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50 reasons to Exercise

Strength 5×5 Weighted Pull Ups 5# WOD 3Rounds 10 ring dips 12 Front Rack Lunges (6/side) 1 min rest — 3Rounds 10 Thrusters 12 Hand Release Push-ups time: 10:23 I make sure I deliberately do each thruster properly because of my nagging shoulder/back muscle issue. more »

How Bad Do You Want It?

Yesterday, I read this NYT article: It’s the Sugar, Folks Sugar is indeed toxic. It may not be the only problem with the Standard American Diet, but it’s fast becoming clear that it’s the major one. A study published in the Feb. 27 issue of the journal more »

Kids and Health: The Decline of Good Nutrition and Fitness Programs in Schools

Kids: Get them Moving & Eating Healthier. They will Learn More. Guaranteed! Physical Activity During my training as a CrossFit Kids coach, we really dived into how much research is available regarding how exercise and physical fitness helps kids learn. Getting kids to move throughout their more »

Saturday Ramblings from Suburbia

My boy is growing up. He tried out for flag football today and from the looks of it, he did pretty well. He was Fast! I really think it’s been the CrossFit Kids he has done that has helped me tremendously! The gym is closed more »

Define your own fitness program

My workout this morning was the kind that kicked you to the curb right off the bat. I even said out loud during the first set of 50 ring dips — ’50 of these eh?’. You know it’s going to be tough when that is more »

Deadlifts and Double Unders – Oh my!

I am one sore lady this AM. Not over sore, where I can’t move but I can definitely feel the workouts this week. It feels good tho. The good mornings we did on Tues are still reminding my hamstrings who is boss! I’m not sure more »

Getting to the core of what kids love

N.J. fathers create toys that combine old-fashioned play, online excitement Love this idea. Combining real outside exercise with what many kids love – unlocking game benefits. Now a trio of New Jersey fathers has developed an online interactive game with a real-world component in which more »

Exercise works

Why Exercise Makes Us Feel Good Why does exercise make us happy and calm? Almost everyone agrees that it generally does, a conclusion supported by research. A survey by Norwegian researchers published this month, for instance, found that those who engaged in any exercise, even a more »

High School Students need to MOVE!

CDC: High school students don’t exercise enough High school students aren’t doing much running – and when they do run, there’s a good chance it’s to a vending machine. Roughly one-third of high school students in the U.S. drink two or more sodas, sports drinks, more »

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Today is the last day of school for the kiddos. What a crazy year this has been for us – but that’s life.  We had a bit of extra time this morning because our internet is out at the house, so I decided to walk more »