out of it. I was more »

Visiting a National Park

So why don’t we eliminate the junk food machines from schools and add in a simple 30-minute break for fitness during the school day. Even if it meant extending the school day for 30-minutes, most evidence has shown that allowing kids a break during the more »