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Dead Liftin’ workout


EIO, Michael and 'The Judge'

So as tired as I was from going out last night – and as hard as my little internal monster voice tried to talk me out of going to group training this morning – I went. My ‘other’ voice said “it’s only one hour – you don’t have to work today – you can take a nap and boot camp is off all next week — so get your butt up, dress warmly and head out the door”. I know by now that once I am in that car and then warmed up – I will get thru the workout and feel so much better overall.  Although now that I am home – I am pretty sore so the feel better overall can be debated…

We did some shoulder work this morning including doing some max rep work. My shoulders have said Enough already! And part of the ending workout included yet again running outside — it’s sub 30′ outside. No workout should include that during the winter in Northern Virginia. It’s just not right.  And I am not complaining but a girl with asthma should not be running outside so much in the winter — my lungs and throat are on fire from yesterday’s half mile run with that cold wind so today’s run was not a welcome sight.

Michael, my trainer did something amazing today. He dead lifted 405lbs! We were talking about dead lifts and how my back was hurting from Thursday’s workout which had us doing 135lb DLs. He said you haven’t done a DLuntil you do over 200lbs – which some of the amazing ladies have done! So at the end of training today, he set it up and did 405lbs! Pretty frickin amazing — Great Job Mikey!

So I am back from group training, sore as all heck – wishing I could crawl back into bed – which I may do later today — Here’s to a great Christmas Eve — and an even better Christmas to all those that celebrate!

Friday Group Training with Planks


I am still nursing my self diagnosed pulled muscle in my left bicep, so Mikey and I both agreed to lower the weights when using that arm. It does feel better but when I put direct weight on it, I struggle. I need to make sure I am getting full range of motion when doing the exercises, so lowering the weight allows me to do that. It is kind of odd to do heavy weight on one arm and lower weight on the other …will I end up lopsided muscle wise? I will let you know! HA!

There is one exercise in this Plumbline group session that just irks me. I can’t tell you why, but it just causes a reaction. Its the plank pose with a 10lb plate on your back.  The Plank pose is great for your core and then to take it further, you lift one of your hands for 30 sec, then the other without adjusting your weight and then do the the same for each leg.  It’s challenging for just about anyone — and then add this plate? Why I ask? I think it’s to utilize a torture technique. I don’t have much of a butt, so it really does slide right off the minute I lose form — it’s frustrating, challenging and painful all at the same time. AHHHHHH! I won’t be sad to see it go next Friday!

2m jump rope

hip rockets
planks (1 arm, 1 leg) w/ a 10lb plate on your back
general stretching
40 push ups

WOD – 2 rounds
back squat 145lb
hyper ham curls
TGUs 25lbs – 15lbs for left arm weight
single arm press 40lbs db
power clean snatch 50lb

PT Station
20,15,10 single arm power swing 35lb db one arm, 15lb left arm
1 assisted rope climb each round – I did not use assistance to get down from the rope
100m run each round

And for the back squat, I did 145lbs. Let me tell you — that is more than I weigh and you have to be very aware of how you are lifting that! I stopped a few times to make sure I was putting the weight back on my heels and pushing through. Otherwise you compensate with your back and your form goes out the window and… that opens up room for injury.

Starting it off right…


Group training day – small group- 2 rounds of weight training and then a quick 2 station workout to end it.  I am sore from earlier this week boot camps which makes group that much harder — it’s a good sore but it’s sore nonetheless!

200m run

core x2
stability ball crunches
stability ball twists
stability ball back head extensions
40 push-ups
general stretching

workout x2
200m run timed
135# deadlift (10)
hang clean squats (75lbs)
ball exchange

pt station
10, 9, 6 – 85lbs power clean push press
100 jump rope

Enjoy your day and make sure to get in some exercise. Your body will thank you for it!

Breathing is important


Group training today, inside with the smaller group.

2 min jump ropes

core x2
general stretching
squat thrusts
6 inches
V Ups

workout 2x:
oblique tugs 50lbs
ring rows
30lb db step ups
20lb wall ball squats (have to get the ball over the 10ft line)
85lb push presses

PT Station
broad jump burpees
65lb upright rows

So during the PT Station – which we do outside –  the air was really thick and in the middle of the broad jump burpee, I started to have an asthma attack. I did use my inhaler like I always do prior to the workout but I was going at it hard and just couldn’t catch my breath and then started to panic a bit — I walked away and talked myself out of the panic and started to focus on my breath and managed to get it under control and resumed the workout. That was scary though – very scary.

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