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Go get a colonoscopy

Why you need a colonoscopy. As a family who is just recovering from all the things that go along with colon cancer — I never forget to take the time to remind people to get a colonoscopy. If you are over 50, make sure you more »

CrossFit Games Workout

Man, I’m sore. It was almost enough to keep me in bed this morning and skip my workout — but nope, I got up and headed to CrossFit Impavidus. It was a tough workout. So many times, I will look at what the WOD is more »

It’s like being a kid again!

I am going to try an evening class tonite.  Scott had to leave for work at 5A, so that meant I had to skip my morning workout. It’s ok though, because it gives me an excuse to go to an evening class with a different more »