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Don’t Believe the Hype or the Memes

Don’t Believe the Hype or the Memes

I came across this posting on FB the other day –and it came at the right time. I have been dealing with a deep tissue tear in my back and just feeling a general fatigue and lack of motivation for some of my workouts. So, more »

Are You Being Selfish Enough When It Comes to Your Health?

Are You Being Selfish Enough When It Comes to Your Health?

I came across this blog post today: Who’s Really the Selfish One? and had to share it because it really encapsulates my perspective on how important my own health and fitness is to me and it totally aligns with the reason I even have my blog.  Taking care of more »

Fitness is Rented and Needs to Be Paid Every Day

Where have I been? What’s been going on? I wish I could share some exciting details or news, but the truth is I have been lacking inspiration and motivation the past few weeks. Maybe it’s the election results, or the change of seasons- whatever it more »

Get Your Kids Outside and Moving!

Too Few Kids Getting Outdoors With Mom or Dad Nearly half of all U.S. preschool-age children don’t get outdoors at least once a day for parent-supervised playtime, researchers reported Monday, causing concern among experts who say early exercise habits could protect children from obesity later more »

Meeting Cindy – again.

One of the Ladies of CrossFit showed up for this Workout — Cindy. I really don’t mind her but that doesn’t mean I like her. And it’s one of those workouts, that look easy at first — yeah, so not easy. Warmup 800m run 10 more »

Fitness Props to the city of Portland, Oregon

With fitness in mind, city launches ‘Passport to play’ program Props to the city of Portland! City officials yesterday unveiled a new “Passport to Play” program, an initiative designed to encourage physical activity and introduce residents to local parks and open spaces. The program, which more »

Kids and Fitness

Yesterday, I received an email from someone who had read my most recent blog post in the Ashburn Patch about getting kids into fitness. I fully believe there is no reason that is good enough to not be on top of this issue as parents. more »

Be a Superhero

Want a superhero physique? Here’s how Actors have the time and money to look like Thor and Green Lantern. For the average guy, finding the right motivation to stay in shape is a good start. Perhaps you’ve been to the multiplex to see Ryan Reynolds‘ more »

Squat Cleans

Since we had family in town this weekend, we officially moved Father’s Day to next Sunday in our house.  Sometimes you have to do what you have to do — It was so fun to have my big brother here for the weekend. I love more »

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Today is the last day of school for the kiddos. What a crazy year this has been for us – but that’s life.  We had a bit of extra time this morning because our internet is out at the house, so I decided to walk more »