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Effects of Gluten are REAL


I know sometimes it’s hard to read a few of my posts that bring out some inner thoughts. I decided from the beginning to be honest in this blog –the good, bad, and ugly. Because that’s life. Sometimes you are up and sometimes you are down. A commitment to live a fit and healthy life takes work – and sometimes it really sucks but the payoff is so worth it. So, there will be more times when negative thoughts have to be talked through so that I can find my way out of them.

I read this article last night: Surprising reasons you’re tired all the time and one of the things I found very surprising is that they don’t mention food allergy. I know that gluten caused fatigue for me and I am sure it’s the same for many other people out there.  As we begin to find out more and more information on the effects of gluten on our bodies -lots of changes will start to happen.

According to Stanford University, they are looking to reclassify A call for a new way to classify gluten-related disorders because lots of people are seeing differences with ailments they have suffered through their entire life when they eliminate gluten.

Make sure to take time to read New Guide to Who Really Shouldn’t Eat Gluten from the Wall Street Journal.

With the proposals to create a new classification system for the gluten-related disorders plaguing a growing number of people around the world for unknown reasons.

The proposal defines a spectrum of illnesses based on the kind of immune defenses people mount to gluten, from wheat allergies to autoimmune responses, such as celiac disease, in which the body mistakenly attacks its own tissue.

Other autoimmune forms include dermatitis herpetiformis, which causes itchy skin lesions, and gluten ataxia, which affects brain tissue, resulting in unsteady gait and lack of motor control.

The experts also propose a third category for “gluten sensitivity,” in which patients report the same symptoms as celiac disease but test negative for telltale antibodies. Some doctors have dismissed such complaints as imaginary, or fueled by the boom in gluten-free foods.

The bottom line is you don’t need a doctor to tell you whether or not you have issues.  if you think you have issues with gluten, eliminate it for 7-14 days and see how you feel and then try reintroducing it. 



Dr. Oz says Gluten creates a Civil War in your Body


A Civil War in your Body —-

Love that Dr. Oz is talking about Celiacs and Gluten Intolerance

Dr. Oz recently went of Fox News to discuss the gluten free diet.  This is a major step toward a wider recognition of gluten sensitivity, celiac disease, hypothyroidism, and other gluten related conditions.  His viewership is in the millions.  Most doctors ignore the relationship between diet and disease.  Fortunately, Dr. Oz has a large sphere of influence.  Hopefully his and other prominent doctors recognition of this widespread problem will alert many physicians and get them to start looking more into gluten intolerance.  

Dr. Oz: You Could Have Gluten Intolerance or Celiac Disease:

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