Sunday is Krav Maga Day

Busy day. Took the family to the Maryland Renaissance Fair — the place was super crowded but we made the best of it. Got to spend some fun quality time together and then got home in time for my Krav Maga class. For the next two weeks it will be in the evening on Sundays so nothing like being flexible. I can tell I am getting better on my moves which is super satisfying! Whoo hoo!

I snapped this pic of Hannah Bea today on our way back from the Fair. I am her Mom I know –but I just think she is breathtaking and just so enjoyable to be around. The other night, we were sitting together in my bed watching The Voice and she and I were bantering back and forth. I stopped for a moment to notice that she was sounding just like me — it made me smile. ¬†She’s growing up so fast and I am sure that the teen years won’t be the easiest, but man, I love that girl.