Five years ago today.

Five Years


Hard to believe that it’s been FIVE years since Scott had colon cancer surgery to remove half his colon and we started to live a life beyond cancer. Looking back, so much has happened during the past five years but yet it was all just life. A different life than we had planned – with a different perspective than we would have thought possible at our age. Cancer changed us – for the good, for the bad. The Cancer was gone five years ago, but the the thing with cancer is, it never goes away. ┬áIt forever colors your world – makes you feel things, see things, gain perspective.

It makes you more sensitive, more emotional, feel more deeply, love more urgently, appreciate health, appreciate LIFE.

I remember the exact moment the Dr. Ryan told me that they think the mass was cancer –the look in his eyes, the silence after the words. The sinking feeling I felt when I looked over at my still looped up husband. It was the last thing I had even imagined would be what they found. Cancer happens to other people.

But yet, it explained a lot of things going on in our life at the time. We were out of balance as people, as a couple, as a family and had no answers. Cancer was the answer, the cause of the uneven path our lives were taking on. Once you know what you are dealing with, you can deal with it. And deal with it we did.

We don’t do anything half-ass –and this was no different. The following year, chemo appointments, doctors, pharmacy visits, rest, adjustments, pain, medications, tears, sadness, mourning flooded our lives. But it was all wrapped in hope, strength and determination. I learned more about who I was and who the man I was married to was made of. We are not super heroes – we are a team.

August 2008

August 2008

Colon cancer has milestones: Three years=remission. Five years=Cured. Today is FIVE years.

I have never felt happier. After my workout this morning, I could feel the tears bubble up as I mentioned to some friends about today. We are so blessed and fortunate that we indeed made it to the Five year mark. So many others have not and I am forever grateful for everyone that helped us through. There are a ton of people who in one way or another, helped us keep moving and for that — I am forever grateful.