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Too Much Fat in My Diet

I was talking to Coach Jerry this AM about my re commitment to being more mindful of what I am eating and see if It moves the needle. He said something that struck me — he asked me how many nuts i eat on a given day. more »

Your work is making you fat

Workplace Cited as a New Source of Rise in Obesity Looking beyond poor eating habits and a couch-potato lifestyle, a group of researchers has found a new culprit in the obesity epidemic: the American workplace. A sweeping review of shifts in the labor force since 1960 more »

Let’s talk about being Skinny Fat

Skinny Fat This post from CrossFit Soutbay was so right on — I struggle with this sort of issue myself and I know I am not alone. A few years ago, my general doctor held up a pencil and said to me — some people more »

Fat Stigma Becoming the Norm

Fat Stigma Spreads Around the Globe What are your thoughts on this –Do you feel anger or annoyance at overweight people? Do you feel that it’s their fault and deserve no understanding or empathy?  It’s interesting reading this that it’s not just a feeling pervasive more »

Justin Stoneman: America: A Big, Fat, Stupid Nation

Thanks once again Mel for giving me more enlightenment: Latest figures confirm the ridiculous: three out of four of you will be ‘overweight or obese’ by 2020. To gauge perspective: there are now more ‘fat’ people than ‘white’ people in America. Perhaps our bigots of more »

Here’s another explanation for the obesity epidemic: Body size misperception

Here’s another explanation for the obesity epidemic: Body size misperception – This is probably true — so many people say that they decided to make a real change in their lives after seeing a picture of themselves. We get so wrapped up in raising our more »

NEEDED: Intensive, comprehensive and ongoing efforts to address obesity

70 Million Obese Americans: What’s the Solution? Its a national issue that will have lasting repercussions if not seriously looked at and serious action taken. We are a nation of smart people from all over the globe – surely we can put our heads together more »

Is Your Diet Making You Gain?

Is Your Diet Making You Gain? Prevention If you’re trying to slim down, you’ve probably amassed a menu full of calorie-cutting tips and tricks. So it may come as a shock to learn that many of the ones you’ve sworn by are actually keeping you more »