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Handstand Push Ups are Like being a kid again..


The end of the school year is stressful. Not only do you have to do remember all the school related stuff, for me – I have the added pressure of finding and scheduling camps and payments for camps. It also is a super busy time at work — we are an education company so the time before Back to School is our busy season so smack dab in the summer.  Breathe…

1 lap run
10 Pass Thrus
10 OHS
10 Good Mornings
10 Push ups
10 sit ups


2 5sec LSits on Rings (parralettes can be used to modify)
total=17 RX’d

I love HSPUs. I think the whole idea of me doing any sort of gymnastics gets me excited and I feel like a kid again — so it could be the hardest workout but if it has something that takes me back to being a kid — it’s all good.  I have said this before but where else can you get up this early and be a kid on a playground again? A bunch of busy grown ups going back to the basics of fitness. No fancy equipment, lots of hard work, sweat, some tears and puke, lots of laughs and friendship. It seriously is like being on the school playground — think about how fun that was. Don’t you want to get back to that?  I am telling you, that’s what it feels like. One of the athletes today, Maria, is getting back into shape and you should have seen her go after the handstands today. She was determined, just like when she was younger to get up into one. That’s what it’s all about — feeling like you can do it, you an go after it, and with some work and sweat, you can have it.  No one is judging you — we are all after the same thing, improving ourselves so who would judge you?  There are some super fit people and some that are just getting started –all working together. For those that keep telling me how scared they are to try it — face your fear and try something that gets you back to the basics. You will be amazed at how exhilarating that feels.

Gold’s Gym Workout


I headed to Gold’s Gym this am. It’s a bit farther than I normally would drive for a gym but since mine is undergoing renovations — i figured what the heck. And as predicted, it was super crowded with Resoluters — which is great because maybe some of them will actually make a permanent change in their lives. Statistics are obviously not in their favor though — you have to find something you like to do or it won’t last. Why would someone who is tired or stressed head to the gym to spend 30m on a treadmill over and over again if they hate it?

I warmed up with 1m run and then did some weight training —

workout x2
push press 25lbs
25lb walking lunges
75lb back squats
65lb shoulder press
40lb iso lats
bicep curl 25lb

assisted pull ups
50 BOSU push ups
30 BOSU Crunches
30lb KB swings
100 box jumps

Workout Fun


I skipped my workout yesterday — I was worn out from the holiday and just needed a rest. The mental game I play though sometimes makes skipping not worth it.  I start to feel the guilt of every bite I eat and then the thoughts of am I am slipping into the abyss. I know these are irrational thoughts — we all get a break and a few days of eating less than ideal foods isn’t going to kill me. It may set me back a few days but this is a journey and I can recover — I have before and I will again.  Also

In order to hold me accountable –  I emailed a few of the boot camp ladies and we met up at LA Fitness in Leesburg and did a boot camp session at 6A.  I feel so much better!

stationary bike

crunch holding 15lb weight above



EIO, STAC!, Skullcrusher

1m stations x2
Shoulder Press 55lbs
20lb tricep kickback
power clean squat 20lb
25lb walking lunges

Finished with 30 push-ups and practiced kip pull ups.

If you think there is a chance of you not keeping your commitment to fitness during the holidays– figure out a way to make it super hard for you NOT to. Emailing my friends and setting up an appointment to meet up was the perfect way for me to ensure that I got up and headed out the door on time. And bonus – I got to hang out with my friends and have fun for an hour. If you are up that early, working out – you may as well as well make it fun and worthwhile.

It’s Hot Hot Hot


With the heat index at somewhere near 105 in the DC area, I am headed to the gym. Why risk heat stroke? And even though a few friends told me I should not work out for a few more days – I am going to go and just take it easy. Heck, it may make me feel better —

I posted this video because frankly – these women kick ass!

Sport & Health coming to Brambleton – Special Rates available through April 30


For those of you in Loudoun County, Ashburn Area – A New Sport and Health is offering Pre-Sale Savings on Membership Rates before May 1st:

The countdown is on! Brambleton Sport&Health Club is on schedule to open in June 2010. Don’t miss your chance to join before pre-sale prices go up May 1!

Already joined? You “charter members” shouldn’t miss this chance to add your spouse or family for only $10 more per month. And while you’re there, ask about special introductory pricing on personal training, ‘Teens&Health’ training for young adults and other programs for you and your family.

Hurry! Offer ends April 30, 2010. Stop by and see our General Manager, Jason Hall, for a hard hat tour of the new club. Or call 703.496.5056 for an appointment today. We’re located in the Preview Center in the Van Metre Showroom just to the right of the club. We look forward to seeing you!

Sport & Health website

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