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Happy Halloween 2015

Today’s Halloween comics offer a glimpse into the changing culture. Now, I am one to be sensitive to dietary issues but it’s gotten to the point where it’s ridiculous. You can’t cater to everyone or every child. Is it so bad to teach our children that things don’t more »

Happy Halloween

Hooray for a Happy Halloween: Column

Happy Halloween: Give Me Candy

I’m all about health and fitness but I do think that there are certain days where you need to just need a bit of breathing room from all the rules. Halloween is one of those days for my kids. My friend Leah, who owns CrossFit more »

Trading Halloween Candy for A Good Cause

HALLOWEEN IS FOR SUCKERS and SKITTLES and M&Ms Last night was so fun — there is nothing like the sound of kids running around the neighborhood. It is the sound of the pure joy of childhood.  Scott went around with Hannah, while Nate decided to more »

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!! It was quite a shock to have snow this weekend and now it’s dark and cold. Nothing like running in the cold weather that seizes up the lungs but it certainly wakes you up. How’s that for seeing it from a different perspective. more »

Post Halloween Workout

No lying — boot camp is not as fun when its friggin freezing outside. I find that I have to remind myself that once I get going — I will be feeling the heat and the cold won’t bother me. It’s just the time between more »

Pre-Halloween Workout

A blustery, chilly day –which for me, is welcome. It is almost November after all! Halloween is this weekend which can only mean one thing — CANDY! So make sure you have a plan in place so you dont end up eating it all weekend more »

October Can Only Mean One Thing – CANDY!

When I was thinking about what to write about this month, obviously I thought about Halloween. More specifically, I thought about all the candy that makes its way into our kids’ hands during this month. And if I am being real – we parents aren’t more »