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Lifting Your Spirits


LaniIt was a good weekend — the weather was awesome, my family was home, my good friend, LIz, had her baby and I spent time with one of my dearest friends – Lani. I’ve been feeling unsettled with all the changes going on and needed to be around someone who really understands me outside of my hubby.  Girls need girl time!  We sat around, talked, drank some wine and when I left, I felt better: loved and heard. It’s really awesome to have people in your life that have your back no matter what.

I get so wrapped up in my head and the thought of heading out to do something social or out of my normal routine sounds daunting. But most of the time, I am glad I did. I can’t be alone in this feeling though – so I encourage you the next time you feel down in the dumps, call a friend or make plans to do something that makes you happy. You will feel better…

Here are some other great ideas to boost your mood naturally: 10 Ways to Lift Your Spirit

And of course, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that nutrition has a huge effect on your spirits: 10 nutrients that can lift your spirits

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Three Strangers Randomly Created an Incredible Impromptu Jam

Kindness Matters

Dick Vitale raised $250,000 in Michigan State superfan Lacey Holsworth’s name to fight cancer


  • Sunday 5.18.14 Power Boxing
  • Monday 5.19.14 Power Boxing

Happy Hours are good for your health


Ben E - Grillworks

Part of taking care of yourself is having fun. We all get stuck in the grind of our lives — not really feeling like we have or want to put in the energy to go out and be social. I decided to start focusing on getting out there and meeting people, talking with them about new ideas — just start really putting myself out there. So I have been reconnecting with friends I havent seen in a while and it’s been great. The AOL alumni reaches far and wide. Thankfully someone by the name of Jason Munson took the initiative to set up a get together regularly for all of us to get together in No VA.  Last night was one of these events in Arlington and I decided to go — what the heck, have some fun, meet up with old friends.  And you know what — it was a great time. I reconnected with a few that I had not seen, like pals Lauren S & Ben Eisendrath, who is now owner of Grillworks – a high end grill that would be any dad’s dream gift for father’s day.  I also met quite a few new people that I will connect with, had a glass of wine and some laughs.

Lauren and I

I had some great times at AOL — I met Scotty there, met some great friends who are still in my life today — and for those that don’t know this — thousands of people worked at AOL and now they reach far and wide out in the land of business. Many of them will offer any help they can to fellow alum – whether that is advice, skills, networking, friendship, you name it. We all started something big together — and went through a wild ride that many people will never get to experience so when we get together, it really is a happy reunion for all.  I felt alot of energy after last night — for me, reconnecting with happy times in my life adds to the motivation and inspiration of where I am today — whether that is super happy or tough.


Oh And it was a school night too — I am such a rebel, right?



I got home later than usual and still got up and headed to my workout — there are no excuses…

1 lap run
10 push ups
10 Pass Thrus
10 OHS

Burgener Warmup

15 Hang Clean Snatch (45lb)
400m run
total: 18:56

Workout Fun


I skipped my workout yesterday — I was worn out from the holiday and just needed a rest. The mental game I play though sometimes makes skipping not worth it.  I start to feel the guilt of every bite I eat and then the thoughts of am I am slipping into the abyss. I know these are irrational thoughts — we all get a break and a few days of eating less than ideal foods isn’t going to kill me. It may set me back a few days but this is a journey and I can recover — I have before and I will again.  Also

In order to hold me accountable –  I emailed a few of the boot camp ladies and we met up at LA Fitness in Leesburg and did a boot camp session at 6A.  I feel so much better!

stationary bike

crunch holding 15lb weight above



EIO, STAC!, Skullcrusher

1m stations x2
Shoulder Press 55lbs
20lb tricep kickback
power clean squat 20lb
25lb walking lunges

Finished with 30 push-ups and practiced kip pull ups.

If you think there is a chance of you not keeping your commitment to fitness during the holidays– figure out a way to make it super hard for you NOT to. Emailing my friends and setting up an appointment to meet up was the perfect way for me to ensure that I got up and headed out the door on time. And bonus – I got to hang out with my friends and have fun for an hour. If you are up that early, working out – you may as well as well make it fun and worthwhile.

Holiday Potluck


What a super fun night last nite for the 2nd annual Boot Camp Potluck for the holidays! Here are some pics from the evening:

Boot Camp: Inspiring, Supportive and Fun!


Another Forced Rest day. In some ways I feel more tired now that I am getting more sleep but I am enjoying the lack of rushing around in the AM. Not enjoying it enough to stop so no worries. It’s nice to take a short break – I am hoping it will reinvigorate me both mentally and physically.  I already have an exercise ‘date’ with my friend Kimmy on Saturday morning…

My trainer sent out this pic last week – some of the amazing ladies I work out with daily.  They are the ones that inspire and support me when I need it. How can you not want to get up early in the AM and workout when you know you are going to hang out with some fun, strong and powerful women who inspire you? The answer is – you don’t want to miss it!

Nutrition and Supplements for Weight Loss.

There are no silver bullets when it comes to reversing the trend, but good old fashioned hard work. We didn’t get this way overnight, and we can’t fix our situation overnight either. Weight loss pills, so-called miracle diets, 8-minute daily exercise regimens or machines that promise to do the work for you are simply too good to be true. They just don’t work, period.

The End of the Best Friend


The End of the Best Friend –

A Best Friend? You Must Be Kidding

But increasingly, some educators and other professionals who work with children are asking a question that might surprise their parents: Should a child really have a best friend?

Most children naturally seek close friends. In a survey of nearly 3,000 Americans ages 8 to 24 conducted last year by Harris Interactive, 94 percent said they had at least one close friend. But the classic best-friend bond — the two special pals who share secrets and exploits, who gravitate to each other on the playground and who head out the door together every day after school — signals potential trouble for school officials intent on discouraging anything that hints of exclusivity, in part because of concerns about cliques and bullying.

much of the effort to encourage children to be friends with everyone is meant to head off bullying and other extreme consequences of social exclusion.

.. Many psychologists believe that close childhood friendships not only increase a child’s self-esteem and confidence, but also help children develop the skills for healthy adult relationships — everything from empathy, the ability to listen and console, to the process of arguing and making up. If children’s friendships are choreographed and sanitized by adults, the argument goes, how is a child to prepare emotionally for both the affection and rejection likely to come later in life?

I had a best friend up until about 7th grade. Then a big falling out and it was over and my world fell apart. To a 12-13 year old girl who grew up in a smaller town where you basically knew everyone you graduated High School with since birth – breaking off a BFF friendship over something stupid really rocks your world.

Not sure discouraging kids to have close friends really helps discourage cliques or bullying…I believe having one or two close friends help kids develop intimate relationships, and learn empathy and caring for someone else.

And while it did “rock my world” when I lost my BFF – I do have great memories of the time we spent together and it made me who I am today —

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