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Gold’s Gym Workout


I decided to go to Gold’s because I was just not in the mood for a run outside. I ran on Thanksgiving and just wasn’t into running solo. I haven’t been to Gold’s since probably late spring – why workout inside when the weather is beautiful and you can get outside?? Gold’s Gym in Ashburn is closing end of December to make way for the Super Gold’s that is opening in Ashburn. The front desk person said that they are opening the new Gold’s in stages and it will be open when the other one closes for work out weight equipment and cardio machines. The classes area and swimming pool will follow early 2011. Exciting happenings in Ashburn!! I get a free membership to Gold’s via my company and it has come in handy during the winter and crappy weather days.

I ran for 15mins to warm-up then headed to the weight room. I did some back squats 55lb and OH squats 55lb. Walking lunges 25db, hang clean press 25lb, 50 push-ups, 50 box jumps, 30 pull ups with what I think is a KIP. Now I say that because I can’t do a kip without a bench to help me get up on the bar and to lean on. I know it gets my HR up, so it works for me for now. I stayed at the gym about 1:15mins.

BOSU push ups
14lb ball twists
full back extensions
6in leg lifts
14lb Med Ball swing squats

An observation from my gym time today. I have never been one to get a lot of attention from guys – in general, specifically at the gym. I have gone to Gold’s for 2 or so years now and rarely, if ever does a guy talk to me. Since I have lost more weight and continued on being fit, it has been happening more and more. Today, 4 different guys stopped me to talk about my workout or tell me they were impressed or asked me what type of workout I was doing. Maybe I am reading into it, but guys in general are usually pretty easy to read and if I was the old Stephanie – I don’t think they would have stopped to talk to me. Not a criticism or a brag, just an observation of how living this life changes a lot of things around you.

Run and run and run…


I went to Gold’s Gym this am. It was crowded but I like the energy of going to the gym. Like minded people all putting their bodies through what some would call torture but knowing that the payoff is worth it!

Ran on the treadmill 3.5mi

Push press 25lb db
OH squats 55lbs
back squats 55lbs
bench jumps 50
bicep curls 20lb db

40 BOSU pushups
6in flutters

Stairmill for 10 mins

I love to people watch at the gym. I see a lot of people reading magazines while on the treadmill or other cardio machine. I always think to myself if they are able to read, they really aren’t pushing themselves as hard as they need to. That’s just my opinion, but if you are getting to the gym – which is half the battle – you might as well push yourself as hard as you can, that’s the point right?

Anyone doing the run in Brambleton in a few weeks? I am a bit nervous – it will be the first run of the season for me and although I have been running on a treadmill – it’ definitely not the same as running outside. I have asthma so outside influences like cold air, allergens, humidity play a number on my breathing — but the more I head outside to run, the better it is for me – so while I am nervous, I’m also itchin to get outside and run and run and run…

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