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Happy Halloween 2015


Today’s Halloween comics offer a glimpse into the changing culture. Now, I am one to be sensitive to dietary issues but it’s gotten to the point where it’s ridiculous. You can’t cater to everyone or every child. Is it so bad to teach our children that things don’t always work out for them or apply to them? They get over it, I swear!

Have a safe and wonderful and FUN Halloween!






Happy Halloween


Hooray for a Happy Halloween: Column

Happy Halloween

Scott and I on Halloween

Happy Halloween: Give Me Candy


Keep-Calm-and-Give-Me-Candy-HalloweenI’m all about health and fitness but I do think that there are certain days where you need to just need a bit of breathing room from all the rules. Halloween is one of those days for my kids.

My friend Leah, who owns CrossFit Nation in Maryland, posted about a story about a woman handing out letters on Halloween to children she thinks are obese. Leah and I share the same outlook on this situation and with regards to letting kids off the hook on certain days:

There is a lady in ND handing out letters for Halloween to children she deems obese. While I feel her heart is in the right place she is accomplishing nothing but pissing off parents and hurting children’s feelings. The root of this problem is far deeper than any night of trick or treating. It’s a holiday, meaning a break from reality. When my boys were growing up we had built in hooky days. Birthdays, first beautiful day of spring and the day after Halloween to eat as much candy as possible. Life needs to enjoyed and lived smartly and healthily but that doesn’t mean you can’t play.

Sometimes we can get wrapped up in what we ought to do, that we forget to LIVE. Kids need some freedom to be kids and I know some of my strongest memories are of Halloween — trick or treating, then sorting and trading with my sister, and then eating my favorites!

It’s also not up to us to parent children that aren’t ours. Yes, there are some kids that definitely need a bit more heavy handed parenting but that’s not up to us to determine and handing out letters is not an effective or appropriate way to help people learn to live a healthier life.

For all of us CrossFitters, that get caught up in what our time was, and our own head — read this. It reminded me of one of the things I love      about CrossFit – being able to help lift someone else up. “What matters is taking care of others, lifting them up, being that encouraging word…

Good info for those starting out eating Paleo. Keep in mind it’s a blueprint –you may need to make modifications depending on your own personal needs.

I am constantly thinking about intentions when I take an action or think about something that is going on. What is the intention behind whatever it is — it really helps sort out all the toxic garbage and helps you think straight.  Try asking yourself “What was their intention” the next time you start to get mad about something someone said —

Happy Halloween Everyone! 

Trading Halloween Candy for A Good Cause



Halloween Candy!Last night was so fun — there is nothing like the sound of kids running around the neighborhood. It is the sound of the pure joy of childhood.  Scott went around with Hannah, while Nate decided to hang out with his neighborhood friends and I passed out candy. I love seeing all the kiddos costumes and seeing how happy they are when they come to your door. I also love seeing the kids that are not encumbered by the social mores and just go in for the candy they want while you are doling it out. The call of their parents to not do it -and their carefree attitude about the whole thing. It really defines childhood to me.

The point when they get home and go through their candy and then proceed to eat more than they should that late at night is not a parent’s dream but we all have done it.  Both of my kiddos got way too much candy — Scott’s company is doing a Candy Exchange–

Your kids can exchange candy for movie tickets!

Starting on November 1, you can bring your kids’ candy to the Steve Case Center reception desk. The candy will be added to the care packages that our friends in the Military Support Group are sending to military personnel overseas.

We want to encourage kids to donate so we’re offering one movie ticket for candy donations between 1 – 3 pounds, two movie tickets for 3 – 6 pounds, etc. Kids can keep a few favorites and trade the rest in for a free movie or two.

I love this idea and both my kids will be participating. They have more candy then they will ever eat and since we don’t let them graze unsupervised, it will take them over a year to even make a dent. Last year, I took the remaining candy into my workplace four months after Halloween because they didn’t even remember they had it. It’s a good thing!! 

Lots of places around offer this type of thing to encourage kiddos to not consume all that junk –check your local pediatric dentist to start!

I am heading off for a quick weekend girls trip with Hannah starting tomorrow. Airfare was so good a few weeks back that I bought two tickets to San Fran to surprise her. I missed my little niece and family after being with them in June, that I just felt the need to go back and visit. Things have been going a mile a minute at home –with work, CrossFit, family, kiddos– that I need a break.

San Fran is one of my favorite cities in the world and it has some of the most important people in my life living there.  I need to recharge and do some thinking about what changes I want to focus on in the upcoming year. And I get to spend some alone time with my HB.  She’s growing up so fast and I am enjoying every moment of time before she decides she doesn’t want to be around me anymore.


  • 100 single jump ropes
  • 3m double under practice
  • hamstring PNF Stretch



  • 12×2 Deadlifts 135#
  • dead hang pull up progressions
  • tabata double unders/single unders (least amt of reps=60)
Hannah Halloween

A Crayola Crayon box – created by hand by Hannah

Nate the Ninja

Nate is a stealth ninja


Happy Halloween!


Happy Halloween!!

It was quite a shock to have snow this weekend and now it’s dark and cold. Nothing like running in the cold weather that seizes up the lungs but it certainly wakes you up. How’s that for seeing it from a different perspective.

Sampson Stretch
Pass Thrus
Whirly Birds
Bendy Whirly Birds
Sampson Stretch
1 lap run


Push Press

65lbs Push Press

Band Shoulder Mobility

It was a good workout and I beat my previous time of 5 mins 51 secs | Rx’d – 2011-10-03

Post Halloween Workout


No lying — boot camp is not as fun when its friggin freezing outside. I find that I have to remind myself that once I get going — I will be feeling the heat and the cold won’t bother me. It’s just the time between that that’s rough. Also the cold generally means less people at the Monday camp. The combo of the dark, cold and Monday = small boot camp crowd!

Not bragging but this Halloween I ate ZERO candy. I committed to at least 2 weeks of Paleo and I am not going to screw it up and I had no desire to eat any. Is there something wrong with me???

Today marks day 12 of Paleo and I am down 5lbs overall. I am happy and all but I was hoping for a larger number. Does that make me greedy? It could be bc of some of my own modifications too, like drinking the 8oz milk with my protein power in the early AM and my cream and sweetener in my coffee.  I want to lose 5-7 more lbs total — so I have my eye on the prize that’s for sure. I am feeling great – more energy, mentally alert, less fatigue and haven’t felt hungry or deprived at all. That’s my kind of eating. I think one of the things I am always leery of any eating program is that I will be starving the entire time. In truth – I really don’t eat that much to begin with so I have really thought for a long time that it was WHAT i was eating, not how much. So that has been the most frustrating part of my entire fitness/health journey. Doing the right things and still not really reaching the goal that I set.

My neighbor has been on a paleo like eating program for his ulcerative colitis for over a year now, and it has all but gotten rid of his issues — it really is just a common sense approach to eating if you stop and think about it. Pre-historic man did not have agriculture to cultivate the wheat and corn — but they did cut open a wild boar, gather nuts and berries, pick fruit and harvest veggies.  No measuring, no figuring out %s –Can anyone tell me whether 5lbs is a good result for 12 days on Paleo?

On to the workout for today:

Rockette kicks
walking lunges
back pedal

bicycles (up and down w your torso)
back extensions
25 bottom up push-ups
general stretching

hang clean squats 65lbs
weighted jump ropes x5
lunge jumps 15lb db
snatch 20lb kb

Happy Halloween!


Pre-Halloween Workout


A blustery, chilly day –which for me, is welcome. It is almost November after all! Halloween is this weekend which can only mean one thing — CANDY! So make sure you have a plan in place so you dont end up eating it all weekend long. And it’s ok if that plan is to enjoy a few pieces of the loot as long as its a limited amount and it doesn’t cause you to continue to eat it day after day! Moderation!!!

450m run

toe touches
general stretching
40 push-ups

45lb lateral squat
SDHP 85lbs
25lb kb windmills
40lb db squats
ring dips
75lb push press <– i went down in lb to not aggravate my bicep pull which is better but still not 100%

New Plumbline Training Station to end the month’s session
The 50s
50 pushups
50 tabatas
50 box jumps
50 25 db push press
50 double unders/100 jump ropes if you cant do the DUs.

October Can Only Mean One Thing – CANDY!


When I was thinking about what to write about this month, obviously I thought about Halloween. More specifically, I thought about all the candy that makes its way into our kids’ hands during this month. And if I am being real – we parents aren’t immune to it either!

I am definitely not one of those people who will be telling you that your kids should not take full advantage of this glorious holiday! I myself, have many fond childhood memories of dumping out my pillowcase full of candy, organizing it, trading the ones I didn’t like with my sisters and then deciding when and where I was going to eat every last piece. But now that I am a parent who is focused on living healthy, I do not want a free-for-all candy extravaganza at my house. As parents, we are looking for a good balance where our kids can have all the fun they are supposed to have, while not going overboard. So with that in mind, here are some strategies that we can all use so that this holiday won’t get the best of us.

Enjoy 1 or 2 days of the candy haul– then get rid of it.
You heard me right, enjoy it for a day or two but then throw it out. Dump it. And for those who think it’s a waste – candy has little to no nutritional value and is full of high fructose corn syrup. Look at it this way; by throwing it out, you are helping your family continue on the road to health.

Find a candy buy-back program

Last year, a local dentist offered a buyback of Halloween candy. In fact, many local businesses offered up to $1 per pound of candy brought in. This lets you and your family enjoy the candy for a day or so, and then your kids can make some extra spending money just by selling back the rest. Many of these programs then partner with nonprofit organizations to donate the candy to worthy causes.

Send candy care packages to American Service Members

Operation Gratitude is a nonprofit organization created to help lift the spirits of our US Military personnel currently deployed and away from home. They send care packages containing all
sorts of things like food, personal care products, videos and letters. They also can contain candy! To find out more information about creating a Halloween candy care package, visit their Facebookpage. Creating candy care packages for our troops is a great way to get rid of the temptation and it can help your kids learn that there are many different ways to help others. To find other opportunities to give back at Operation Gratitude, visit their ‘Get Involved’ page.

Halloween is such a fun holiday for both kids and adults and it needs to stay that way. With these strategies in place, you and your family should be able to enjoy the spirit of the holiday and all the fun that goes with it, without setting you back on your healthy and fit journey!

Published in Live Fit and Sore – The Villager October 2010

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