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On the Go


I’m Always On The Go

Crazy weekend filled with lots of fun!

ladies Night

Friday, I hosted the first Ladies Night workout at CF Impavidus. Holy crap it was fun — 80s theme, good people, laughs and food and wine.  Power Supply Paleo meals even helped out and sent over some sample size meals for the athletes to enjoy!

Power supplyI think one of the keys to healthy living is to be around positive people who lift you up and have fun! Seeing all these ladies wear their favorite 80’s outfit was hysterical! We even did Jane Fonda warm-up video moves before they all unleashed their intensity on CrossFit WOD: Cindy! I took pics and cheered them on having done Cindy at 6A that morning!  Go see some pics from this super fun night! 

Saturday, I did a normal 10A community workout and then hung around to cheer our CrossFit Capital Affiliate League teams on and take some pics. I love seeing people push themselves to their limits in a positive way. For some of them – it’s a complete redefinition of who they once were and that makes it even more amazing. Go see my gallery of shots from Saturday: Capital Affiliate League Week 4

Sunday, I coached some great athletes in the AM and spent the rest of the day with the family at home. Sometimes I worry that people who read my blog think that I am always on the GO! Which is true, but I spend a lot of time with my amazing kiddos as well.


  • DROM
  • Mobility
  • Drills


  • Thruster


  • thrusters (53)
  • pull ups

time: 7:48 



Intro to Krav Maga in Loudoun County


When was the last time you stepped out of your comfort zone and tried something new? I had a few opportunities this weekend to do just that and you know what? It was awesome.

Krav Maga LoudounI am lucky enough to be able to attend an Intro to the Fundamentals of Krav Maga with Krav Maga Loudoun through our CrossFit Gym and my first class was yesterday morning.

Krav Maga is the official self defense system of the Israeli Defense Forces, and has been taught to hundreds of law enforcement agencies and thousands of civilians in the United States.

Krav Maga is a simple, effective self defense system that emphasizes instinctive movements, practical techniques, and realistic training scenarios. It’s a beginner’s level class — so we are going to learn the following:

  • Mental fitness for managing threats
  • Basic Striking: Hands, Elbows, Knees, & Legs
  • Defending Strikes, Chokes, Headlocks, etc.
  • Using Common Objects for Self-Defense
  • Defending Yourself on the Ground

It’s a great way to exercise and I gotta say –you feel bad ass when you are doing the drills.  

I have mentioned before after attending Tony Blauer’s defense workshops, the concept of being comfortable with being uncomfortable and have tools in your toolbox that you can bring out if you ever do need them. What I like about this stuff is it helps you mentally and physically. You have to give yourself permission to fight back and show strength.  Too often mostly women but there are some guys out there too, that feel like they have to apologize for displaying any sense of strength or muscle, but in an attack having that attitude won’t help you. You have to be always ready to defend yourself and creating muscle memory with reactions to certain scenarios is the only way.

CrossFit is like that too — you have to create the neurological connections so that you can pull them out when you need them.  It all works together and helps you get out of your comfort zone and keep your mind and body young!

Today’s workout was a repeat almost of Friday’s workout — Thrusters and Pull ups. But this time– it was FRAN.

600m jog

  • bear crawl
  • lunges
  • crab walk
  • sprint
  • squats


  • thrusters
  • pull ups


  • 53# thrusters
  • pull ups

6:29 time

Progress is Winning


Progress is Key

Fran - Nasty Girl of CrossFit Progress — it’s what helps re-motivate and reignite me! With the Nasty girl week of CrossFit WODs – I have been able to witness some real progress in my training. And today, I had one of the best moments! We were doing the Queen of all CrossFit workouts – FRAN.  And I was doing the Pull Ups – yes, kipping but with no band and my coach Jerry — walked by and smiled. I could tell by his reaction that it was a proud moment of a coach to a student. He has been helping me for longer than I care to remember and so the fact that I finally got it — and was really kipping it, he was proud of me. It really made my day —  Here’s for the daily wins!   Last time I did Fran, i used a 53# bar and used a blue band for my pull ups. This time — 55# and no band!!! I will take it and use it to get even better…

workout warmup

800m run
bear crawl
crab walk
10 Kick to handstands





  • 21-15-9
  • Thrusters
  • Pull ups

time: 7:09

CrossFit Fran, Fran, Fran


Fran —

Dynamic Stretching

10 Ring Rows
10 Wall Ball Shots
10 Sit Ups
25 Double Unders






53# Thrusters
Pull Ups (used blue band)

time: 6:23 

Fran=CrossFit Workout Hell


Summer for my kids means camps. I remember loving camp when I was younger. I went to a YMCA camp called Camp Runamuck and it was arts & crafts, swimming, exploring and lots of little field trips. It wasn’t anything mind blowing but I have a lot of fun memories. So I totally don’t get the attitude my 9y daughter is having towards camp. She says it’s boring and geared towards ‘babies’. I don’t know if that’s true but I figure — it’s camp. You play, you hang out, you have fun. I think a lot of kids today are so used to being entertained all the time, they lose the ability to seek out fun using their imagination. Moon bounces, tv, video games, computers…

Oh man, I sound like a Mom when I say that? I knew it would happen someday!  But would a Mom do ….FRAN!


Coach Laurie was our coach this morning as summer vacations are in full swing around here — Laurie trains triathletes. She also broke her foot and has had to wear a cast for a while. I can only imagine how frustrating that must be for her, but she has learned how to modify WODs to accomodate her injury.  As I said before,t here are no excuses!

Lots of stretches to open up the hips
iron cross
fire hydrants
hip rotations
Partner Plank/5 Burpees (you hold a plank, while your partner does 5 burpees until you both do a total of 15 each)





Three rounds, 21-15- and 9 reps, for time of:
65# Thruster
Pull-ups (I did as many kip ones as I could do, then switched to jumping)

time: 10:25

My times for Fran have gotten worse but I think it’s because I have been moving up in weight or technique. I stopped using bands to help me with pull ups. I was told to do as many kips or pull ups I could do, then do jumping pull ups which will help me with developing my strength. Everyone seems to have a theory on how to approach certain moves. I think you have to try some of them and see what works for you.  I was told today that I did a few but I thought I was doing a Butterfly Kip — So now I am confused. I have been trying to visualize the movement at night before I go to bed which I find helps me work it out.  We all have certain ways we learn — and I am a thinker which sometimes is good and sometimes is not so good.

Fran WOD


It was a super busy weekend — Half the family went to the Joint Services Air Show and Hannah and I went to the Reston Arts Fair — and then we had laser tag parties, CrossFit, CrossFit Kids — laundry, cleaning, errands — no down time at all this weekend.

I’m going to share some of the air show pics from the Joint Services Air Show over the next few days — perfect weather for it!

For some reason I slept horribly last night – the combo of the rain storm and knowing what tomorrow’s workout was –well who knows why but it made for a rough wake up. But up I did — headed downstairs, added some new tunes to my playlist and off I went. I was a bit worried when I got there and it was only me and Coach Nick. I don’t mind getting some 1:1 coaching but there are certain WODs that I just don’t want to do solo with a coach focusing in on me.  Right at 6 on the dot – Anna and Monica showed up! Yay for them.

Monica actually told me last night that she was coming so if she hadn’t shown up — I would have gotten after her! And Anna – I’m proud of her. She just had a baby maybe 7 weeks ago, has not worked out in over a year and came on Saturday and again today -even though she was super sore.  Showing up is harder than most workouts, so no matter the fitness level, those that walk through the door are heck of a way farther along than 90% of the population out there.

She told me how sore she was from her first workout back on Saturday. I remember when I first started and in fact, I can look back because of blogging to those first few weeks during the Summer of 2008. I don’t think I could describe the pain adequately to anyone that asked. So when she was telling me about it – I suggested to her to try to remember that feeling — because it may help to ensure she never goes back. I can not even imagine feeling like that again, nor do I want to.

30 Double Unders
20 Squats
20 Ab mat sit ups
20 push ups
bear crawl

Pull ups

65# Thrusters
Pull ups (blue band)
time: 8:06

This is actually 1m+ more time to complete this Fran WOD than last time I did it in February — however, I used the green band to help with my pull ups the first time and the blue band this time. The Blue band means improvement and gives you less help to do pull ups. I’m ok with that — improvement and growth is what I am after. I also started to do some massive shaking after round 1 — like my body was finally waking up and saying Holy Cow Lady – what are you doing to me?

Well hello, Fran!:Crossfit WOD


Today I met Fran. For those familiar with Crossfit, Fran is a benchmark WOD. Long time Crossfitters all know their “fran” time.

65lb Thrusters
Pull ups (green band assisted)
Fran time: 6:35

Some caveats to my time: For some reason I had it in my head to power clean every rep in the beginning so that obviously affected my time. I also have yet to conquer a ‘Kip’ so my pull ups were a bit of a challenge.

One of the great things about Crossfit Impavidus is they really are great coaches. So the workouts are great, but the coaching you get makes all the difference. After ‘Fran’, Jerry worked with me on Kipping. He helped me get the first part which is the swing. I haven’t been able to get that in the year that I have been trying. He set things up and we worked on the first part, which is the swing back and forth. I didn’t realize that I was bending my arms during that time — and also I am not very flexible in the lower back. So I am going to start doing some extra lumbar/lower back exercises to help loosen me up. It will help me with the Kip swing we think. So we did the swing – and sure enough with his coaching – I got it and did at least one Kip Pull Up! SUCCESS yet again. I am going to work on it to get the feel right and then I will figure out the transition from the Kip Pull up back into the swing to do another — step by step. It really is all about technique.

Another validation that switching trainers was the right thing. My old trainer never spent one on one time with me, really watching what exactly I was doing and adjusting my form so that I could nail the technique. I have the arm and shoulder strength, so it definitely is technique. So first the Double Under technique, now the Kip Swing. 2 things I have been working on for well over a year — I wouldn’t say I nailed them down, but I am farther than I have ever been and I know that I will get them this year.

Now after Fran, I was spent. It may not seem like a big deal — 21,15,9 but holy heck! It is. Jerry was helping me with learning the Kip Swing and we were finishing up. I went to step on the box to release my foot from the band and lost my footing and didn’t grab the pull up bar in time — and BOOM! went down, hard. I sat there for a sec. You know that shock you get as your body is trying to figure out WTF happened? Well I don’t have any major injuries – some scrapes and bruising. I fell on the side of my back side — so I know that’s gonna hurt bad. It’s already starting — I got home and my kids said – Mom, you are tough. It looks cool!

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