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What size are you?


One Size Fits Nobody: Seeking a Steady 4 or a 10

Every woman can tell you this  — there is no standard sizes anymore. I love that men can choose waist and length almost all the time but women — it’s just not the same. Buying clothes is complicated and that’s one of the reasons buying clothes online is challenging at least for me.

In one store, you’re a Size 4, in another a Size 8, and in another a Size 10 — all without gaining an ounce.

It’s a familiar problem for many women, as standard sizing has never been very standard, ever since custom clothing gave way to ready-to-wear.

So, baffled women carry armfuls of the same garment in different sizes into the dressing room. They order several sizes of the same shirt online, just to get the right fit.

Now, a handful of companies are tackling the problem of sizes that are unreliable. Some are pushing more informative labels. Some are designing multiple versions of a garment to fit different body shapes. And one is offering full-body scans at shopping malls, telling a shopper what sizes she should try among the various brands.

Beauty Tip: Ole Henriksen


Today is a rest day — from exercise.

I’ve recently discovered some great skin care products that I wanted to share.

Ole Henriksen

from Sephora:

Nature, science, beauty, and wellness. These four key elements are behind every Ole Henriksen product, making it a total lifestyle line and a true depiction of the man behind the brand. Ole (pronounced “ooh-lah”) Henriksen’s studies in cosmetic chemistry, and hands-on experience treating some of Hollywood’s most famous complexions at his Los Angeles spa, have resulted in the ultimate in at-home luxury—skincare that treats the face and body while helping to achieve overall health and wellness. What we love most? Just like his sought-after spa treatments, every Ole Henriksen product is an absolute treat for the senses—they smell delicious and feel sensational.

I can’t remember where I first heard about Ole’s products but I decided to try them after seeing them at Sephora. I bought one of those specially priced packages that included:
Three Little Wonders
– 1 oz Truth Serum
– 1 oz Invigorating Night Gel
– 1 oz Sheer Transformation

I also use the On the Go Cleanser which I love —

I noticed a difference in my skin in a matter of days.  Discoloration and flaky skin issues seemed to lessen and I would say that after a month or so of using it along with my Clarisonic — my skin looks better than ever.
Ole has a whole skin care line so I am sure they have products for every skin type or issue! Let me know your thoughts on Ole Henriksen or what other skin care line you love!

Nordstrom Uses Web to Locate Items and Increase Sales


Nordstrom Uses Web to Locate Items and Increase Sales –

I love Nordstrom and its customer focused philosophy. And it shows that by focusing on what the customer actually wants, not what you THINK they want is a win/win situation.

Wal-Mart hoped that deeper cuts in its standard rollbacks would be a draw, but then said the prices went too low. At Saks, perhaps customers would go for designer labels if the lines offered less-expensive items. And for Macy’s, how about inexpensive clothes by Madonna?

The secret, at least for Nordstrom, has not involved a piercing insight into a customer’s mind. Rather, it has changed the way that it handles, of all things, inventory. And that has brought the department store more success in improving sales than at most of its competitors, whose recent reports signaled that their consumers were still cautious.

Fall Fashion – What Do Young Fashionistas Want?


Fall Fashion – What Do Young Fashionistas Want? –

I love reading about fashion trends. Here’s an interesting article in the NYT about Millennials and their take on fashion this fall….what are your thoughts?

There is plenty of research about the so-called Millennials — people ages 18 to 29 — to suggest you can’t lump them all together. Not only is this group likely to become the most educated generation in American history, according to a Pew Research Center survey this year, it is also the most racially and ethnically diverse. At the same time, this generation’s 37 percent unemployment rate is certain to affect taste. It may explain an underlying conservatism in fall fashion — penny loafers, camel coats, longer hemlines — that goes beyond “Mad Men” hype.

Reflections on Letting Yourself Go


Sometimes when I am driving to work or out doing an errand – I will randomly notice other women that look to be close to may age. Some of them look great – while others, well they don’t look their best. In some cases, it looks like they have given up any sense of self. They don’t put themselves together, take a few minutes each day to tidy themselves up. I am not talking about full on glamour, but more than just wake up and put on the first pair of sweats you find on the floor. It really doesn’t take that much to do. I think the way you look says a lot about the way you feel about yourself in many ways.  So when I came across this on Piperline’s Facebook, I loved what it was saying- I used to not put a lot of thought into how I dress – then I found my passion and started to see the results of taking care of myself and part of that is looking my best.

I’m not talking about spending a fortune or having enough shoes to rival Imelda. I am talking about buying a few things that make you feel great, are comfortable and fit well.  A great pair of jeans can be found relatively inexpensively and for most of us, nothing is more comfy than that.  A great shoe – Target has some great ones to choose from. Just a few things that says to anyone around you – I do give a damn about me.

And if your reason is because you have gained weight or don’t like something about yourself — do something about it. If it bothers you that much, either learn to accept it or change it. To sit there stagnant is not the right thing to do. My heart sinks for some of the ladies I see out there – I am not talking about one certain kind of body type either. Fat, thin, skinny, tall, short – everyone can take a few minutes before they head out and fix themselves.  So why not start tomorrow?

PSA: Anthropologie Sale


I love the store Anthropologie. But man, it’s expensive. So I love a good sale. A blog I read: Anthroholic is a great resource for all things Anthropologie – sale info, outfit reviews, outfit suggestions, community, and support. Anthroholic is Kim – a bonafide Anthro addict and I am glad she is one. Here is her recap of the big sale that is going on starting today at Anthropologie:

Confirmed List of Anthropologie Items

Coach Outlet deal just in time for Mother’s day


Mother’s day is next week! Here’s a pretty good deal for those that live near Coach Factory Outlets. Most Moms would be pretty happy to receive a nice purse or some other accessory from there. They are even carrying some jewelry.

Save 30% off $250+, 20% off under $250.
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Over-Tweezing: a possible epidemic?


BrowBeat: Confessions of an Over-Tweezed Teen: Beauty Blogger: Beauty:

While this article focuses on teenage males and eyebrow maintenance, I thought it would be worthwhile to broaden the scope of the discussion a bit. First a few observations to share.

A few years ago I returned to the good ole jersey shore to spend the day on the boardwalk and beach with my mom, sister, Scott, and the kids. What became abundantly clear to me on that trip was that many of the beach regulars look exactly like what I remember the Jersey beach regulars looked like when I was in High School — that is not necessarily a compliment! Time had stood still. One thing had changed though – I noticed the guys in their sleeveless shirts had their eyebrows waxed. It was so obvious, and many of them had nicer brows than women I know!!

Then last night, I was watching some cheesy reality show – The Millionaire Matchmaker – and they had this guy on whose eyebrows were a bit too shaped for my taste and I thought to myself — am I missing something here?

Don’t get me wrong – I certainly am not a fan of the uni-brow on a man, but I also don’t like a man who has perfectly coiffed eyebrows either. Neatly trimmed is the way to go in my mind for a guy…clean ’em up but don’t over shape them!

For women – a nicely shaped brow can make all the difference in how you look. I am sure you have heard of Anastasia. She’s famous for her eyebrow shaping talents. I did not know this until my sister “C” told me – Anastasia offers eyebrow shaping services in some Nordstroms at her Anastasia Brow Studio. You can see if there is one near you at her website: store locator. I am told it’s expensive, but from what I have seen – it’s worth it. Many of the thousands of local nail salons offer the service too and I have found a few that do a great job – but it’s also a crap shoot. There are times when I have gotten a mediocre eyebrow wax and have had to finish the job or fill in any gaps when I got home.

As the article said – I, too, am a fan of Tweezerman tweezers. I have used others and always come back to my trusty Tweezermans. They tend to be a bit on the expensive side but  it’s worth it and the company offers free sharpening. I have found some good tutorials on their website like shaping and maintaining your brows.

If you have never had your eyebrows shaped – I strongly encourage you to get it done. You will see a marked difference in your appearance and you will never go back!!

Adidas: Sleek, Stylish and Super Sporty


This spring, fitness based fashion is all about color and function with vibrant hues, moisture-wicking technology, slimming silhouettes and comfortable fabrics you’ll want to wear all over – not just to work on your fitness!

Did you know that one of the newest trends is to have the hottest designers team up with sports apparel manufacturers to bring you high fashion work out wear? Right now, Adidas is the only company with collections that combine the latest advances in sports clothing and the latest fashion trends of a top designer.

Adidas by Stella McCartney is sleek, stylish and super sporty!

And of course don’t forget how Adidas is partnering with Star Wars to bring you Star Wars Original

Friday Inspirations: Fitness, Fashion & Personality


Friday’s are my exercise rest day and in my blog I  focus on more fashion/health/beauty related topics to end the work week.

I was thinking about fashion and working out. I see so many people that go to the gym or workout and don’t seem to put any thought into their attire. Don’t get me wrong – the point that you are even exercising is duly noted!  My thoughts are though – why not make it fun and show your personality while you are sweating and pushing your limits. Here are some trends I have noticed recently:

Cool Old Skool Shirts

People who saw this picture recently seemed to find joy and humor in it – how fun to wear a RUN DMC old skool shirt while working your ass off?  I got this shirt at Old Navy!  My friend – Kimmie -loves this shirt so much. The day I came in with my Star Wars hat and Run DMC shirt almost threw her over the edge. I was a walking billboard for pop culture.

Running skirts – High Performance running and fitness skirts, skorts and tops. High quality skirts and skorts designed by runners….made to go the distance.

I have 2 of these skirts that I ordered at the end of the fall season on sale. I am very excited to give them a try when the warmer weather hits.  I know a few of my friends really like wearing them and don’t wait for warmer weather. Me, I like being warm heading into the gym as well as when I am working out.


I constantly have problems with headbands falling off or slipping when I workout. It drives me crazy.  Currently I wear the Goody Stay Put bands pictured here. But they slip even though they are called stay put.

So I was doing some research and came across these Bondi Bands. I am waiting for my order currently so I can see if they really are all that. I have high hopes for it and each year they  donate 10% of their pretax profits to charity. So – how could I not like that?

Bondi Bands are composed of a unique blend of nylon, lycra, and spandex. The result is a stretchy yet form fitting band that holds up under the toughest hair styles and types.

I will be sure to let you guys know what I think.  I ordered the one pictured to the left, one that says Heart your Core, and No Pain, No Gain.  I used the discount code – 2010 for a 20% off discount.  Let me know what headband type you use…

Funky & Fun Socks

Now I personally don’t wear fun socks while i workout -standard Adidas fare for me. But I have seen a lot of ladies don fun knee high socks when they are working on their fitness. Mel over at The Clothes Make the Girl wrote a post about this a while back. She said knee high socks are one of her favorite things. She recommends this site –

I am not sure I am bold and daring enough to wear knee highs working out, but man I smile when I see pics of those that are.  Look at how badass these Bad Ass socks are!  Maybe I can convince the bootcamp ladies to wear these when we do Run Amuck in August!

So those are a few of the trends I have noticed in my fitness journey recently – what have you noticed?

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