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A Gold’s Gym WOD


We were invited over to a new couple’s home that moved into the neighborhood last night. What a fun night we had — lots of laughing, sharing stories, opinions — getting to know new people.  I love the meeting new people and getting to know them phase — it opens your mind up to new personalities, experiences and thoughts.

We stayed out later than usual so I slept in a bit which is fine by me. After doing some stuff around the house – I headed to Gold’s gym to do a mini WOD — The run was what did me in initially. I couldn’t seem to catch my breath so I was happy it was only 1m.

Gold’s Gym WOD
1m run
12 repsx2
25lb db shoulder press
25lb db walking lunges
20lb db chest press
20lb db tricep curl
15 pull ups

100 jump ropes
100 rope waves
20 24in box jumps
30 push ups

I head to San Fran this coming Friday to meet my 6m old niece, Amelia! I surprised Hannah with a ticket too since she has no school next Monday. A great part about it is — all my brothers and sisters will be there! David and Jon live in SF. Connie and Dee live in Portland, OR and they are flying down and my Mom decided to come last minute as well! So a mini family reunion in addition to Mom, Dee, Hannah and I meeting Amelia for the first time. I am so excited — and I am excited for Hannah to go on a trip with just me. A little girl’s trip with some aunts, uncles and nana thrown in! There is nothing better than family —

Gold’s Gym Workout


I headed to Gold’s Gym this am. It’s a bit farther than I normally would drive for a gym but since mine is undergoing renovations — i figured what the heck. And as predicted, it was super crowded with Resoluters — which is great because maybe some of them will actually make a permanent change in their lives. Statistics are obviously not in their favor though — you have to find something you like to do or it won’t last. Why would someone who is tired or stressed head to the gym to spend 30m on a treadmill over and over again if they hate it?

I warmed up with 1m run and then did some weight training —

workout x2
push press 25lbs
25lb walking lunges
75lb back squats
65lb shoulder press
40lb iso lats
bicep curl 25lb

assisted pull ups
50 BOSU push ups
30 BOSU Crunches
30lb KB swings
100 box jumps

This is not a detour – It’s a change!


Walking out of Gold’s gym today after a good workout I saw this: ‘When you are ready to change, you will…” I think this is so true because you really do have to think of it just like that — it’s a change, a shift in how you live — a change is not temporary. If you want temporary then call it a detour because you will eventually go back to the old route —

At Gold’s – I did a varied workout that lasted about 1:20m total.

15 min treadmill run
25lb db walking lunges
50lb OH Squats x2
50lb back squats x2
50 BOSU push ups
50 assisted pull ups
50lb bicep curls x2
40lb Iso bends x 2

General Stretching
Stability Ball twists
Stability Ball lifts
Stability Ball crunches

Gold’s Gym Workout


I decided to go to Gold’s because I was just not in the mood for a run outside. I ran on Thanksgiving and just wasn’t into running solo. I haven’t been to Gold’s since probably late spring – why workout inside when the weather is beautiful and you can get outside?? Gold’s Gym in Ashburn is closing end of December to make way for the Super Gold’s that is opening in Ashburn. The front desk person said that they are opening the new Gold’s in stages and it will be open when the other one closes for work out weight equipment and cardio machines. The classes area and swimming pool will follow early 2011. Exciting happenings in Ashburn!! I get a free membership to Gold’s via my company and it has come in handy during the winter and crappy weather days.

I ran for 15mins to warm-up then headed to the weight room. I did some back squats 55lb and OH squats 55lb. Walking lunges 25db, hang clean press 25lb, 50 push-ups, 50 box jumps, 30 pull ups with what I think is a KIP. Now I say that because I can’t do a kip without a bench to help me get up on the bar and to lean on. I know it gets my HR up, so it works for me for now. I stayed at the gym about 1:15mins.

BOSU push ups
14lb ball twists
full back extensions
6in leg lifts
14lb Med Ball swing squats

An observation from my gym time today. I have never been one to get a lot of attention from guys – in general, specifically at the gym. I have gone to Gold’s for 2 or so years now and rarely, if ever does a guy talk to me. Since I have lost more weight and continued on being fit, it has been happening more and more. Today, 4 different guys stopped me to talk about my workout or tell me they were impressed or asked me what type of workout I was doing. Maybe I am reading into it, but guys in general are usually pretty easy to read and if I was the old Stephanie – I don’t think they would have stopped to talk to me. Not a criticism or a brag, just an observation of how living this life changes a lot of things around you.



I headed to Gold’s Gym this morning bright and early. I have been itching to run since I haven’t really had a good run in a while – not that a treadmill run beats an outside run – but with winter here, it has to do.

I ran a 5k and then did some light weight training. I am sore from yesterday’s xfit free class, so I kept it light.  I did some core work too – 6 in flutters, 40 BOSU push-ups.

I have no real plans today – which is nice. Gonna spend some time doing some home de-cluttering.

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