Running Makes the Heart Go Faster

Had a great morning coaching a special class at 9a. It was a last minute substitution and it was a hero workout — Griff. The group had to run backwards which always trips people up. They did a great job and after seeing them finish, I kinda wished I had done it. So in that vain, Coach Jerry was up for a run with me so we took a nice leisurely 3m run after the Hero wod. I don’t run often enough and it’s not one of my strong suits and I really don’t love it –which is exactly why I need to do it more!

I was wiped out afterwards but happy I took Jerry up on his idea of what a run was. I wanted to do a measly 800m! He laughed.

Speaking of running, here are two recent articles I have read that may prove helpful to all you ‘runner types’.

Have a great Labor Day! BBQ, Relax, and enjoy the holiday!