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Paleo Update Day 16


Last night was tough for me — I craved something sweet. What I wanted was ice cream — what I had was an Apple Pie Larabar and some cashews. Not quite the same but I figured my body was trying to tell me about something it needed and might as well choose something healthy.

In my head – I have this feeling that I am eating too much lately. It’s all good, healthy, clean food and from what I am reading  — its more about the approach to eating than limiting what you are eating, at least while you are getting used to it.

As someone who does not own a scale, nor the desire to own one — I have to wait and see on Monday  – thats the day that Mikey, my trainer requires us all to get on the scale. I don’t agree with that approach but it’s part of his program so I oblige. Should be interesting to see how this 3rd week of Paleo affects the scale — if it does.  I am not going to lie and say I don’t want to lose more weight — but if I don’t, I do feel so much better overall. So if nothing else — I know I have the power to make changes that improve my quality of life! We all know numbers on the scale are just that numbers –they are not who we are —

Working and Day 15 Paleo Update


The downpour rain meant we were inside for today’s workout. Today marks Day 15 of Paleo eating and I am still raring to go. I haven’t felt deprived or hungry — that’s because I am eating a lot of food – its just a complete switch in the kinds of foods I am eating. Most of the food I was eating was CARBs and while I am still eating carbs its not from wheat based products. I am eating carbs from natural source — fruits etc. I feel great, am sleeping better, and overall I am in a better mood. I am sticking with it for a while.

I had lunch with my pal Cheryl who inspired me to give Paleo a try and she has managed to work it in her busy active life and still enjoys the occasional non paleo treat. So it’s not a ‘death sentence’ as some people see changing their eating approach — its a new approach to eating — healthy food. It doesn’t take complicated math or deprivation. And although I am only 2 weeks into it – I have read and seen for myself the change in people that adapt a paleo approach to eating.

60sec jump rope
60sec checkpoints

rocking tiers
leg raises
half pikes
general stretching
50 push-ups

3 rounds 1min stations
double burpees (2 push ups)
20lb db lunges
handstand push ups (modified for box)
jump ropes
snatch squats

Priorities for Eating Paleo on a Budget


Priorities for Eating Paleo on a Budget

Some good ideas and info on eating Paleo from a San Fran nutritionist who advises that real food for real people is the way to go.

These are my tips to help you to navigate which foods are the most critical to buy at the highest quality level and which you can set lower on your priority list and save for the times when you have some extra cash to spend on your food.

Eating with a Paleo or Primal approach can seem daunting when you realize that you are no longer going to rely on the cheap, filler ingredients you may have become accustomed to buying on a regular basis. No more rice and beans. No more bread, pasta or cereal. These are all cheap foods. And rightfully so; they provide poor nutritional value when you compare them to vegetables, meat, fruit, nuts, seeds and quality fats and oils.

The concept of a Paleolithic or evolutionary approach to eating is that we rely on whole foods that are in a very edible form as they exist in nature with very little “processing” required between when it’s picked or killed and when it’s eaten. This is the biggest part of an evolutionary approach to eating that resonated with me, besides the fact that it’s based on consuming whole foods of high quality. That said, getting your hands on the best quality vegetables, fruits, meats, nuts, seeds, fats and oils can be cost prohibitive if you’re trying to buy the top of the line ingredients across the board.

Tips on reducing your sodium intake


Tips on reducing your sodium intake

Even if you can’t change how much salt food manufacturers and restaurant chains put in their food, you can take steps to lower salt in your own diet. Here are some tips from American Dietetic Assn. spokeswoman Jeannie Gazzaniga-Moloo:

—Focus on eating and preparing fresh fruits and vegetables, minimally prepared whole grains and lean meats at home.

—Cook with fresh herbs and spices and use acids, such as lemon juice or vinegar, to replace salt in a dish.

—Most of your salt in restaurants is going to come from sauces or dressings. Ask that they be served on the side.

—Reduce sodium by reducing portion size. You can still eat some of the salty foods you like but cut the portion in half and add some fresh fruits and vegetables.

—Read nutrition labels and find the sodium level to gauge how much you are eating.

Saturdays in Suburbia


Some of you may remember that I was scheduled for the Bluemont Vineyard 5k today. Well – Scott had to go to NYC yesterday for business and will not be home until this afternoon – so I had to bow out of it. I was bummed until yesterday when I realized that Thursday’s Plumbline workout would render me down and out for the count. We probably did 100m back and forth with 25lb db 4-5x times. If you want to see some serious results – try that. I am still in pain and the soreness kept waking me up last night. I love being this sore in so many ways – but in a few ways – I don’t.

I have been asked to do another 5k next weekend – I am considering it and will keep you posted.

We here in suburbia have entered into the spring sports season so that means Saturdays are spent on various sports fields with our kids. Nate has his first soccer game of the season this morning, so we will be headed out in the next hour or so to get his team pics done and then to the game. The Joys of Parenthood!

I remember years and years ago – 1999 – Scott and I had just moved into our suburban paradise. No kids, big house – to be there when we did have kids – living in a neighborhood that was all about kids. Weekends spent doing whatever the hell we wanted — Remember those days? Anyways, back then one Saturday, we were driving somewhere and parents and kids littered the school fields on both sides of the road as we headed out. We both remember so vividly me saying, in all seriousness, “How sad that these people have to waste their Saturdays watching their kids play soccer”. I was dead serious when I said it. And look at me now – shows you how much one can change – I am now the parent “wasting their Saturday” watching her super cute son playing soccer.  I totally was not ready for parenthood back then. I had no clue what was in store for me — That was 1999, Hannah was born in 2002.

Here is some really good info for you on cleaning out your pantry and swapping some foods. As I have mentioned before, diet is probably 80% of the battle in getting in shape and losing weight….

Can’t remember the last time you cleaned out your cupboards? It’s time to start fresh. Here, 11 simple food swaps that will spice up your meals and cut calories and fat.

via Healthy Grocery List: Food Swaps for Your Pantry.

Visiting a National Park


So why don’t we eliminate the junk food machines from schools and add in a simple 30-minute break for fitness during the school day. Even if it meant extending the school day for 30-minutes, most evidence has shown that allowing kids a break during the school day to burn off stress and energy would result in overall better test scores, and improved academic performance.

via Eating In America – What Are We Teaching Our Kids?.

I also read this post above and it ties in well with what we are teaching our kids. Eliminate junk food from the schools &  add more PE in — I bet we will find happier, healthier, smarter kids. Why is this so hard?

I struggle with finding a balance with my own family’s eating habits. Growing up, I did not have free access to treats and soda and although I can’t prove it, I do believe it is one of the reasons I became somewhat obsessed with it in my tween/teen years. I was a Diet Coke addict and any allowance I got – it went right to the local candy store for whatever treat I had a hankering for –although I remember loving Swedish Fish more than anything! I don’t want my kids growing up thinking any sort of food is forbidden, and eating sensibly does not mean you can’t treat yourself. Moderation and being active are the keys to living a healthy life. I am in no way blaming my parents – it was a different time and they were in very different circumstances.  Hannah has a serious sweet tooth so I am always reminding her to eat healthy but where do I draw the line between educating her on making better choices or causing her serious anxiety about eating…This parenting stuff is hard. Maybe I should ask my psychologist friend, Stac! what she thinks about educating kids about making healthier choices.

I have also renewed my commitment to spend more time outdoors as a family, so being active doesn’t feel like a chore. We headed to Harper’s Ferry National Park yesterday to get out in the fresh air, run around and spend some quality time together. Did you know that the National Park service (( has a great feature on their website where you can search for a park by the type of activity you are looking to do?  Just heading out to one of the local parks with a football or glove and ball – is worth its weight in gold in my book.

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