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The 2014 CrossFit Games Open Starts Feb 27th


The CrossFit Games Open starts soon — its a series of workouts designed to challenge you and separate casual athletes from elites and ultimately those that rise to the challenge meet up during the CrossFit Games during the summer. Even you aren’t ready to go to the ultimate games, it’s a good way to just test yourself based on your own level and be a part of a bigger event that really ties all of us CrossFitters together.

Do you think you are too old to start CrossFit? Look at these 60+year olds in Tucson putting in the work. Now let’s be honest, many athletes like this probably were already in shape and were primed and ready to do CrossFit, however, all across the country, there a ton of ‘masters’ athletes that are doing CrossFit that aren’t born athletes –and are doing it! What’s Your Excuse??

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For Laughs

It’s freezing here, but man I feel for those So CAL folks as they endure brutal weather…My thoughts are with them.


Taking Your Fitness Seriously


I volunteered on Saturday for the CrossFit Mid-Atlantic Regionals in Landover, Maryland for the morning and then spent a few hours helping my friends at Power Supply sell their tasty food to spectators. It was great to see friends I don’t get to see often — and see the peak CrossFit athletes in action. Watching them inspires me but it also makes me think — wow, I am so out of shape. The people that compete and watch these events tend to be in the small % of people who are in amazing shape –and who take their fitness seriously.

Christmas AbbottI stopped and talk to one of my favorite athletes Christmas Abbott –but decided to not ask her for another pic. After talking to Rich Froning last summer about celebrity and how it’s so odd how people treat you — Christmas is a CrossFit friend of mine and it just didn’t feel right. I did take some pics of her in action though — more can be seen in my facebook gallery: CrossFit Mid-Atlantic Regionals Photos

Sunday, I went into HighBar CrossFit to get a workout in. I just didn’t feel like I could skip it and ended up having a great workout!

2 Rounds Total
10 burpee pullups
9 Kettlebell Swings
8 Wall Ball Shots

end of 2 rounds do 400m row
time: 27:00 Minutes

So I ended up doing all but two of the pull ups deadhang –no help from bands. It took me quite some time but I did them!! One by One and I was so happy when I was done. That was the most pull ups I have done in one shot with no kipping and no band help. That made my day!!! I am sure I will be feeling it later today but it was worth it.

I love when I do something that I just never imagined doing before. What a great way to start a week!

200m jog
10 squats
10 push ups
4 Sampson Stretch
4 Instep Lunges
10 squats

Back squat
160# 5×5

(did warmup sets to work up to 160#)

12 minutes AMRAP

8 dumbbell lunges
2 manmakers
9+ rounds


When the Mental Game Kicks In


The CrossFit Games 2013

2-logo-games-2013Sometimes we long time CrossFitters forget that many people have no clue what the CrossFit Games are and why we are all talking about it. I didn’t register because I think I am going to move on — I did it for the challenge and i love the fact that athletes all around the world are doing the same workout this week as a community.  Elite, everyday Joes, and newbies are all taking it on and doing their own personal best.

I also love that moments before you start, you get that nervous excitement in your belly even though you have done countless workouts before — it’s just this adrenaline building up. For me, I remind myself it’s just a workout – I’m here to maintain my fitness and feel great, blow off some steam, de-stress, have fun – but then the clock starts to countdown and you hear 3, 2, 1…beep beep beep and you GO!

And then the mental game kicks in — which is a part I need major help with.  When I am in the zone, nothing can stop me. I have been there and felt it. But when I start gasping for air, my lungs start to get heavy and mentally I start to lose focus and begin to focus on the very important point of breathing.  I have asthma and there are times when it doesn’t bother me but when it does, it does big time.  It’s also very heavily affected by the weather –when its cold and or very dry.  I think I need to deal with it better –learn how to manage it when it starts to creep up and I panic during a workout.  I know I haven’t been really on point with managing it and it’s days like today, when I really feel let down by my own performance that it shows.

Kelly StarrettI’m off to a Mobility Workshop tomorrow with the famous Kelly Starrett – KStarr – to those insiders!  KStarr is also the coach behind and owns CrossFit San Francisco. I have been wanting to go to this trainer’s course for a long time and finally registered before it sold out.  I am so hungry for info from this amazing community of athletes and coaches that i could go to these workshops every week if possible.  Learning from the best is the only way to go!


CF Games 13.2

10min AMRAP
5 Shoulder to OH
10 Deadlifts
15 Box Jumps
total: 158 reps

Again, not my best showing but it is what it is and I’m moving on….



It’s a Wrap: CrossFit Games 2012


Oh CrossFit Games how you inspire me! You are what makes CrossFit awesome and special. The displays of team work, hard work and spirit are beyond compare. These are people just like you and me who work their butts off to be the fittest they can be. And out of the gyms, they are some of the most caring, nicest people you can meet EVER. That is why I love CrossFit, oh wait, that and because it kicks your ass and you become mentally and physically stronger!

Winners: Annie T. and Rich F. once again — showing amazing feats of strength, mental wits, and sheer spirit. Congrats on yet another year of being the FIttest People on Earth!

CrossFit Games 2012


So as I sit here and think about how sore I am after the past few days of working out doing my CrossFit thing, I almost feel guilty. I feel this way because I know what the CrossFit Games athletes are having to do today —

Castro explained the first event of the 2012 Reebok CrossFit Games would be a swim, bike, run event at Camp Pendleton. The race starts with a 700-meter ocean swim with fins, followed by an 8-kilometer bike ride across undulating terrain and soft sand, and finishes with a 11.3-kilometer run across steep hills and more than 427 meters of elevation gain.

This event will be scored in two parts – Pendleton 1 and Pendleton 2 – worth 100 points each. There is a checkpoint for the first scored event approximately 150 meters into the run. The order the athletes cross that checkpoint will be their placing for the Pendleton 1. But there is no rest as athletes continue to race to the finish line. The order the athletes cross the finish line will be their placing for Pendleton 2. To be clear, Pendleton 2 is the overall finish of the athletes, and not the split time from the end of Pendleton 1.

After about an hour of rest, athletes will complete the Camp Pendleton School of Infantry Obstacle Course. They will race against each other head-to-head in a three-round bracketed tournament. This is the first time in CrossFit Games history that any event has been executed in bracketed heats.

This is some serious shit and I am not even sure it’s good shit. Having a person do a triathlon and then rest one hour and go at it again seems like outside the realm of being fit –even super fit.  I know they consulted with experts and certainly don’t want to hurt their main athletes, but seriously folks, this just seems crazy.  Throughout today heard about people getting serious cramps and a few required medical attention. These are FIT people — who have TRAINED hard, so to see them drop off or talk about their serious leg cramps seems like a tell tale sign of it being caaaahrazeee!  Maybe I just don’t get it, but the idea is not to kill people – it’s to test their fitness, mental and physical, and have them compete against each other. 

These challenges they are up against seem way beyond WODs on steroids which is what I was expecting. I get CrossFit is about making you ready for anything but having athletes do a triathlon and then do essentially another brutal test an hour later just seems beyond the scope of this sort of competition.  

You could also read this rant and say — this is why I am not an elite athlete. I would be the first to agree with you. The truth is that although I love CrossFit and so many of the big guns that are competing out in the Games this weekend, I do not CrossFit to go to that extreme. I do it because I feel great mentally and physically because of the work I put in and because of the people I have met. It has enriched my life in so many ways. There are many out there just like me – that just don’t get this push push push to extreme. They push to their limits, enjoy it and then go on with their lives …. 


CrossFit Games Athlete: Jeremy Kinnick


This is Jeremy Kinnick – an amazing athlete and person who just made it to the CrossFit Games for the FOURTH time! (08,09,11,12)

He has worked hard all year, upped his game, shed some weight, focused his plan and guess what? It worked —  he knew what he wanted, and is going after it with focus AND hard work. If you put in the time and energy, you can get what you want.

He really believes in helping change people’s lives as well – a true coach and athlete. If you can’t tell, I’m a big fan of good people who use their talents to help others.

I love his story and how he put in the work – nothing was handed to him. A former overweight dude who changed his life and now is heading to the Games (for the fourth time I may add!).

He will definitely be one to watch at the games!

Watch this Video from the CrossFit Games site: Pacing It: Jeremy Kinnick

St. Patty’s Day Weekend


life was busy this weekend — went out with some great ladies, saw my the payoff of my kids’ hard work and smarts in their Odyssey of the Mind presentations, spent some time outdoors enjoying the gorgeous weather in the DC area and showed support to fellow athletes as they took on the beast known as 12.4 — Wall Balls, Double Unders and Muscle Ups.

I managed to do 121 wall balls for 12.4 – never getting to hit up the DUs or attempt Muscle Ups. My quads are killing me 2 days later — it looked so innocent on paper.

The pic to the right is the CFI ladies in our sport kilts! The fun they all had while they attempted the Highland Games competition at CrossFit Impavidus. I was busy with the kiddos at their competition but stopped by after to celebrate St Patty’s Day. And-the best part of the weekend??

My own husband won the 15th Annual Men in Kilts contest at Jimmy’s Old Town Tavern in Herndon VA. I now call him King of the Kilts! He was up against some heavy competition but it’s Scotty — of course he won! So proud of him…

And if you are wondering — I did not drink last night. I find it makes for a much smoother time  when you get home at close to 2A!

Get ready for the Reebok CrossFit Games!


It’s amazing how much better I feel when I eat properly. It’s like night and day. Yesterday, no non-paleo food was eaten and I woke up feeling great. The past week or so I have woken up feeling groggy and sluggish and it carried throughout the day. My stomach was not right either. Today — after being aware of what I was eating yesterday, I felt like I should feel. Fit, awake and aware. So, this begs the question – why do I eat like that when I know how great it feels to eat the right way? Akrasia!

Today’s workout was one of my favorite kind now that i am improving on my Double Unders. I can do string of 10-12 now, with a small jump in between. I’m ok with that because I am getting the rhythm down and the feel of it. It really is all in the wrist and how you control the speed of the rope. My friend Wes said try to slow down your rope and that seems to have helped me a lot.. It’s amazing what cues help one person. You never know because what helps one person can mean nothing to the next. It’s a very personal thing which is why you have to go out and practice. Try different ways to get it done and see what works for you.  I have been going to the gym on Sundays and just doing double unders –over and over again and sure enough, I am seeing progress!

The Reebok CrossFit Games starts today with the announcement of the first workout. What I love about this competition is that anyone can enter. It’s not about being famous. You do the workout and make sure it’s verified by a certified CF coach and if your times are good enough, you get to go to the regionals. It’s anyone’s title to win – The Fittest Man/Woman.  I signed up because I want to experience the challenge of it all — and be part of the overall gym team that is doing it together. It will be so fun to watch the mad skills out there as we all fight to move up the competition ladder. Good Luck to All the Athletes – May you become the fittest person on earth…

50 Single Jump Ropes
10 Squats
10 Sit ups
10 Push Ups

50 Single Jump Ropes

Inverted Ring HandStands
Back Levers with a spotter!


Double Unders
Sit Ups

Time: 9:17

Should be an under 10m workout which I just made. I will conquer these double unders so that I can do them faster! It’s what slows me down but the progress is that I did the Double Unders and not Single Unders! Small Victories count!

2011 CrossFit Games: Here’s to Some Amazing, Strong CrossFit Chicks I know!


A few of my friends will be at the CrossFit Games competing and I am so excited for them —

First up is my friend Lidia Beer. If you ever want to meet an inspiration — Meet this Kick ass woman. She gives meaning to being in shape. She’s definitely a great athlete, competitor, but an even better supporter and cheerleader of other woman giving it their all. I am so proud of her and she will do whatever it takes to complete her WOD. She’s been doing actual CrossFit since she moved to North Carolina at CrossFit Coastal.

Lidia is one of the amazing women I have met since I started my fitness journey. She is probably one of the most memorable as well. Super fun, super strong, super bossy — I love this lady. Finish Strong Lidia — 3,2,1…Go!


Next up is a  new friend — Christmas Abbot. I met her at the CrossFit Games Regionals and was struck by her strength and how nice she was. These people are world class athletes

 and for them to be so open and down to earth was a great surprise. And then she was at my CrossFit Certification course and I liked her even more. She just is a really bad ass woman –strong, in tip top shape, has tattoos and I think she would be fun to hang out with. She lives in North Carolina which is also where Lidia lives — Is there a secret club I don’t know about in NC?

Christmas is part of CrossFit Raleigh and they are competing in the team games. Their first workout is —

For time:
Move 15 sandbags (1,700 lbs.) 200 yards
There will be a 6-log obstacle at the 50-yard line and a 4-foot wall at the end. The sandbags must be moved from the start line, over the logs, and over the wall. Once all the sandbags are over the wall, they must be returned to their original position, passing over the wall and logs again.


Best of luck to all the athletes and teams but especially these 2 amazing, strong CrossFit Chicks!

CrossFit Games are about to begin —


I’m excited because the CrossFit Games are starting this weekend and the CF world is all abuzz. The first individual WOD was announced yesterday — and it is totally in line with what I said yesterday about being ready for anything. The athletes have to do a 210m Ocean Swim to start it off. Now I am going to take a guess and say that many of the athletes competing today are not used to swimming in the open water.  But — you have to be ready for anything and that sure is ‘anything’. They also have to do a soft sand run — this sure sounds ‘fun’.


Today’s workout was a lesson in time management — a lesson that we needed to put some to use. I didn’t get to finish my entire strength WOD today because I had to leave before I finished –which I hate to do. But to be honest, I should have taken a today as a rest day but I made a commitment to meet some of my pals there and I didn’t want to let them down. That is also a great reason to workout with a group of people –you know they are expecting you and you don’t want to hear crap from them.  And CrossFitters can dish out some crap!!

800m run
10 Pull ups
10 Ring Dips
10 Pass thrus
10 OHS
10 Whirly Birds

Forward roll
Handstand Forward Roll
Push Press
Shoulder Press
Press Jerk

Shoulder press 1-1-1-1-1 reps
Push press 3-3-3-3-3 reps
Push Jerk 5-5-5-5-5 reps

SP: 53,63,73,83,83x
PP: 73,83,93,103,113x
PJ: 83,93

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